James Bond 007 Table Decorations

James Bond 007 Table Decorations – In anticipation of the release of the James Bond movie No Time To Die, we’ve put together this blog to help you with your upcoming James Bond themed event that you can be proud of!

Every James Bond themed party needs a grand opening. The entrance is the perfect way to set the tone that guests can expect within the space. Light tunnel entrance with color changing lighting or LED pole and string lights along with a red carpet entrance to best invite your guests into your venue.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Create a look synonymous with James Bond by using a black tablecloth, black chair covers and gold chair straps. This look can be completed with a mix of our Bond themed LED table centrepieces. We can also cover the walls and ceiling of your space in the color and style of your choice.

Party Theme Ideas

In our 160 table range we have several designs that can be used for mortgage themed events. One of them is our 007 centrepiece, which is very popular and effective and like all our centrepieces, has the ability to change color at the same time or set it to the color of your choice. With DMX controls, the centerpieces of this table can also change with the sound of the music. To learn more about this feature, you can view an example here.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Our 2.4 m high and 1.2 m wide LED light panels create incredible effects and add another dimension to any space. Our support options are constantly growing. We have a range of Bond themed props for hire and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, our in-house team can design and build bespoke props for your event.

We have a wide range of event furniture for hire including our Chesterfield, Grass and LED ranges. Our LED Cocktail Poseur tables are perfect for a Bond themed event. Not to mention our range of LED furniture which can be customized with 007 themed vinyls to display an impressive silhouette throughout the furniture.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Buy Every James Bond 007 Vintage Tin Signs Art Home Accessories Displate Retro Metal Plaques Iron Painting Rusty Wall Decoration Poster Online At Lowest Price In Finland. B097gk5fjx

Let’s not forget the dance floor! Set the tone and raise the bar with our LED dance floors, which can be assembled in the size and pattern of your choice. We can also vinyl the floor with your custom message or James Bond themed vinyls.

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The perfect way to create a wall covering or photo opportunity, our in-house design team can design and print custom backgrounds to help make your theme more effective. These backdrops also create a photo opportunity for your guests.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Photo booths can help keep your guests entertained throughout the night, as well as help you collect GDPR compliant information through our photo booth capabilities. Like most of our event rental items, our photo booth rentals can be customized and wrapped to enhance the look and theme of your event. With green screen activation, we can even let you take a photo with James Bond! (Please contact us for more information). For more information on projects related to digital activation or experiential marketing, visit our Social Jungle page here.

James Bond 007 Theme

Now that you have some ideas for your James Bond/007 themed event, all that’s left to do is get in touch and talk to us about your requirements. Contact [email protected] for more information.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

James Bond, 007 Theme, James Bond Theme Event, James Bond Theme, 007 Themed Event, Casino Royal Theme, Bond Theme, Bond Themed Event, Event Hire Scotland, Event Art, Event Theme This year our school auction is in March and unfortunately this we will be out of town for the event. However, I offered to help explore some fun ideas for decorating and the like! In general, if you google James Bond or 007 party theme, you’ll find plenty of decoration ideas and inspiration to incorporate into your event design. Pinterest and ETSY are also great sources of ideas. Oriental Trading, Windy City Novelties, Shindigz, PaperLanternStore.com are good sources for supplies and more. For centerpieces, I think a red, black and white/silver/gold color scheme with balloons and/or feathers would be practical and easy to pull off. Perhaps like last year, each table could have an alternate design, say half of the tables with white tablecloths, half with black tables, and a graphic shelf used to provide an interesting but cohesive look.

Interestingly, when I googled 007 James Bond themed parties, this image came up…it reminds me of the tables we did last year (for our Derby themed auction) with a chevron runner and red roses…work for the 007 theme!

