James Bond Party Table Decorations

James Bond Party Table Decorations – It’s no secret that I live for themed events, I studied Event Management at university and it is an industry that I hope to return to someday.

I love every aspect of planning these great events, and when Chef asked me to organize a surprise birthday party for one of his dear friends, I was 200% backed by the idea. I sent the owners 3 ideas for themes and they came back with their best choice. 007 Royal Casino.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

James Bond Party Table Decorations

We had 18 guests on board for this special evening event and served a 5 course menu. To make sure everything is ok, we start working on the decor and bar concept a week in advance.

Inspiring Ideas For James Bond Themed Party

Each seat had a black napkin folded into a jacket. I created a custom menu to recreate the ace cards and placed them in a napkin. At the end of each set, each gold charger was dressed with a black bow and a red rose.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

To prevent guests from feeling that they have to sit in a certain place, we decided not to use business cards. Instead, I printed pictures of all the actors who played James Bond over the years. Inside the photo card were 5 unique facts about each actor and his time as Mr. Bond. This turned out to be a great conversation starter for the guests when they first sat down.

It was a special occasion so the champagne toast was a must! All environments had a glass of champagne, water, red and white wine. Each individual dish had a unique wine combination that was offered to all guests. (Luckily the cabin crew was very helpful with washing all those glassware while handling it!)

James Bond Party Table Decorations

James Bond 007 Theme

I bought 2 large martini glasses, filled the bottom with a cube and then placed 24 red roses on top. To maintain the Casino Royale theme, I purchased several packs of playing cards and, in numerical order, attached the outer surface of the square glass cups with a hot glue gun. Then all the glasses were filled with red roses. The cards were fanned and placed on the table, and the golden votive candlesticks went out just before the guests sat down to dinner. It was a pretty cramped table for 18 guests!

We had 007 large balloons behind the table and 6 ice wine buckets to keep the champagne and white wine served at the perfect temperature.

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James Bond Party Table Decorations

The chef made 3 birthday cakes, one for the guest to blow out the candles and two for serving to the guests. The carrot cake was ordered along with 100 candles. It was not easy to fit so many candles on the cake! All the guests loved them and the crew only had a few left (BEST when we finish work at 4:30 in the morning!)

Event Theme Ideas

The night lasted until the early hours of the morning, and the next day we had another big celebration on July 4th with 24 guests. Their busy guest trips like this one are filled with themed events, great dinners and very happy guests who remind me how much I love my job.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

Hello! My name is Gemma, the girl behind The Yacht Stew. After 7 years of working on yachts, I wanted to create a platform where I would be able to share my stories, travels and passions. I was asked a million and once “What are you actually doing while working on the yacht?” – We hope this blog gives you a good idea. I am very happy to be able to share my travels and stories with you.

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James Bond Party Table Decorations

James Bond Party

We wear pink on Wednesdays, which I take very seriously on board! All jokes aside, I’m a girl and …

Eloise brings 3 years of industry experience to our team. Now residing in South Africa, Eloise was the first member of the TYSR team and has built lasting relationships with customers and staff ever since. Eloise divides her time between South Africa and TYS UK headquarters. She is incredibly caring and ensures that all staff and customers receive the best possible support, with a high level of customer service. When not working, Eloise spends time with friends and family enjoying the vineyards and safaris in sunny South Africa.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

Mandy has 8 years of industry experience and imports her A-class game from the South of France. She brings a unique and energizing perspective with 5 years of ground recruiting experience in London and is sure to make everyone feel welcome with her benevolent nature. When she’s not working, she spends time with her husband and daughter, enjoying the beauty of France.

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Ideas For James Bond (and Other Characters) Fancy Dress Costumes

Gemma founded The Yacht Stew in 2016 and has over ten years of experience in the industry. When she founded TYS, she wanted to create a community for people in the industry and create an amazing support network that was both informative and caring. She pays attention to detail and an incredibly compassionate perspective on everything she does, and is sure to inspire anyone. In her spare time, Gemma loves to be with her family and friends or sightseeing and traveling with her husband. We’ve collected some photos of James Bond and Casino Royal themed events to inspire you to your own special event.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

We offer amazing party / corporate event theme packages for a variety of themes and styles. We can offer any theme you can think of, so if you don’t see yours, call or

With your ideas! All packages of theme parties / corporate events are based on 10 tables / 100 guests; if you have more or fewer visitors than these please

James Bond Party Table Decorations

Shaken And Stirred

Silver: 10 120 ″ round tablecloths, 10 classic decorations, a chest of drawers for 100 chairs, a themed backdrop and a selection of larger accessories that can be placed near the background or around the room.

Gold: 10 120 ″ round tablecloths, 10 high-quality table centerpieces, 100 theme-matching chairs (dressed / undressed), themed background with a selection of larger props that can be placed near the background or around the room and brightened.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

If you want more information on table settings, fixtures, lighting etc, please call or email us to discuss. All prices include delivery and installation within 20 miles of SG13 7NT.

James Bond Party Ideas

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok In honor of the new James Bond film Skyfall; I share the James Bond Buffet we created almost 6 years ago. It was 2006 and we were asked to come up with an idea for a New Year’s party. We decided to touch 007 in 2007. Bond is timeless, so these ideas will suit any Bond movie event.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

The background of the buffet was the logo of (2) 2007 with a perceptual illusion of the silhouette of James Bond and a Bond girl. We added lighting at the edge where two images meet

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Several trays of food were on top of the 12 inch dice. We made false passports, “Eye Only” packages and sprinkled real balls like confetti.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

No Time To Die Is The Sequel Casino Royale Always Deserved, 15 Years Later

The starters were meat shooters sitting on packages with small eyes. We also put stickers with a bullet hole on the glasses… take… glasses.

The iconic martini glasses served as bowls for berries and zabaglione. We also put broken glass stickers on the windows behind the buffet, but you can’t see them in the photo.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

The guests then walked down a long corridor lined with British flags, red and blue police lights and students disguised as Bond characters.

How To Plan An Epic Tuxedo Hen Party!

Here is a photo of a corridor with cool lighting created by Evans Audio Visual. They adjusted the lighting to match Bond’s classic song “Live & Let Die”.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

After spending time in the casino, the guests went to the “Underground” for more auction items and the main event.

I put together some photos from the Bond party we did last year. We used fake flames, blinking red lights, poker chips as a base for starters, ball stickers on hitting glass on martini glasses and acrylic diamonds on a silver briefcase. We also used handcuffs, blindfolds, giant poker chips and dice to decorate the buffet. With the anticipation and excitement surrounding the release of James Bond’s latest hit “No Time To Die” coming this September, we wanted to help. Tips and tricks on how to plan the ultimate James Bond-themed party.

James Bond Party Table Decorations

Corporate Christmas Party Themes

The James Bond Theme Parties are a great theme option for lots of parties and events. With style and sophistication, the Bond theme is a great way to add character to your event. Plus, with No Time To Die finally hitting theaters in September, we anticipate it to be the hottest thing ever.

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