Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables – My role is to make the weekend special. To be pretty. So that each woman really feels like she has entered a retreat space!

Last weekend was our church’s annual women’s retreat (so less posting last week as we set things up and this week as I catch up here).

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

Our theme was “Come to the Garden”…basically a garden-themed retreat for women! I had the idea last year when we were preparing for this retreat. The weather was gloomy and I really wanted to put flowers everywhere. Poof, the garden-themed women’s retreat was born!

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It’s actually become a budget theme for us, decor-wise, anyway. I expected to have to buy a lot of flowers to get the impression I was looking for, and that would be expensive. I was afraid of not being able to get out of it. So I visited the church decoration closet (if your church doesn’t have one, it really should! I use ours all the time for parties, retreats, and other religious events). To have one of these pieces, ask if there are any ladies in the church who might have flowers or other details they no longer use or are willing to share.

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

Many of the flowers in these photos are from the decor storage closet, others are mine at home. I made a few signs, like the “let’s grow” sign here. Wooden beads are mine too, but so easy to make in any color.

It is the downstairs space that we mainly use to meet in the evening. I had a wonderful group of helpers sort the bags and make sure everything looked pretty! They did a great job. I literally couldn’t have done it without them. I had just under 2 hours from the time we were able to enter the facility to the start of our program.

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

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I grabbed some free pillows that someone was getting rid of and my mom made them blankets with the green check printed on them. We then covered the couch cushions with about a yard of fabric each from my stash and tied them together to be temporary.

In the middle photo you can see two more panels I made. One says “herbs” and the other says “prune and sprout”. I also grabbed my daughter’s summer hat to add to the mix.

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Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

The bunting is something I helped my eldest daughter make several years ago for her Little House birthday. I have used them for so long. I think they are made from fabric from Figtree and Co. I use them all the time for baby showers, bridal showers, etc. This year I will hang them in the kitchen for spring.

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There is a kitchenette on the ground floor of the lodge which we used for the retreat this year. I love turning it into a cute coffee/tea/cocoa bar with cute cups and plates etc. I always keep the coffee organizers they have on the counter and bring my pretty ones. This space is simple but effective!

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

Behind, there is this little cafe like seating area. It was so easy to place fluffy cloth napkins with a bouquet of flowers on each. Again, super simple but super effective!

This year we decided to install a second drink station in the upstairs room where most of our sessions take place. The top and bottom tea collection belong to the head of the retirement planning committee. She likes to share and this year she has all the bottles to match. It made me so happy! 🙂 We brought the white bottles from the church to keep things nice and light. This is a white paper tablecloth with a plastic backing that I have on the pink tablecloth. It stopped spilled coffee and tea from staining the rose.

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

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This is another sign I made for the weekend too… the “but first COFFEE”. I love how it fits into the whole look. All signs were made using my Cricut to make vinyl stencils.

The lace banner was from last year’s tea retreat. My sweet mom made all of this for me last year using this tutorial. I was happy to use them again. She couldn’t be with us this year, but she was super excited to wear them again when I sent her the pictures.

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

I tried to keep the tables simple this year. Since 8 ladies are squeezed around a 6ft table with all their stuff, there isn’t much room in between. 🙂 I bought 7 of these beautiful flowers and garden pots from Dollar Tree and painted them white. They scratch easily (be warned) but look super cute with the flowers on them. I decided to assemble them in advance and bring them pre-made so we could put them on the tables. We used a bunch of flowers in the church and glued them into some of the green flower foam (also in our decor cabinet). I use the word “we” lightly. One of the teenagers from the church helped me with all the arrangements. She did a much better job than me in a fraction of the time. 🙂 I was glad she was there to help. Then I spread the leftover flowers and greenery along the tables and put some mini gardening tools we had with them. Very easy!

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The event was magnificent and had the desired effect. The ladies loved the feel of the surroundings and were blessed with both the camaraderie and the instruction over the weekend. I always say that my role in events is far from the most important, but I love showing love to the women who made the environment special!

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

If you enjoyed this garden-themed women’s retreat, pin the image below or share it on other social media! Cherry blossom season is a big event in the Central Georgia area, which made it a great theme for the Women’s Ministry Dinner when it was my turn to host several years ago. The images are absolutely stunning and worth sharing. If you are looking for ideas for hosting a Women’s Ministries event, I hope you will find some here.

I would also like to share with you some of the things we did for this girlfriends get-together. Do you remember when women’s ministry was called women’s ministry? It was shortened to WM, cool, right? It is now called girlfriends. Whatever she is called in your church, I hope you participate in some way and share fellowship with other ladies.

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

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This Cherry Blossom themed girlfriend date was so much fun to plan and enjoy! We wanted to involve women who don’t always attend or attend one of the girlfriend events, so we came up with some cool ideas. I hope you find ideas here that you can use.

We are looking for volunteers to animate each table. It was the ladies who really made this dinner so beautiful and fun! Each hostess was responsible for decorating her own table and inviting guests to sit at her table. Since they were in charge of inviting the ladies to sit at the table, there was a lot of conversation between the ladies in the church. They really managed to connect and invite women who didn’t always come or maybe never come. Many hostesses went the extra mile and gave gifts to each of their guests. It was really fun to see all the different ideas implemented for their centerpieces and decor.

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Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

One of our ladies donated the use of her beautiful lime green and fuchsia table decorations, which were turned and placed on the round white tablecloths. She also lent us her linen towels. I took them home and folded them into a classic easy crease. We used glass plates with matching tea cups. Another nice lady allowed us to use her lovely pink coffee mugs. With the creativity of each table owner, all the tables looked beautiful and created a pleasant atmosphere.

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As we wanted everyone to enjoy their evening, we hired servers for the night. There were three young men in the church who were willing to serve. We asked our ladies to leave a tip at the table for these young men, which was a huge blessing for our servers. These young men made the night before the meal go smoothly during set up, during the meal as excellent servers and then during clean up.

Ladies Retreat Decoration For Tables

We also hired some of our elders to plan and prepare the meal, my mother and a friend of hers. They were so excited to be of service. I knew they would cook a delicious meal and enjoy the process and I wasn’t wrong! Mine

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