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

James Bond Producers Say They Are Pitching The Role To Prospective Candidates

I love the idea of ​​alternating red and black seat belts, (but I would do an opaque, non-sheer fabric). Different colored balloons provide a festive, colorful atmosphere without breaking the bank, PLUS they’ll make great centerpieces for guests to chat more comfortably at dinner.

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These large ostrich feather centerpieces make a HUGE impact, but from all the tutorials I’ve looked at, they can be expensive. Maybe it can only be used on a few tables or some auction item display tables.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

You will need (1) a 20-24 inch tall Eiffel Tower vase, (2) string optional Floralites to light the vase and anchor the foam bouquet holder, and (3) a foam bouquet holder with a top and bottom handle. to sit on a vase (4) ostrich feathers

Tatler And Chopard Host A 007 Themed Dinner At Tatler House

As an alternative to long ostrich bouquets, I came up with this idea, just a simple feather boa wrapped in a hurricane vase…. These boas are more affordable, about $5 per boa (or maybe less)

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Here are feather boas taped to something to sit on top of Eiffel Tower vases as a cheaper alternative to larger ostrich feather arrangements.

ETSY AlbaBackgrounds Photo Background $155 – this is fabric and includes props, etc. can be a fun backdrop for photo booth-style photos.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

No Time To Die Is The Sequel Casino Royale Always Deserved, 15 Years Later

ETSY Seller ReadySetCreate $14 for 10 – I thought these striped paper bags would be cute, say three arranged around a basic balloon or fountain pen for a little graphic pop on the tables….I think maybe a round sticker . Can be custom designed with any message.

But I loved the cool art deco design, so it’s great for posters, signs, etc. I thought it might be an inspiration for.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

This can be a fun photo idea, a photo booth about 6 feet tall with custom text, Shindigz

James Bond Style Chair Covers For Corporate Events & Weddings

Also from Shindigz are these giant 46” cardboard high-roller chips with custom text to match your event $55/set of 3

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Shindigz Giant Playing Cards 4, 18×25 inches $3/set…that’s a big bang for the buck. Can be used on some easels for display table decorations.

Ruffing Auction Committee – We are so sorry to miss this great event this year! I hope these inspirational photos give you some decorating ideas and I’m happy to contribute to decorating publications; ) Good luck to you all and I’m sure it will be another great event this year!!It’s no secret that I LIVE for themed events, I studied Event Management at University and it’s an industry I will revisit one day.

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James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Casino Royale’: An Ode To Daniel Craig’s Best James Bond Movie

I love every aspect of planning these big events, and when the Boss asked me to plan a surprise birthday party for one of his dear friends, I was 200% on board with the idea. I sent the owners 3 theme ideas and they came back with their top picks. 007 Casino Royale.

For this special evening event, we had 18 guests on board and served a 5-course menu. We start working on the deco and bar concepts weeks in advance to ensure everything is just right.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Each place setting consisted of a black napkin folded into a dinner jacket. I created custom menus to replicate the Ace playing cards and placed them inside the napkin. Each gold charger was dressed with a black bow tie and a red rose to close each setting.

How To Plan And Host The Ultimate James Bond Themed Party

We’ve waived name cards so guests don’t feel obligated to sit in a specific spot. Instead, I printed photos of every actor who played James Bond over the years. Inside the photo card, each actor and their Mr. Bond. It turned out to be a good conversation starter for first-time guests.

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

It was a very special occasion, so a champagne toast was a must! All settings included a glass of champagne, water, red and white wine. Each individual course had a unique wine pairing offered to all guests. (Luckily the deck crew were very helpful in washing all that glassware during the service!)

I bought 2 large martini glasses, filled the bottom with playing dice and then put 24 red roses on top. To continue the Casino Royale theme, I bought a few boxes of playing cards and used a hot glue gun to attach them to the sides of square glass vases. Then all the vases were filled with red flowers. To play

James Bond 007 Table Decorations

Stand Up James Bond 007 Themed Edible Wafer Paper Cake Toppers Decorations By Orange Trading

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