Italian Night Table Decorations

Italian Night Table Decorations – As many of our Corythians as we know landed in Italy in the month of marriage. It was such a fantastic event that we wanted to share some of our cocktails and food across Italy. An Italian feast sounded like a fun way to close out the summer. So I calmed down the weather and chose a good night to set the table on the floor and invited some family and friends. Here are the features of the Italian banquets including menus, cocktails and tips & tricks.

I’m glad our weather has held up and our area is dry from all the rain in Grand Rapids. In the opposite room, the children’s area, we set up a dining table and an evening table. This is the perfect place to mix and mingle all night long.

Italian Night Table Decorations

Italian Night Table Decorations

I had a plan in progress with what we saw in Italy. They furnish a simple table, white dinner plates, a neutral tablecloth and of course some Italian decorations. I had mini bowls at our wedding that I put out for us to eat fresh from the dew. We have seen this trick many times in Italy and it is so fun to use something new. Lemons were everywhere in Caprei, so they lived on the table. We also always had bread with our meals (bringing in all the carbs) so we bought our bread from Nantucket Baking Co.

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Here are the main dishes we served for our Italian dinner. These were easy and our guests loved them.

Italian Night Table Decorations

A DIY pizza station is an easy way to get your guests (and kids) involved in the party. For this simple pizza bar I used mini naan bread (you can get these at Aldum in a pack of 8) which works really well on the grill. You can choose your pizza sauce (like Dei Fratelli), veggies, cheese and meat toppings. Cory was in charge of cooking the pizza which took five minutes to cook on the grill. If you don’t have a griddle, a griddle works great for these pancakes. I recommend baking them at 375 degrees for 6-8 minutes or until the cheese melts.

It wouldn’t be an Italian party without the right poached salad? This is a favorite Italian lunch dish. To save yourself time preparing this salad, you can buy pre-shredded mozzarella cheese which works perfectly for this salad. Cut your fresh tomatoes into medium pieces of mozzarella cheese and add fresh basil to garnish. Toss the salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a pinch of salt and pepper, and you’re good to go.

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Italian Night Table Decorations

Restaurant Table Setting With Food Outdoor On The Street. Italian Pasta Spaghetti, Glass Of Red Wine, Mozarella Cheese, Bread, Sa Stock Image

At one of our tables in Italy we had goats. The view of the water and the crisp arugula salad with tomatoes and parmesan…so pleasing. I recreated this salad at our dinner party with a simple lemon pepper and olive oil perfectly seasoned with arugula.

There is a lot of bar food in Italy if you order a drink. We always had olives, potato chips, nuts or crackers on our taralini. We found them at the World Market here in Grand Rapids and everyone said how good they were.

Italian Night Table Decorations

Of course, this food spread would not be complete without a cheese board. After taking the cheese tour in Tuscany, we are now getting to know cheese. I actually went to Trader Joe’s to pick up some of my favorite cheese options including Italian tuber cheese, grain padano parmesan, asiago cheese, and blue cheese. We also included some of Cory’s meats as well such as prosciutto, capocollo, and chianti salami. It is combined with dried figs, raisins, marcone almonds and sweet honey.

Zucchini Burrata Spring Salad With Pesto And Postcards From The Visual Gathering Workshop

No picture from the evening is boring. We served gelato and biscotti, my sister made cheesecake, and my friend Jamee made chocolate chip cookies. Kids love decorating their gelatos with chocolate sauce and dipping biscotti in it.

Italian Night Table Decorations

Of course, we served our favorite Aperol Spritz with Aperol, prosecco, a splash of soda water and a golden slice. We loved having a refreshing drink in Italy in the afternoon. We also created a Limoncello Spritz made with our Limoncello Capri. If they wanted we had Peroni beer and Chianti Classico red wine from Tuscany. The young men! An Italian mourning party is called. From German to rustic family style, all Italian dinner nights are embraced. They are easy to prepare and develop.

When planning an Italian themed party, you’ll need to think through menus, centerpieces, place settings and any place cards you’d like to add.

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Italian Night Table Decorations

Traditional Italian Table Setting > How To Set A Table For An Italian Meal

You can invite over the first guest or elderly family members and please the guests who leave saying Grazie.

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Italian Night Table Decorations

Something about the look of this table takes me back to the Hygge Table we put together for Thanksgiving a while back.

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Round wooden slats with a table and a volume of rosemary myrtle provide a look. Also a nice touch of Ytalie with the bubbly lemonade.

Italian Night Table Decorations

A mini baguette nuzzled in special paper with a ribbon cut, was what Jessica had in place for each guest. It allows your taste buds to anticipate the food that is to come.

He also made sure that each guest went home with a sweet cucumber in a beautiful box.

Italian Night Table Decorations

Italian Themed Wedding Ideas For Mediterranean Style

Italians use bread as a tool for meals. Helping food onto a fork or pouring a delicious sauce onto a plate.

It is the use of bread that is why you often see bread waiting for company on the plates of Italian parties.

Italian Night Table Decorations

If you’re looking for an easy recipe to host at home, check out our free Italian Dinner Set menu.

Italian Themed Party Ideas

Sheera set the table for an Italian dinner. maps from the cupboard to use as napkins. Lemons and their leaves make a great table centerpiece.

Italian Night Table Decorations

What you see here is a beautiful setting by Olga and Ofelia, but what you don’t see is Italian music playing in the background to help set the mood for this Italian themed party.

Another thing that Simo does well when he sets his table for a large dinner party is to make sure that each guest has a centerpiece.

Italian Night Table Decorations

Wedding Table Setting Decorations Ideas Inspirations Photos

If you’re looking for Italian-inspired ideas, Stephanie has created the perfect pasta bar. Make a delicious dish with your pasta dish.

When Chris created his Italian themed party, he added a vintage touch that we adore. A bruschetta bar on the old irony table.

Italian Night Table Decorations

The bruschetta bar is great and allows you to eat first with your eyes, which is important for lunch.

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If you want your outfit to meet an Italian themed party, look no further than the one we prepared for a friend’s birthday called Italian Dinner Party Styling Inspiration.

Italian Night Table Decorations

Our Italian dinner table behind the scenes will tell you all about it so go ahead and have some Italian inspiration.

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Italian Night Table Decorations

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Italian Night Table Decorations

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Italian Night Table Decorations

The reason for this system arose in two places. The first was our trip to Etruria to see our daughter who studies there and the second was an Italian salad recipe that we had received as a gift some time ago. I initially only had four plates and they were no longer available from the store, but when I decided to build a table around them, I went to eBay in search of a successful leftover layout. As always, I started with something interesting and built a colorful story and information around it.

The peasant is provided with sackcloth and terra cotta rugs. Completing this feeling is a little sparkle from antique silver, and a map of decorative rings.

Italian Night Table Decorations

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I never use the chest of drawers to seat my guests

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