Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target – Ever since I heard about Project 62, Target’s new mid-century modern-inspired line of home products and furnishings, I’ve felt a mixture of anticipation—but also dread (because of what I fear it might do to my wallet).

I love the clean lines of these mid-century moderns, but the price of true vintage pieces is beyond my budget (at least not here in California). Well, Matra read my mind by creating ornaments inspired by the period. (The name Project 62 refers to 1962.) Just go ahead and take all my money, target! Here’s what I saw at the store last weekend.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Check out the fabulous sculptural legs on this dining table! There is also a smaller version and even a small bistro table. The frame is made of rubber wood and the top is MDF. It looks solid and well made. However, people have left bad reviews online as many people seem to have been damaged by the delivery, which is a shame.

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I adore a chair with a beautiful wooden frame. The sign under the seat is misleading as the faux leather version is listed as $229.99 online, not $169.99 – that’s the price of the upholstered fabric version, which comes in four colors. Hmm, interesting, the sign also shows another name.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Oh hello there are conical legs. Pointed trees get me every time. What’s great about many of these new chairs is that Target makes them in multiple colors. The top seat comes in three colors and the armchair version of this seat stands out even more. My favorite is the blue light.

This dining chair has legs that match the dining table. It comes in five colors, including a beautiful purple called strawberry. It was comfortable and stable and made me consider replacing my current dining chair.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

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Alas, I haven’t seen this recliner in person, which has been featured in many of Target’s ads, so I can’t report on how comfortable it is. It comes in four colors and you can order a sample online. They really need to put it on the floor for people to try.

Love the warm almond color of this C table in wood and copper veneer. There is a horizontal shelf, a tall bookcase, a desk, a media stand, a coffee table and an end table in this set as well. However, this particular floor sample was a bit shaky. If you are looking for a C table, there is also a luxurious looking C table with a marble top.

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Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

This accent table also comes in a dark gray version. I think it’s pretty nice, but the build doesn’t seem that solid.

The Clean Table Club

If you want to refresh your living room with a new look, Target makes it so easy. I love the way this store displays decor by color.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

As you can see, there are a lot of pillows, blankets and baskets in this collection. Since I was looking for a rug, I was excited to see what the Project 62 rug would be. They looked much better than the typical Target rug. Here are some 5×7 rugs.

This large embroidered wool rug has a great texture. It comes in lots of great neutral colors and many sizes too, including 2 x 3, 7 x 10 and 9 x 12. Frustratingly, not all colors come in all sizes. Also, I find it odd that Target makes 7×10 rugs, but not 8×10, which is a pretty standard size. Unfortunately, this defeats the purpose for me, as I am looking for an 8×10 area rug.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Simple Farmhouse Fall Table

Cohasset Table Lamp – $49.99 (also comes in pink); Delavan tripod table lamp – $39.99 (they also come with black and clear legs), Weston table lamp – $39.99

Wow, look at those statement lamps! I wanted to buy the round lamp shade separately, but that option was not available.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Ceramic and wooden planters – $69.99 for large, $29.99 for medium, $19.99 for small; Yarn Basket – $16.99 to $19.99

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More good stuff! I am happy to see planters on wooden bases. I wanted a Modernica study planter, and while I’d still rather look at one of these, it’s nice to see cheaper options.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

However, not all of Project 62’s offerings are actually new. I noticed that some of the items were existing items in Target’s Threshold brand that were just given new names. For example, this desk lamp used to be called Audrey from Threshold, but now it’s Coluee from Project 62. I know this because I already own it and even wrote about it earlier this year. Like this globe table lamp, now gone by Edris.

Oh, that’s probably why the wooden frame chair above had a different name on the sign than on the website. Target seems to be keeping the Threshold line, but rebranding it as more classic decor while the modern designs are classified as Project 62. Here’s another item that Threshold has turned into Project 62: this round wall mirror (with an Idris lamp in the reflection).

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Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Hosting A Dinner Party

In the end, I came home with one item, this picture frame. I am very proud of myself for showing such restraint. I had more pictures of what I saw in the store, but this post is already long, so stay tuned later this week for the 62 bed, bath and kitchen project. Oh, by the way, there’s a coupon in this week’s Target ad for a $10 gift card if you spend $50 on home goods.

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Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

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Home Essentials From Target You Need To Get Your Hands On

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Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and give thanks for food, friends and family. If you’re hosting a turkey party this year, you’ll want to transform your home into a cozy, autumnal space to make all your houseguests feel welcome and festive.

Thanksgiving decorations can include wreaths, turkeys, table settings and wreaths that will bring all the fall feeling to your home. We scoured the web for 12 cute Thanksgiving decorations that you can still order online in time for the big day.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Best Target Holiday Decorations

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With a seasonally appropriate birchbark exterior, these flameless twinkling candles look perfect among the pine cones and fall hues. You can use them as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table or as a welcoming accent on your entry console. With 50,000 hours of LED light intensity, the candles come with a remote control that can turn them on and off automatically.

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Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

This wreath inspired by the changing leaves outside is a wonderful way to greet your guests with lots of Thanksgiving cheer. At 24 inches tall, the base of the evergreen branch is strewn with variegated maple leaves, pine cones and berries. It also features bright white lights that can be plugged in to guide the way. Bonus: it can be used as a centerpiece when it’s time for dinner.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas Sure To Impress

This pretty bird turkey from Kohl’s sets the scene for the season with tree curls, pine cones, twigs and grass. It stands 10 inches tall and can sit in the center of your table – next to the real turkey – or out in the living room on the coffee table, so your guests will always be in good company.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Even though Halloween is over, you can still decorate your house with pumpkins and gourds. This unique 9-inch tall pumpkin from Crate & Barrel is carved from Jempinis wood and has natural cracks running between the ridges for a jungle-chic look. Use a center table or entryway to welcome guests to your home.

Decorated with a bold bow of maple leaves, this wreath is an easy way to add a pop of color to any room in the house. You can hang it over the fireplace, spread it out on the dining room table or drape it over the front door. Each strand is approximately five feet long and made of flexible wire that you can bend into the shape or design of your choice.

Kitchen Table Decorative Centerpiece Target

Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table Decor

This set of three plush pumpkins comes in rust, gold, and olive, and fits well with any seasonal celebration. They are perfect to add to the Thanksgiving table or among appetizers and hors d’oeuvres in the living room on the coffee table. If you want to go all out, each guest can even get their own 6-inch pumpkin

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