Joy To The World Table Decorations

Joy To The World Table Decorations – Enjoy today as I invite you to join me in my dining room to share my modern and vintage Christmas table decorations.

Yes, friends, I am excited to show you my Christmas table. It was a pleasure to decorate my house for the holidays and then share the results with you. I hope these tours provide ideas and inspiration for decorating your rooms if you wish to do so. Last week I posted about my Christmas kitchen decor and today we are in the dining room to see my holiday table.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

Joy To The World Table Decorations

It’s great to be reunited with my blogger friends at Seasons of Home. That means LOTS of ideas for holiday dining room decor. Each of the 15+ bloggers has a unique style, so everyone can find inspiration. Be sure to click on all the links at the end of this post.

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As you know, this summer I finished a kitchen renovation. My dining room also got some changes as part of this project, so I’m slowly working on redecorating the space. It’s simple so far, but I’m making progress. When you see my fall table, you will probably notice my new dining table!

Joy To The World Table Decorations

I was very happy to find this table. I was looking for a vintage dining table (and still looking for a vintage sideboard) and was lucky enough to score it at a local antique store. Since my new kitchen peninsula extends several feet into the dining room, I wanted something a little narrower than the usual width, and this vintage oak table fit the bill perfectly.

Although I still need a rug, artwork, vintage sideboards, and more, this space is starting to look a lot like I envisioned. And the good part is I’m in no rush. It’s fun to style this room as it moves. It’s like a new space every time.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

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My inspiration for this table came from several places. First, it is the color. I knew I wanted red, black and wood.

Next is the style. I imagined a modern touch, a little vintage, folded into a simple Scandinavian style. I think I nailed this look!

Joy To The World Table Decorations

From there, I put on my favorite white dinner. This is the dinnerware I use every day and I love it. It’s affordable and you can dress it up or down. It works well here.

The Holiday Aisle® Joy To The World Farmhouse Wood Christmas Tabletop Decor

Side note: If you’re looking for festive music to play while entertaining this holiday season, I can help! I’ve made FIVE Christmas music playlists. You can see them all here.

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Joy To The World Table Decorations

Because of the matte black of my chandelier, I wanted some black elements on my Christmas table decorations to tie it into the space. (If you remember, I did the same thing on my fall table.) These matte black flatware are gorgeous and work perfectly here.

The table needed another black element, so I used these black chandeliers. Every table, especially at Christmas, needs a little sparkle. These chandeliers bring a Scandinavian feel.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

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For my vintage elements, I turn to glassware. I was lucky enough to find these two glasses the day before I designed this table. “Holiday cheer” highballs are a must. I was so excited when I saw them because I knew they would fit.

And since I can’t resist a little gold and glam, the more traditional water glasses with gold trim are a nice unexpected touch. Aren’t they beautiful?

Joy To The World Table Decorations

The table just needs a few more things. For extra sparkle, I strung a set of rice lights in the middle. Battery operated, these lights are a quick and easy way to add some glow. I also added two mini evergreen trees to the table.

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As you may have noticed, I hung evergreen wreaths in my dining room windows. I thought the trees were beautifully tied to the table.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

The crowns on the windows are fake. To hang them, I used this clear command hook. The red satin ribbon is there for aesthetic reasons, although I like the look of the ribbon holding the crowns together.

And to finish this Christmas table, I included two sweets. First, the Black Walnut Christmas Cake I shared with you yesterday. Not only is this cake insanely delicious, but it’s also beautiful, making it the perfect centerpiece for my table. (Get the recipe here.) I also added large red and green candy canes to each place setting as favors for my guests.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

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And with that, my Christmas table decoration is complete! I love how it turned out. what do you think Would you like to join me for a holiday lunch?

It gives me great joy to design beautiful spaces and then share them with you. As I mentioned above, I hope my Christmas table decoration will give you some ideas for decorating your table for the holidays. Whether you’re spending the season with just a few people or dozens of family and friends, it’s always nice to create a beautiful, festive, and inviting space!

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Joy To The World Table Decorations

Again, if you’re looking for more Christmas table decoration inspiration, I encourage you to click on the links below. Enjoy it! I don’t know about you, but I enjoy getting the house ready for the holidays! I would like to give you some ideas for Christmas decorations for your entrance table to give people a happy and joyful welcome. Then we move to another part of the house. Today is day 11 of the 12 days of Christmas inspiration and we’re all about Christmas tables.

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Affiliate links are provided for your shopping convenience. When you click and buy, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please see my full disclosure page for any questions. Thanks for stopping by so we can continue to bring you great party ideas that work best! Choose your large decorative Christmas items

Joy To The World Table Decorations

Large items are often a focal point, add height, depth or balance to the layout. This Christmas tree sign gives the display the height it needs for a tall blank wall. {

The next item is this birch bark wreath that frames a pair of gnomes. Now that it’s been a few days, I think it needs some snowflakes hanging inside, so if you’re going to go ahead with something like this, think about some snowflakes.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

Joy To The World Wood Tree Signs Christmas Tree Decor

An incredible way to tie together any screen or room is with repeating elements. Whether it’s a shape, texture, color, or in this case… a gnome. The largest gnome is front and center sitting comfortably on a toadstool cake stand.

Lifting him off the table allows his legs to dangle, which is one of his cutest features, along with his buffalo check hat! Check out Hobby Lobby and Home Goods for great gnomes! Or check out Amazon for a similar style.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

Then by the door we have a few more gnomes chilling with a fake birch bark candle. Keep things interesting by using gnomes of different sizes.

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You can take the tallest gnome here and make a small one with this easy no-sew gnome tutorial.

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Joy To The World Table Decorations

It was so easy I made 20 last year as gifts for the neighbors! And isn’t this Festive Fetti “Holiday Gnome” sign so cute? I made these gift tags and I’ll bet if you ask her nicely, she’ll do the same for you.

} This version is almost identical. I plan to prepare treats when we have guests like these chocolate chip cookies at the hostess desk at my favorite hotel!

Joy To The World Table Decorations

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Oh, and did I mention I placed the plate inside a plain green wreath? This is my new FAVORITE trick for decorating the Christmas table. You can use it on a serving table for a food tray on a cake plate, as a base for a centerpiece or as a Christmas decoration for the entrance table.

With a strong woodland theme, hedgehogs seemed like an appropriate choice. Not only are they expensive, they are at home with plants, wood, pine cones and birch bark. You could use more mini gnomes, but the hedgehogs add interest and break it down nicely.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

To really pull it off successfully, you need to fill in the gaps with smaller decorations that add texture and color. The Bottlebrush Trees {

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A few well-placed ornaments remind us of the season and echo the red on the Christmas entry table.

Joy To The World Table Decorations

For our final element of repetition, add some birch bark candles at different heights and create a small vignette on either side of the table’s focal point.

Use similar pieces, but DO NOT make them identical, especially in a nature-inspired scheme. You will notice that there are:

Joy To The World Table Decorations

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Same outfit – MIXED – and shown slightly different. Arrange them by height and visual weight.

I hope I’ve inspired you to add a gnome to your holiday decor this year and maybe even your entryway table Christmas decor! This is a great welcome for any guest and is sure to do

Joy To The World Table Decorations

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