Living Room Side Table Decorations

Living Room Side Table Decorations – Decorating your coffee table will let your style shine through in your living room. Adding the right pieces adds a glamorous sophistication that is sure to charm. Impress your guests with these quick and easy steps. Let’s jump into this quick read:

Using tape, create squares where you want to place the objects. This technique will help you gauge what will fit you and how much of the table you want to decorate.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

Living Room Side Table Decorations

Find an attractive decoration on your table. For example, if your table is made of dark wood, enhance it with white accents.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Style

Try to incorporate a combination of shapes. Rectangular objects are good for structure but look too stuffy without any variation. Round trays, bowls and candles can help break up these cluttered lines.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

Height comes under the same concept, for chic symmetry find a central piece with significant height compared to the rest.

Start with a stack of base items on books or a decorative tray. The rule of three applies wonderfully to designing a coffee table. Create three separate collections on your table, each with a different base. To avoid conflict, I recommend sticking to the same color theme in each group. Both collections work just as well, especially if you’re working with a small table.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

Living Room Furniture Layouts That Make The Most Of Your Space

Greenery Flowers and plants add much-needed color to every room. Find stunning vases to display your greenery. While real flowers are stunning, faux flowers are cheaper and last longer.

Small items are perfect for coasters, trays, and small unique decorative pieces to place on books. Find items that tie in with your theme and personal style.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

Candles Everyone loves a great smelling candle! Place your favorite candle on one of the bases to add maturity to your space. Before joining the House Beautiful team as design editor, Hadley Mendelsohn was an associate editor for two and a half years. She covers a wide range of topics including interior design, beauty and more.

Marciel Modern Industrial Tempered Glass Side Table

The right choices of artwork, sofa and lighting can speak volumes in a room, with the real centerpiece being the coffee table. This is where you and your guests gather to grab your drinks (hence the name), slow down and relax, and it’s a canvas to showcase your personal tastes and interests. Also, careful styling can dramatically improve the overall feng shui and aesthetics of a room.

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Living Room Side Table Decorations

Better yet, changing your coffee table decor—or restyling what you already have—is the most cost-effective way to breathe new life into your room. So whether you’re looking for some inspiration from trendy design table tops or you’re in the market for new furniture, get inspired by the best design tips.

This coffee table has all the essentials without being too busy or packed to the brim. A simple bowl makes room for necessities like keys and other small items, while a clear vase creates an environment for classic textured foliage. The light colors of the table accentuate the lighter tones of the cream tone around the room, creating a cohesive and clean feel that leaves plenty of surface space for coffee with friends.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

Christmas Decorations With Candle On Coffee Table In Living Room Near Couch Closeup Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 111494599

If you have a two-tiered coffee table, consider leaving most of its surface room open and decorate with minimal items like a small lamp and a book in this room.-Life. As the rest of the room is maximalist and bursting with globally inspired decor, this designer keeps it simple. A layer below your table gives you plenty of room for storage baskets, board games or extra blankets in a room you don’t want to be the main focus. All it takes is a little touch of top style—and this unique, textured lamp brings personality to the space.

If you want to minimize clutter (and maximize space), stick to a small curated collection of coffee table books without extra decorations. It looks organized and clean without looking boring or unfinished. The trick is to place your decor, such as candles and flowers, on other surfaces in the space: this designer created visual balance by using a small side table, picture frames and two lamps to spread the golden accents throughout the room. While keeping the table open. .

Living Room Side Table Decorations

We love how the objects on the coffee table tie in with the white color scheme of this room. Everything from the polished vase to the books feels on theme, making for a cohesive style without stealing the show from the statement pieces throughout the space. When in doubt, remember that sustainability is understated, sophisticated and approachable.

Best Dining Room Decorating Ideas

From the curved silhouettes of the furniture to the candy-colored walls and layered rugs, this space exudes a grown-up feel while still portraying a child’s whimsy. Placing the table at different heights helps achieve this look, with different pieces ranging from a colorful base on a stack of books to a tall, leafy plant. Gold finishes on the table give the room an elegant finish compared to the multiple patterns on the floor and in the artwork.

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Living Room Side Table Decorations

This coffee table design is playing with proportion and scale (and introducing some pretty flowers) with just one piece. There’s nothing wrong with leaving your coffee table completely empty. Round tables in particular make great candidates for a single flower bouquet, placed in a clear vase to keep things elegant and classic.

If you are arranging flowers on a round coffee table, choose species that bloom in circular shapes, such as hydrangea, for stability and balance in the room.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

Upgrade Your Living Room With Lovely Coffee And Side Tables

Although not overly symmetrical, this coffee table looks balanced. Since the table has a rounded square shape, each item is divided into its own space for perfect aesthetics. For a similar look, separate your coffee table books from the round bowl, then arrange them in a zig-zag formation for added flair. Nesting bowls and catch-alls are great additions to the table to keep clutter to a minimum and create more dimension.

A good tray is one of the most underrated coffee table accessories of all time—especially if your coffee table is actually an upholstered ottoman. Trays are the perfect representation of form meets function, as they keep things organized, prevent spills, and create a beautiful contrast in style and material. In this maxi space, reflective gold trays are styled on a colorfully patterned ottoman with bright flowers and throw pillows for dynamic interest.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

If your table is made of marble, stick to your color palette when choosing the decoration: this white slab is paired with bright walls, furniture and lamps to spread the feeling throughout the space. There are minimal black accents on the table to complement the throw pillows and background decor, while the ceramic vase feels polished and unpretentious. A collection that has different shapes and sizes is a good way to create harmony.

This Small Décor Piece Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought—here’s Why

A great way to create visual height on your table without sacrificing valuable space is to stack your decor. In this room, a bowl for keys and other essentials is placed on top of a stack of books. The round table still has plenty of surface space for coffee mugs and snacks, while the circular bowl is cohesive with the shape of the table for a dynamic layered design.

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Living Room Side Table Decorations

If your design leans towards the minimalist, look to the space around the edges of your coffee table to add decor. In this room, three black chairs complement a white table, styled with simple objects that adhere to an airy color scheme. The seating reaches up to the table top for an elegant finish.

In this beachy, welcoming space, the coffee table carries the theme of other items in the room. If your living room is minimally decorated, add personality by taking a maximalist approach with coffee table decor. A woven basket and vase, along with green leaves, books and other beach-inspired items, add a lot of dimension to the table while complementing the style of the room.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

Living Room Ideas: 70 Smart Ways To Update Your Living Room |

In this room filled with natural materials like linen rugs, cowhide rug, natural wood and woven furniture, the coffee table blends effortlessly with the rest of the room. The table top, woven in a neutral colored fabric, has plain black legs to work with other dark accents. With a simple single-book design, the space feels clean and open, focusing on its inviting nature above all else.

Are you working with lots of floor space, but not enough room to put your feet up and rest? Choose a large-scale square ottoman to serve as your coffee table, then add a tray in the middle to fill with books and small plants. An oversized table can become the focal point of a room—and choosing a square shape creates visual balance and function at the same time.

Living Room Side Table Decorations

If you’re trying to design a small space, two may actually be better than one. In this room, matching geometric ottomans occupy a space where a full coffee table would seem too busy. Style yours with minimal decor like this woven beach hat, which complements the rest of the room’s linens, and add a tray to an ottoman if you’re looking for more space.

Simple Coffee Table Styling

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