Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations – From drinks to decor, these great Kentucky Derby ideas will help you easily throw an adorable themed party that’s creative and fun.

The event’s rich history, the beauty of the horses, the frivolity of the hats, the grandeur, the refreshing Juleps and the beautiful Kentucky scenery…

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

And this Danielson’s Mint Julep recipe is the official recipe served at Churchill Downs.

Run For The Roses: Kentucky Derby Party — Legally Crafty Blog

Not only do they keep the drink ice cold, but they also allow frost to form on the sides of the glass.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Because of this, you always want to hold the julep cup upside down or upside down.

And come to find out, they are available to order and can be delivered directly to your home.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

How To Create A Beautiful Kentucky Derby Tablescape

While we can’t find much fault with that sentiment, the race really is the focal point of the day.

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Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Our tablescape is a silhouette of seven illuminated horses that created my horse race right on the dining table.

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

I simply cut out a black outline of a rider on a horse and used glue dots to attach one to each cylinder vase.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

To mimic the colorful silks of the first Derby jockeys, I put a different, bright color on each light.

Add a trio of candles on either side for a dramatic lighting effect and you have a table that will get the party off to a great start…

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Adorable Kentucky Derby Party Ideas

Floral prints, bright jewel tones, feminine veils and masks with a bit of bloom…that’s what you’ll see at the Kentucky Derby.

For those celebrating at home, you can use the occasion as an excuse to finally dress up a bit.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

This tone gallop print tie for men. How pretty would the pink hues of this tie look when paired with a navy sport coat? Shocking!

Bowties And Bourbon Kentucky Derby Party

For the ladies, I’m in love with this tiered pink dress. It’s adorable and stuff. It even has pockets.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Like any good event, the best way to make it truly special is to pay attention to the details.

PRO TIP: Choose a decor element that appeals to you and build your color scheme around it. It’s a great way to decorate and tie everything together. It also works for you…all the colors are already coordinated.

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Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Ideas For A Great Kentucky Derby Party

For a little fun, match each guest’s napkin to one of the horse silhouette colors.

You can even go a step further by associating a specific horse that runs in the race with each color.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

This fun approach will allow each of your guests to literally have a horse in the race and create an extra element of fun.

Kentucky Derby Party Decorations And Food

Jockey Silk Napkins – the colors on these napkins are just adorable. And it would be great for any horse racing themed party, in addition to being a great Kentucky Derby party idea.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Good luck horseshoe stickers. how lucky your guests would be to find them at their place. So cute!

Gold vessels. I absolutely love the elegance this gold bowl adds to any table. When I bought it, I thought it was a splurge. And now I think it was a great investment because I use it so often.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Run For The Roses: Kentucky Derby Weekend Entertaining Ideas

Looking for another drink option while watching the Derby? Check out this bourbon-based cocktail that originated in the Kentucky Old Fashioned. 2016 This Saturday, May 7th will be the 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby. What better idea to gather your friends and family for a fun gathering than to celebrate the Derby. You can check out some of my Derby party plans here and here. I wanted to bring you 21 great ideas for your Kentucky Derby party.

2. Make Derby Horse Cookies. I love how Noreen Cox created these cute little horses from Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

13.   Decorate your picnic table with all kinds of Kentucky Derby napkins and plates. There are all kinds of resources for these, but Party City is a great place to start. Photo:  Party City

Kentucky Derby Food Ideas: Mint Juleps, Horseshoe Cupcakes And More

14.  Create a really special centerpiece for your derby party, like this molded, moss-covered horse. Place it in a bed of red roses to continue the theme. Photo:  Au Courant Floral

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

16.  Serve Kentucky Hot Browns, the delicious open-faced sandwich made with turkey, bacon and Mornay sauce, originally served at The Brown Hotel in Louisville.

20.  Make fun games. How about a game of cornhole with a Kentucky Derby rider painted like silk?

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Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Red Rose Kentucky Derby Party Ideas — Mint Event Design

21.  Add a little derby dash to your glasses by attaching a small horseshoe to each stem.

Make a Kentucky Derby themed wreath to welcome guests to the party. You can find step-by-step instructions at How to Make a Kentucky Derby Wreath. Whatever you do, or whatever ideas you incorporate for your Kentucky Derby party, check out the big show and have fun.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Chloe is the creator of Celebrate & Decorate. Chloe likes to have a comfortable and well-designed home. he also likes to entertain family and friends. Learn more about Chloe. Follow Chloe. Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , Google+ , YouTube Not all of us can attend Churchill Downs live, but you can throw a Kentucky Derby party at home or in your backyard with these free printable ideas, decor and recipes .

How To Throw The Perfect Kentucky Derby Party

Hold your horses, you haven’t missed the big event yet. However, with the Kentucky Derby less than a week away, it’s time to make sure you’ve got your Derby viewing party style planned.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

I’ve teamed up with Holly from Legally Crafty Blog to share a Derby dinner table and bar setup that’s sure to be a winner for your Kentucky Derby party.

We decided to use traditional red, the primary color of roses, synonymous with the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Paramour’s 5th Annual Kentucky Derby Party Recap

Using red, black, white and gold color schemes, our theme is stylish and easily styled with many items you probably already have around your home.

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Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Serve an elegant and festive meal at your Kentucky Derby viewing party with these tips for setting the perfect table. We put this board together very quickly.

Kentucky Derby Party Playdate

The printables took longer to put together, so if you start preparing them the day before, you’re in a good position to put it all together on the day and host your guests stress-free.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

We started with a red shimmer tablecloth and layered on a black and white striped tablecloth

The black and white stripes are a versatile look and I’m already thinking about how to use this runner again. I’m sure you’ll see him again soon.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Kentucky Derby Party Food: A Complete Menu

For the place settings, we chose gold chargers and white tiles. Gold adds glitz and luxury, while white plates are traditional and elegant and don’t detract from the piece de resistance, the gorgeous centerpieces.

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Holly had some red napkins and managed to dig out the black and white ribbons she had used at the last party to tie the napkins.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the glitter folder horse which added an elegant and fun flair to the party. We used them on napkins and cups.

Easy Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

I love the southern feel that mason jars bring. I bought them at a bridal store for Lumberjack Minnesota’s first birthday party and I love when I put them together for events because reusing party decorations is one of my biggest things lol.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Of course, we add straw flags to some black and white straws, which are some of my favorite prints to include in my parties.

Every table needs a focal point and this centerpiece is sure to attract attention. Holly has a tutorial on creating a basic focal point on her blog.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Derby Day Tablescape Kentucky Derby Table Decoration Ideas

Long story short, she painted a wooden box, added fake dollar store roses, painted a Dollar Tree horse gold and topped it off with a rustic horseshoe to create a gorgeous centerpiece for our Kentucky Derby table.

Then we used grass mats that I used for my Carrot Patch Easter table and added more gold painted dollar horses. I love how they graze.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Not all items may be available as of the original posting, but we do our best to keep this list up to date.

Perfectly Pink Kentucky Derby Party

You may remember the March Madness holiday prints I created and the Hollystyled bar with them. It was only fitting that we get the space for a Kentucky Derby party.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

I’ve never made paper flowers before, but I was excited to try them for this event. I followed these tutorials from The Craft Patch and The SITS girls and was able to figure it out.

It was definitely a process.

Kentucky Derby Party Table Decorations

Stylish Ideas For A Kentucky Derby Party

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