Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor – The top of my coffee table is where I let my minimalist side fly. I like to keep a variety of things in case anyone sitting in our living room is interested, including my 3-year-old.

So I was inspired to share what I learned about setting up the coffee table when I had young children in the house. Obviously, there are no strict and fast rules here. What you avoid/include changes over time. One day you avoid candles and pretty plants. The next day you can combine them. You know your child better than anyone. So you can decide what is appropriate. My goal for this article is to hopefully inspire you with new ideas and encourage you to avoid giving up and go for a museum-style empty coffee table.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Trust me, if you’re small-handed. I know how tempting it is not to decorate your home three feet below. But don’t let it deter you! There’s nothing like seeing a kid fidget with something on the table while you only have five minutes to yourself, am I right?

Refreshing Living Room Decorating Ideas

You don’t want to waste your time messing around with the kids and rearranging things on the table. So what is it like to create a beautifully designed and kid-friendly coffee table? Let’s go together?

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

If dropped on the floor will it break? Will it break if I drop it on the table?

? (because you know they will)? If the answer is yes please do not include You want it to be carefree.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Farmhouse Kid Friendly Coffee Tables

Sturdy games, especially those with pieces attached to them. There are many on the market today, Rubik’s Cube, Tic Tac Toe Board, large wooden puzzles.

Photo and art books: Find age-appropriate pictures and make sure your child isn’t in the process of tearing them up. One on the market that won’t hurt your eyes.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Sculpture Items: The key here is to find items that are heavy, ceramics, stones, paperweights and vases, too heavy for your child to pick up or move. but still tangible

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Shape Shifters: Shape-shifting things that will make your desk hilarious: pin art, magnets on trays. Even wooden blocks or carved sketches!

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Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Perspex or resin material with a glass look is also stylish. But there’s nothing to worry about.

Once you’ve listed kid-friendly items, It’s important to rotate those items often. so that the items are always new and interesting

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Kid Friendly Coffee Table Styling — Hausmatter

Jenga blocks in trays or boxes instantly add texture and dimension, and bonus! It’s easy for small children to pack them. (maybe take the whiskey off the table lol)

A tic tac toe game that connects the pieces. and an old remote with the battery removed (trust me, this is it!)

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Heavy ashtray with bead necklace Just be sure to find a bead that sticks firmly. If your child is teething Choose a silicone necklace or a tassel? If you have kids, you know finding a coffee table that’s durable and “pain-free” can be challenging. We’ve tried many styles over the years. And I watched designer friends with the kids. over the years From all these experiences I learned the best coffee tables for kids and how easy it is. in styling them

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A durable alternative to child-friendly coffee tables is often made of wood. And I especially love our modern fishbone coffee table. Because I built and finished it. I know what to use if repairs are needed. and if damage occurs I know it can be easily and cheaply rebuilt. But we’ve had this coffee table for 4 years and I’ve only had to paint the legs a few times.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Because this coffee table is long and thin. So I like having trays. Below you can see I used pots/vases, stacks of books, and small bowls. (or if these items are too heavy to move)

My friend Carli made a beautiful rustic coffee table (see her DIY site) with a similar design: stacked books, vases and decorations.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Baby, Toddler & Kids Modern Furniture Store: Decor, Toys & More

Eureka from My Cozy Corner uses a larger wooden coffee table. which is quite indestructible by itself corners are sharp So if you have young children This design should work. Various textures hide marks well. and with its large size So she can put stacks of books. vase with greenery and a low bowl Most of these items are not fragile. And this wooden coffee table will stand the test of time.

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The log coffee table is a great choice for kids of all ages because it has no sharp corners! Round coffee tables can be quite difficult to style. So I recommend keeping it simple. in my front room I use a low bowl or wicker basket and put some accessories inside.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

My friend Alma used four sets to style her: a glass vase with candles inside. A pile of books with ornaments on top A low bowl with plant pots and candles, when used in a four-piece grouping on a round table. Subjects will feel more balanced due to their placement. Note that lighter visible objects and heavier objects are opposite each other.

How To Style A Family Friendly Coffee Table

Julia from the Chris Loves Julia blog uses this sturdy log coffee table in her basement. This design is popular with children as it is durable and fits in tight spaces. She uses a low planter with greenery, stacks of books and sculptural accessories.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

We just got Article leather seats for our basement living area. and i fell in love with it This is a large ottoman with very strong padding. So even though leather softens over time and shows signs of wear But it will keep its shape. I was surprised how easy it was to clean too! A common problem with all cloths on coffee tables is spill cleaning. However, I can clean up spills with a damp cloth. and no water stains!

Categories: IKEA Vimle, table lamp, end table, area rug, teal chenille pillow, black diamond lumbar pillow, gold chenille pillow, dark gray striped pillow (discontinued from Tonic Living), lumbar pillow. Teal velvet, black mesh pillows, dark blue knit cushions, media cabinet.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

Diy Table Ideas: Coffee Table, Picnic Table, And Many More

Since this ottoman does triple duty as a seat, footrest and coffee table, I wanted to keep everything in one easy-to-move tray. I chose a large round pan with a smooth bottom. (Avoid weaving trays as they can scratch the leather.)

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Even if I use a tray But I’ve grouped things into three groups: a stack of books with beadwork. small plant pot (There’s an artificial plant because it’s our basement) and candles. I even have a little room for a drink if needed.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

A leather ottoman doesn’t have to be too big to be used as a coffee table. Below are some examples of leather benches that are perfect for small spaces. But there’s still enough room for a low planter and a tray or basket. Both of these are great if you want to support your feet. Easy to move around. I like the dark color. It hides marks or dirt easily. and metal legs make the space look lighter

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If you have an eclectic, bohemian or even contemporary style in your home. The hammered metal coffee table is a great choice for a child-friendly coffee table! very durable But not too heavy to move around. Easy to clean and no sharp edges. therefore suitable for children of all ages

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

I love how this designer used 2 round metal coffee tables side by side to become 1 large coffee table in a larger room. The shiny brass surface adds texture. And the unexpected shape gives this room a “collective” feel. Tall faux plants and book figurines are kid-friendly and won’t damage them if messed up. I love how she designed just one table. The other table can be used as a free painting or play surface. or put a tray with drinks and snacks

Here is another example that uses two coffee tables, but this time the tables come in two different sizes and heights. Finish the same way and group them to maintain the feeling.

Kid Safe Coffee Table Decor

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