Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas – 5 rules for the perfect living room table decoration ideas + the best things to make it functional and beautiful.

A few weeks ago when I asked you guys on Instagram and the Bless’er House Decorating Group what you wanted help with and what you wanted to see here on the blog this year, some of you said you were stuck. Spreading ideas, designing shelves, choosing the right size rug…

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

If this doesn’t come naturally, it’s simple. (I get really stuck too, really.)

Coffee Table Decor

So I’m breaking down the steps to make every little part of decorating your home as easy as possible, and I hope you take the guesswork out of it.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

I plan to focus on one area of ​​my home every week or two and make a whole series out of it. I’m so excited, hope this helps! Because I’m really confused about this thing.

I did a bit of a winter makeover in the living room the other day so I thought I’d explain how to style the end tables as they’re the perfect place to start.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Best Glam Side Tables

I’m not a licensed interior designer, but over the years I’ve researched every resource I can find, so I’m just sharing what I know. (I found these tables over the holiday break that I was looking forward to decorating anyway while my mom and I were hiking in the mountains of NC…)

(Did you know 3 is the “magic decorating number”? It creates the best symmetry. Seriously, try putting this number on everything from your coat rack to your dresser to your shelves. It works. It’s not your number. It’s there.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

This number also works for “groups”. In the picture above, the frame at the top of the stack of books is considered a group.

Simple And Chic Spring Coffee Table Decor Ideas

I usually only need a mouse and a desk lamp, and the other pieces don’t necessarily have a functional purpose, they can only be decorative.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

To add color, texture and “life” to a flat-looking vignette on a side table, I like to add a vase of plants or flowers to the pot.

If there are two objects of exactly the same height on the table, lift one so that it wobbles. Stacks of books or coffee table books do well.

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Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Wood Side Tables For Any Room In The Home

When decorating a shelf, table top or any type of sticker, place triangular elements. The “visual triangle” is the stylist’s best-kept secret.

I really like Philips Hue White bulbs. They’re not too yellow, but they’re not too white, and they work with Alexa and Google Assistant if you want to make your bulbs “smart.”

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

I like to have one like this with a small odd end that I put on the table as change or jewelry.

Cocktail Table Decor Ideas From Designers

Choose non-seasonal scents so you have the flexibility to use them year-round and not worry about off-season storage. Capsule decoration tip. 😉

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

We usually have extra pacifiers and nude barbies, but that’s only if you want your jewelry to stand out.

Not at all. It’s a good idea to match it with the living room furniture if you want, but an eclectic end table in the space will give it a pleasantly furnished feel.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Best Console Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

The table should be at least two inches from the height of the couch and no taller or shorter than two inches. Sometimes an end plate can be unexpected and difficult to shape. Never fear! These simple table decoration ideas will take your end table from “wow” to “wow” quickly and easily!

Home style doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, it can be difficult even for those with a talent for styling and decorating.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

My goal is to take the mystery out of decorating and share some home decor tips that you can incorporate into a home you love to live in! I want you to have a very nice and comfortable home. That’s always the goal!

Ways To Style A Living Room Coffee Table

Sometimes an end table can be the finishing touch a room needs. Like my living room where I needed something to fill the space in the corner of the room.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

I also needed a place to place lights and drinks at the end of the section. It is ideal for both needs. You see? Functional and comfortable! But how can it be finished, beautiful and harmonious with the rest of the room? So let’s see.

My answer is absolutely no! How can they go out of fashion? You always need a place to put a lamp so people can read and put down their coffee mugs (I tried it once when I didn’t have a table top – it didn’t look good).

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Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Tips For A Perfect Coffee Table Styling

I think the real problem is that accent tables themselves aren’t trendy, they’re trendy.

The end table should be part of the decoration. It should be an extension and part of the rest of your home. Also, show who you are with interesting personal touches.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Tip: You can’t put a few mice on top of your desk and call it good. 😉

How To Style A Family Friendly Coffee Table

Setting up an end table is definitely a bit of an art, and today’s tips will help you take your end table decor from “boring” to “stylish” than you think!

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

This is it! Let’s start by collecting these items in your home and my top tips and ideas for organizing them.

These ideas will help you find your personal style for the end table, seamlessly combining practicality and elegance.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Round Coffee Table Décor Ideas For 2022

My biggest tip is to play freely at the table. Table setting is not an exact science. With these tips, it’s important to step back and see what’s going on.

The end table is not a large piece of furniture. It is important to apply the principle of “less is more” so that they do not look crowded.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

However, don’t group more than five items on the end table, or the table will look cluttered and cluttered, no matter how well it’s designed.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

For example, see how Emily Henderson styled the tabletop below. It consists of three elements: coffee cup, notebook and green. It looks perfect as is…anything else on top of it can look messy.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

It can be simple vegetation or even flowers – live or fake. This is not important, but the feeling of life that this green color brings to the room is important.

I love how this table from Stone Gable showcases flowers as the focal point of the table. This beautiful garden flower stem adds color and height.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Coffee Table Décor

This could be a framed photo or piece of art, a meaningful book, something you made (eg painted pottery), or something you took on a trip. It’s a place where you can let your home tell its own story – be it quirky or even a little awkward.

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The table will be personal, attractive and intentionally decorated if there is something meaningful to you. When people visit, that piece can be the talk of the town!

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

For example, I decorated my desk with cute and personal effects thanks to cute framed photos of my daughters.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Home

The table lamp not only provides good reading light, but also highlights the decoration of the table. I honestly think my lamp is too small for my space, so I’m hoping it gets a little bigger! 😉

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

If you have two items that are about the same height, use stacked books to increase the height of one of the items. This layered look creates visual interest with a “full” look.

I like to decorate with symmetry and I have an innate eye for symmetry. You can’t go wrong with symmetry. Ways to use symmetry include:

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

Upgrade Your Living Room With Lovely Coffee And Side Tables

Here! Simple but practical tips for nailing side table decorations. Designing an end table takes some thought and time, but overall it’s a lot easier than most people think.

We hope these tips and tricks have simplified the process and inspired you to decorate the table you look at every day, because it really matters.

Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

If you need some to decorate an accent table or even an end table, I’ve rounded up my favorites from each category! Once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll be able to put these beautiful coffee table decorating ideas into practice in no time. . Check out these stylish options for you.

How To Decorate A Coffee Table — The Decor Formula


Living Room Side Table Decor Ideas

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