Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations – If you’ve read any of my other tablecloth posts, you’ve probably noticed that there’s always inspiration for the table settings I create. I always need a starting point ~ a launching pad ~ for my ideas.

The highlight of this festive table setting are the clear lilac colored plates. My lovely neighbor gave me her gift. It was handed to her ~ she reduced the size ~ she said I loved it.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

I love the color So unique and soft. It’s actually hard to show the color because they’re not really blue, they have a hint of pink, and they’re transparent, so the color isn’t obvious.

Christmas Table Setting In Silver Tone Stock Image

To bring out the color of the plate, I know that white is needed to play a big role in the table setting. This way the color of the plate is seen and no other colors are hidden on the table.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

The problem I faced was finding items for a Christmas table that would work with the plates. They were such an unusual color, I wasn’t sure if I could do it.

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Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Ideas For Setting A Stunning Table

When creating a beautiful Christmas table, start with a basic foundation. The root. You want to choose something that looks “nice” on your table.

I chose to use a warm and durable tablecloth that has a solid white patterned pattern and faded details. I honestly don’t know where I got it from. I believe I found it at an estate sale.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

If you have a wooden table that you don’t want to completely cover, go for a good running table or place. This way, the table is clearly visible, and you complement it with beautiful table decorations.

Best Christmas Centerpieces

Once you have a base on your table, it’s time to create a beautiful Christmas market. Something soft also represents a holiday.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

In my opinion, the newly fallen snow is not only beautiful, but also something related to Christmas. That’s why I made a soft winter piece as the centerpiece of my Christmas table.

I brought a salad plate with me when I went shopping. That way I can make sure that what I get is suitable. (It’s hard to go from memory ~ especially about color.)

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Easy Ways To Glam Up This Year’s Christmas Table Setting!!

Fortunately, the first store (HomeGoods) I went into had a decent center section. The tree that fits my salad plate. I can’t believe it!

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I put the tree in the center of my center. As beautiful as it goes from lilac to clear! And bonus ~ it sparkles!

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Then two doors down from HomeGoods is World Market, which is where I found the two silver ombre glitters and the trees on the lilac side. I love how they sparkle and have that winter wonderland feel.

Easter Table Decorations And Centerpieces For Spring

Here too I found the clear, candle-centered and beautiful flowers. These little vases match the color of my salad plate. I really couldn’t believe it!!

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Now that I have my big pile of beautiful lilac and white Christmas blankets in place, I have to fill it up, and it feels like a winter wonderland.

Then I took a long piece of white fabric and wrapped it in trees, niches and bottles. It really does feel like snow, doesn’t it? And the iridescent pieces really bring out the lilac color.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Table Decoration In Purple Color Stock Image

I didn’t want to use flowers on this party table setting, so I placed a pretty lilac star decoration on top of each glass and at the bottom of the center. They add just the right color to the table.

The final touch to this beautiful Christmas table is the little snowflakes. They continue the idea of ​​winter wonderland and add a sense of snow to the table.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

If you create a beautiful table setting for Christmas, you must create place settings that will match your beautiful holiday setting. Not only with the same colors, but with the same vibe. So the whole table setting will feel put together.

Best Purple Christmas Decorations For A Colorful Holiday In 2022

Since I was using salad plates, I knew I needed a white dinner plate so that the actual color of the plate could be seen.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

I don’t want to put the plates on the white table. I hear they will meet a lot. So I started with a silver place setting for a beautiful place setting weaving. Silver will tie into the trees in the yard and will serve as a seat for the dinner plates.

*Note: I only had four plates, so I used two more plates for the end table. It is generally acceptable to mix dishes as long as they have a similar feel.

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Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Gorgeous Spring Table Setting Ideas

On top of the dinner plate I put a plate of real lilac salad. You! The color really works!

The place setting is beautiful, but to make it really pretty, I added a white napkin that has a pretty floral pattern and a knot. Around the dresser I slipped on a snowflake ring that I made to coordinate with the white and lilac tablecloth.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

I like the way the scene looks, but I think it needs a little something. Something that makes it special for my guests. So I added a silver picture ornament in the center of the salad plate.

Vintage Christmas Ornament Garland Holiday Mantle Table Runner With Pi

My idea was to print each guest’s name and slide it into a small frame. In this way, they act as holders and take gifts home with them. Plus, I love how decorative frames set the look of the space.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

After you have created a beautiful Christmas table, look around the room. Is there a way to connect the theme on your table with the places around it?

I have a buffet in my dining room that I want to decorate like it is on my dining table. In this way, the whole room is complete and not divided.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Beautiful Silver Christmas Decor Ideas

I put one of the white wooden cones in the center and put silver tin decorations around it. I also added two pendant lights, white decorations to match the lilac on the dining table, and little decorative balls sprinkled throughout.

I was so happy with how everything I put together really shined on my talented plate. I was surprised at how many things I found that were completely consistent with them.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Have fun creating your own beautiful Christmas table, and don’t forget to bring your goodies with you when you shop. You never know what you will find that is perfect for him! Last year I did a post about Different Easter Tables To Try, so this year I decided to add one to the list. I chose purple + berry as my color palette, and I love how the colors work together. They are the perfect summer table combination and also work well with Valentine’s Day decorations. You can easily adjust a few accessories and leave them on all season. Purple Easter table setting: Spring decoration.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

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Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

I love decorating my dining room all year long, so it’s basically a revolving door of different colors and holiday decorations. But this can get expensive – very quickly.

So every year I try to come up with a color palette for the whole summer season. Which brings me from Valentine’s Day straight to Spring and finally to Easter.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Setting A Purple Easter Table: Spring Decor

This year I decided on purple and berry, and I was able to use a lot of things I already had! Victory – Victory!

Using different types of tissue paper is an easy and inexpensive way to bring the color purple to the Easter table.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

I have purple stripes, polka dots and gingham checks for mine. But you can also keep them all the same.

How To Revive Your Christmas Table Decorations With Pink

Remember the berry-colored ribbon wreaths I used for my fall dining room? I used two of those ribbon strips to weave into the center of the Easter table.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

It just adds some color to the green, and blends in with the purple “placeholders” without doing it right.

Sometimes even a small accessory makes a big statement. These 4 small lavender votive candles add just a splash of color to the linen table runner, and tie the other shades of purple together.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Decoration Photos (120 Of 186)

These sweet little egg candles are great for an Easter table setting as they transform the table from a spring table to an Easter table.

Try adding a blue or berry wine glass to your table decorations, either in a stem or bowl. It adds some shimmer to the center of the table, and also adds height.

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

I found four of these home goods, and used 2 similar ones in the captain’s chair table settings.

Elegant Navy & Purple Wedding Palette

TIP: Don’t be afraid to mix-n-match ingredients or ingredients. He turns

Lilac Christmas Table Decorations

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