Large Train Table Decor

Large Train Table Decor – “My 5 year old son has been playing with this playset every day since he arrived! He loves building tracks for the dino cars and rolling them. I love that he can easily pick up all the pieces and put them in the wooden box. Put them in a nice way. He keeps everything together and keeps it clean! I highly recommend this toy!”

“It’s high quality, durable, and the perfect design for baby’s hands and coordination. Probably my favorite design feature is that the table folds up quickly and stores easily under the bed! It’s not bulky or heavy like other train tables. It’s the perfect size. And the plays are varied and tough. !”

Large Train Table Decor

Large Train Table Decor

“Wow! –The Adventure Tracks Safari Run Play Table has been a hit with my baby since it was put together. The level of color and detail is amazing and keeps her imagination going.”

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With our children’s train sets, your children will enjoy sightseeing without leaving the house. Wooden train sets make it easy to transport your kids from scenic mountain towns to quiet towns to bustling construction sites. They will enjoy navigating bridges, waterfalls and roundabouts to reach villages or big cities where the locals are friendly and willing to lend a helping hand!

Large Train Table Decor

Kids can create and explore their own worlds with our transformable train sets. Set the stage with trees, boards, buildings and other accessories to further enhance your child’s play experience.

Our train desk sets are designed to clear up clutter on the floor and give little engineers a special place to explore train villages, no matter where their journey takes them. As an added bonus, the wood comes in a variety of stain colors so you can choose the one that best matches your home decor.

Large Train Table Decor

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The desks have internal bins and drawers for convenient storage and quick cleaning when not in use. Train tables are spacious enough for your child to have fun with siblings and friends.

Train shop for kids. With our train sets, train tables and train sets, your child will discover their next adventure and enjoy many hours of memorable, creative play. I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start a new week! This week I will be “revealing” a project that has been going on for several months now. Unless you’ve taken a really long time, like months, to complete a project, it’s not my style. I’m more of a finisher than an old lady. Although this project has a story… and the projects and ideas in that story can (eventually) be valuable and inspiring, I think the overall DIY process of trial and error is more valuable here. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I was going to share this project with you. But lately, a few of you wonderful readers have emailed/commented/messaged me saying that you really enjoy seeing my thought process behind the space/project. I hope you meant it, because this week you’ll be treated to several DIY ideas, builds, mistakes, mistakes, and finally STEPS… trying to repair it all and make a sad little train table for our little one. Thomas loves Henry.

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Large Train Table Decor

This story begins in September. Yes, you read that right! My then 18-month-old son was in love with choo-choos (Thomas the Tank Engine, to be exact). If you are currently the parent of a teenage boy or have ever been, you probably know what I’m talking about! Hearing and seeing this, my older brother found us a pretty cool BRIO train set on Craigslist for $50, as well as a nice track and train collection. While Trains and Tracks went into the house for immediate play, the table sat in the garage, waiting to be repaired in time for Santa to bring it on Christmas morning.

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This is what the table looked like when I first brought it home. Not only was the film peeling in places, but the previously attached track had taken its toll.

Large Train Table Decor

This wooden plate fits into a frame inside the table, which allows it to be turned. The other side, which hadn’t been played nearly as much, was in “like new” condition.

The tree was in good shape, but we didn’t care about the pictures on either side. Instead of these scenes and colors, I envisioned a cleaner, more modern look for our playroom. About a week before Christmas (read: a little late in the game) I got to work on updating this board!

Large Train Table Decor

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I thought sanding the paper image would be easy. Boy, was I wrong. Sanding the laminated paper image took quite a bit of time and effort and made a lot of mess. After about 5 hours of sanding (poof!) both sides were bare and ready to paint.

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Both sides of the board are primed with Zinsser 123 Primer. On the first table, I applied the first 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Albacore (leftover from our Shifter Makeup). Then I taped the frame with 1″ blue painters tape and gave it 2 coats of Driftwood Gray (left over from the strips in our living room). The goal was to fit our train layout within these boundaries so that the tables could turn when the trains were not in use.

Large Train Table Decor

On the flip side (ha!), I wanted to do a dog treat on my head (I think I was inspired by all the neat hand washing projects I’ve been seeing lately). Even though my sister warned that this side of the table would never see the light of day (since the trains will probably always be in use), I couldn’t resist making the underside cute as well. I really wanted to be able to flip this table top.

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I first primed and painted the board with Driftwood Gray to achieve the dog bubble look. Then I traced and cut out hundreds of images from the vinyl with scissors. (Yes, the Silhouette machine will come in handy here… Yes, it’s for the underside of the table… Yes, it’s the whole week before Christmas! I tell you when an idea pops into my head, I can’t skip it!). I laid the dog cuts, matching edges and corners directly onto my wood panel.

Large Train Table Decor

I ran out of white vinyl and had to use some red to finish the rest of the pattern. When I saw this, I immediately liked the look of the white, red and gray dog ​​mouth and wished I had planned some kind of neat design with colors or vinyl. (Don’t worry, this idea has stuck for now, and you’ll probably see colorful dog push projects here in the future!). For now, I had to go on as planned.

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I covered the entire table (vinyl and all) with 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Albacore. After peeling off all the vinyl decals, I was left with a pretty awesome table top!

Large Train Table Decor

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The last layer of the table is made of polyethylene and assembled two days before Christmas. Once that was assembled, Greg and I got to work on designing the “super awesome” layer!

We worked long enough to prepare as many twists, turns, walks, bends, stretches and turns as possible. We ended up with a great plan (we even had to go out on Christmas Eve to buy more layers) – but there was one big problem (at least in my eyes): the layout went beyond being neatly measured and painted. white frame. Not only was this frame part of the board’s design, but we could flip the board whenever we wanted a clean playing surface while staying within these boundaries.

Large Train Table Decor

Well – time was of the essence. It was Christmas Eve, we wanted that great track plan and wondered how many times the table would turn. We ignored the border and screwed the track using 1/2 inch wood screws. The name of the table was “LOKIT” and Santa and Mrs. Claus fell asleep. Here is the table under the Christmas tree waiting for Christmas morning.

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It’s safe to say the table was a hit. Although all the toys were opened and admired that morning, the train table was the “Gift of the Year”. Look at this concentration!

Large Train Table Decor

So… where am I going with all this? Seems like a happy ending with a cleverly designed train table that should have been posted on this blog months ago, doesn’t it? Error:

It turns out that 1/2″ wood screws aren’t long or strong enough to withstand a curious, adventurous toddler. Although these two pictures

Large Train Table Decor

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