Korean Table Decorations

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A few months ago we celebrated our son’s first birthday. since the epidemic continues And so we decided to have a smaller party. with our close relatives at home. Although many Doljanchi (Korean first birthday parties) are held in halls or large restaurants, we want this event to be friendly. It took a lot of pressure to plan and decorate this event with the help of my dear mom. It also allowed our one year old to stay in the comfort of his own home and really enjoy the people who attended!

Korean Table Decorations

Korean Table Decorations

I want to write this post to show you that you don’t need to spend thousands to make Dolsang, Doljanchi’s main table. No need to hire anyone!

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Korean Doljanchi is a celebration of the first birthday of a Korean baby. Friends and family gather to share food and fun to mark the 1st anniversary. Doll party is known as a big event in Korea and even in America. Many people compare their expenses to weddings! Raffles, prize draws and games are often held in honor of the child.

Korean Table Decorations

Even outside of Korea, Koreans respect the Doljanja tradition by dressing babies in hanbok. (Traditional Korean clothing) including doljabi (which is a list placed for your child to choose to “predict” what their future will be) and delicious Korean food.

For our small table, we opted for an elegant centerpiece cake surrounded by fresh flowers and balloon arches. I wanted our table to be small because I find it’s much simpler and fuller even with a few plates and decorations. Check out all the details below!

Korean Table Decorations

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I had fun decorating my son’s first birthday. And I can’t wait to throw a party. (After the epidemic) more!

I finally got to share photos from our son’s first year photo shoot! in May of this year we traveled to Los Angeles for my son-in-law’s 1 year anniversary. It was a beautiful moment of reunion. And we still think about that trip often. Here are some tips for moms who are thinking about taking similar photos of their children!

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Korean Table Decorations

In this post, I talk about how I set up a Korean table for my son’s doljanchi first birthday party. It was so much fun and I can’t wait to decorate it for more events in the future!

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Skylands Manor offers fabulous views. It is also one of New Jersey’s most popular wedding venues. Here’s a look at our engagement in April 2019.

Korean Table Decorations

In this post, I talk about the Korean tradition of celebrating the first 100 days of a baby’s life. and shared Baekil’s view Some weddings never go out of style. You’ll bet I immediately took the time to look at a few of my favorite photos taken at Steven and Deborah’s wedding. So beautiful that they were even featured in The Knot print magazine! From Summerour’s beautiful sets to Amy Osaba’s delicate florals, this is a party to remember. Deborah’s California upbringing inspired the neutral color scheme. while the couple’s Korean heritage adds to the fun!

During cocktail hour, Deborah and Steven dress up in cultural clothing and celebrate with traditional Baek Baek and Korean traditional music. The whole class was full of laughter and joy. This day is the perfect combination of everything that is beautiful about weddings. And we can’t wait for you to experience it yourself!

Korean Table Decorations

Secret Garden Dessert Table

Deborah’s mom couldn’t be nicer. When she first saw her daughter in a Bel Fiore wedding dress, it was even more special how she put so much energy and energy into her daughter’s dress by adding her own beadwork to the design.

Steve and Deborah are both Korean. And so they want to share their culture by offering rafts. what is a traditional korean wedding ceremony It was quite a treat for their diverse group of friends. Like older relatives thinking about their own weddings, in the past, Korean celebrations were very colorful and bright. the table decoration and even the food will be beautifully displayed for guests to enjoy.

Korean Table Decorations

One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was when the parents threw chestnuts and jujubes for them to catch. Traditionally Guess how many children the couple will have The White House commissioned the design work of Rafanelli Events, known for creating the “American hospitality” of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, as inspiration for the decoration. which combines the glory of traditional Korea With an autumn color palette…

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During President Obama and First Lady Obama’s gala honoring South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and First Lady Kim Yoon-ok, it looked like Thanksgiving thanks to the stunningly lit East Room. Be Beautiful The dinner began at 8:35 p.m., and the decor was inspired by “American Hospitality,” which symbolized American-Korean friendship, noted the White House with 16 guests)

Korean Table Decorations

There are 222 guests on the expected guest list. And they get a feast that focuses on sourcing local ingredients. Especially the fall harvest in Mrs. Obama’s kitchen garden. and wagyu beef sourced from a Texas ranch. The ornate decoration with floral arrangements featuring symbolic flowers mixed with hundreds of apples was commissioned by Rafanelli Events Management.

On the White House: “Tonight’s proposal. It’s a celebration of fall created by Rafanelli Events. It combines bright autumn colors with orange, red and green, with apples in the center, wall decorations and window medallions. A distinctive chrysanthemum is also symbolic. Fascinated by Korean culture.” (Above: Long view of east room. with kobo leaf shadow visible on ceiling)

Korean Table Decorations

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The tablecloths, chairs, chair cushions, flower vases and lamps used in the east room are rented. said one aide

The Rafanelli company is in high demand. She was from its offices in Boston, New York, D.C., according to the company’s website. and Palm Beach named “the most prestigious and special event in the country.” These include “Wedding of the Decade for Ex-Chelsea Clinton’s First Daughter,” Obama’s Last Dinner Honoring German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and O’s Celebrations Bama

Korean Table Decorations

A round table with seating for ten guests surrounds a long rectangular table. The two presidents and the first lady will dine with sixteen guests. The bedside table is located in the center of the room. against the back wall and the first couple sits on the same side facing out. Clinton State, China The gold-rimmed cream palette, created in honor of the White House’s 200th anniversary, is the only White House china pictured. Architectural Masterpieces in US History In the center of the plaque instead of the President’s seal. On each side is a white napkin with the President’s seal (Above: President Obama sits in the center of the table. President Lee sits on the right and Mrs. Kim on the left.)

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Each table has a specific color scheme. Whether it’s green, orange or red, the floral arrangements at each table reflect the dominant color. The cushions on each chair are in a checkered fabric that ties each color together. And the chairs themselves are meant to be changed for dinner. They are made of dark wood instead of the usual golden ladder chairs used for dinner (above: red-themed table).

Korean Table Decorations

“Republic of Korea dinners are inspired by American hospitality. At State Dinners, we appeal to friendship and express a spirit of generosity designed to welcome guests.” in the spirit of this hospitality Some design elements are mirror images. of Korean culture and craftsmanship,” the White House said.

Each guest was given a night pass featuring the Korean art of knot tying, because according to the White House, “the combination of strings and tassels shows perfect harmony.” Some dining tables have bamboo dishes. and chrysanthemums are also included in the arrangement. There are three long, tall bamboo candelabras on a number of tables (above: green-themed tables; on some tables, large vases form dramatic branches filled with berries in shades of yellow and red).

Korean Table Decorations

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β€œIn Korea, bamboo represents perfection. and the chrysanthemum symbolizes a productive and fruitful life,” the White House said. “Hibiscus is the national flower of the Republic of Korea. and will be featured in an art installation made of paper flowers in the Upper Cross Hallway.’

Graphic logo Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move! This campaign was designed by Apple. And hundreds of apples attached to the arrangement pay tribute to the first lady’s unique initiative. According to the White House report

Korean Table Decorations

Simple Chinese pots of various sizes decorate the table.

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