Little Table Christmas Decorations

Little Table Christmas Decorations – It’s that time of year again and you may feel overwhelmed with your holiday to-do list. Christmas can be magical, but it can also be very busy. This Christmas decorating guide takes you step by step on how you can add Christmas to your home this year.

With all these simple decorations for Christmas ideas, you can add a Christmas vibe to your home without the stress. I’ll walk you through my favorite Christmas decorating methods, including photos to inspire you. Let’s start.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Add one element of Christmas to your home and it’s a Christmas tree! The easiest way to add some Christmas magic to your home. There are many options for what type of tree you can add to your home and I will share a few of my favorites.

Christmas Decorating Ideas In The Waco Airbnb

Filled Christmas trees add to the snowy look. The branches are covered with a white powder mixture to simulate real snow. they are so beautiful

Little Table Christmas Decorations

A bare Christmas tree is the easiest and fastest option. “Naked” means only lights, no other decorations. They’re all magical in their own right, and if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, this is for you. I am personally a big fan of bare trees!

Decorated artificial Christmas trees are the most popular type of Christmas tree and can be customized in any way you like. The decorating options are endless and can be fun for the whole family.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

A New Coffee Table Book Inspires Christmas Creativity

A Christmas tree is a real staple in our family and makes for a great family tradition. There is nothing more fun than grabbing a hot cup of hot chocolate and going to a tree farm to cut down a freshly cut tree. Not to mention the wonderful smell you get when you have real wood in your home.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. Unlike man-made trees, new trees have to be brought in every year, which can be expensive. They can also be messy and you need to remember to water them. I think the pros outweigh the cons.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Wreaths are another simple way to decorate for Christmas. You can use it in many ways throughout your home. There are endless options for overall look and options to get a truly fresh garland. Here are some ways to use garlands at home.

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Christmas Decorations With Candle On Coffee Table In Living Room Stock Photo

The most common place to add a wreath is outside the front door. This way you can add a nice holiday vibe to the outside of your home. Did you know you can add them to interior doors too? Below is an example.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

I love the garland look on the windows outside, especially in large colonials with tiny candles in the windows. So nice. We actually have a colonial and I have always wanted to add garlands to the outside windows. This can be a lot of work and can be expensive depending on how many windows you have. maybe this year!

Another creative way to use garlands on your windows is to put them inside! You can add a decorative ribbon to hang it and attach it to the top of the window using small sets.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Cozy And Wonderful Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Ideas

If you have an empty space, you can also add a Christmas wreath to your wall as a wall decoration. We have the perfect spot in the living room between the two windows and always a nice focal point of the room.

Finally, another creative way to decorate for Christmas is to layer garland over your existing art. You can connect using the command strip. I love this light garland. It added the perfect amount of holiday cheer to our existing decor.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

One of my favorite ways to decorate for Christmas is to put lights everywhere I can. They add that extra cozy charm to the holiday season. The best part is that you can use it in places other than your Christmas tree. Here are some creative ways to add light to your home.

Bronze & Gold Christmas Decor In The Family Room

Looking for a little sparkle in the heart of your dining table or coffee table? Entry consoles or open shelves may have open spaces. All you need is a clear glass vase of any size and you can add battery operated twinkling lights.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Do you have open shelving in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home? This is another great place to add cozy lighting.

In our house, we like to string incandescent lights around the open shelves in the kitchen. Thread the plants to add a bit of Christmas magic to your existing decorations.

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Little Table Christmas Decorations

Modern Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas

I also put these battery lights on a shelf and hid the battery pack behind decorative pieces.

Another popular way to add lights is to weave them through garlands and garlands. The best thing about this is that you can buy garlands and garlands that are already lit. Make your Christmas decorations much easier. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can always add your own string lights.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Garland is a simple way to decorate your home for Christmas. You can place it in different places in your home. And there are tons of options of all kinds. Here are some examples of how you can use garlands at home.

Christmas Decor Trends — Half Full

I love adding fresh pine garlands to my kitchen windows. Not only does it make your kitchen smell great. Here’s a simple way to add some Christmas flair to your kitchen. A space that cannot be decorated. You can add garlands to any window in your home, but this is my favorite spot.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Another fun way to add garlands to your home is on the stairs. You can hang a garland on the stair rail.

My favorite way to hang garland on stairs is to tie it to the top and bottom of the stairs, then tie it in the middle. Create two swags. I tied it with ribbon and added a large ribbon to hide the part where I attached it to the rail.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table For The Holidays

Another way to hang a wreath on a staircase is to wind it around the railing. This would look really beautiful with a pre-lit garland.

Looking for an easy central dining table? A Christmas wreath can be the perfect addition. I like to use it as the main base for centerpieces. Once you have a wreath, you can layer candles or other Christmas decorations for an easy Christmas centerpiece.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Decorating a fireplace for Christmas is essential. Wreaths are the perfect layering item for your fireplace. I often like to start with an indent first and then add all the other elements.

Inside A Calgary Home Decked Out In Colourful Holiday Decor

Garland does not always mean green. Bead garlands, felt ball garlands are available and the options are endless. I love adding a variety of garlands to my mantel and layering them to create interest.

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Little Table Christmas Decorations

This is a fun way to use garlands and something I hadn’t thought of before. If you have a mirror in your entryway or another part of your home, consider adding a garland.

I love wrapping the garland around the round mirror of the piece and it adds that instant Christmas magic. The wreath I used can be found here.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

Coffee Table Christmas Decor Ideas You’ll Love

The possibilities for holiday decorations are literally endless. Mini trees, candles, sculptures, wall art and more. The options can feel overwhelming, but stick to a few different items that suit the style and layer of your home.

The final step in decorating your home for Christmas is adding cozy pillows and blankets. There is nothing as cozy as a throw pillow!

Little Table Christmas Decorations

There are many festive throw pillows and blankets on the market. Christmas themed sprinkles can be fun too. However, it is better to choose pillows and blankets with transitional patterns and textures.

Old World European Inspired Christmas Home Tour

This way you can use them all winter long, not just at Christmas. Think cozy neutral knits, sturdy velvet and chunky woven textures.

Little Table Christmas Decorations

We hope this guide on how to decorate your home for Christmas this year has been helpful and inspiring. We would love to hear how you like the Christmas decorations you found in this post, or the new and simple Christmas decoration ideas. Leave it in the comments!

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Little Table Christmas Decorations

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Save for later? Post these Christmas decorating ideas to your favorite Pinterest boards! Every year I get a lot of questions about my farmhouse Christmas decorations. People want to know how I plan my decor, why I gravitate towards a more neutral palette, and where I get the pieces I use to celebrate Christmas in my farmhouse.

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Little Table Christmas Decorations

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