Lol Surprise Table Decorations

Lol Surprise Table Decorations – If your daughter is interested in this adorable L.O.L surprise doll, you can expect to be invited to a L.O.L themed party. A DIY party full of glitter, glamor and fun? I say, challenge accepted!

I designed the party invitations inspired by L.O.L. Be amazed by the beautiful and colorful design of the doll. A sweet, fun, girly look was the goal, so it wasn’t important that the pink striped background and mint green complement it. I also edited and adjusted the title with Zoë’s name to resemble L.O.L. logo. Zoe’s three-letter short name was a bonus because it matched the original logo perfectly!

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

To finish off the design I added Fancy Tat Bon Bon from Cosplay Club by L.O.L. Series 2. Zoe’s look and personality with her lilac glasses and sharp fashion sense, she was perfect!

Musings Of An Average Mom: L.o.l. Surprise Birthday Party

We were having a party in my parents’ little garage, so I made a small dessert table and made it the focal point of the party.

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

The backdrop consists of a DIY balloon guard using pink, blue, and white balloons of various sizes. It was meant to look like a flowing river of L.O.L. A ball of awesomeness that’s enough to make any girl squeal with joy!

In the middle of the wall I read, “Zoë is seven!” Banner (printed on centra board) fake L.O.L. looks like. Great ball. Flowing inside, I added pink chiffon to give the whole thing a soft, pliable texture.

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

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To decorate a plain white dessert table, tie a colorful glass rug to the front of the table. This excited him enough to give him a pizza. And throw gold foil? They add a touch of sparkle and shine, perfect for this stylish birthday party!

For the centerpiece of the dessert table, we ordered this custom 8″ L.O.L cake from Canvas Cake Studio. We used the same cake for our son’s candlelight vigil at school the day before we welcomed the family, so we chose an inedible cake. It has a zipper like the one on the L.O.L. packaging, Front and center is the logo that says “Zoë is Seven.” For the top of the cake, we chose three L.O.L dolls: Bon Bon, Posh., and Sis Swing.

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Lol Surprise Table Decorations

We just sprinkled candy on the store-bought strawberry shortcake and then L.O.L. Surprise doll printed on cardboard. Beautiful and simple!

Lol Surprise Dolls Birthday Party Ideas

This mini L.O.L. Cookie offers royal icing made from cupcakes. The cups are perfect for filling with cupcakes, but just like at Zoe’s Moana birthday party, I added them to my homemade mini sugar cookies for a quick and fun treat!

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

This L.O.L. Amazing Doll Sugar Cookies are from Little Whisk. Aren’t they cute?!?! Maggie makes the most beautiful and delicious cookies! I just added the cookie jar labels and it was the perfect treat for Zoe friends!

Our little seven-year-old doll! To keep with the running theme, we chose L.O.L. Wonder Bon Bon is the inspiration for her outfit. I didn’t have time to strip and organize the whole outfit, but I used things at home to create my own.

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

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I first added a yellow bow to the purple tutu that Zoe had lying around at home and then paired it with the white pants. I then colored her tights pink and blue with food coloring and then the yellow ballet flats with a brighter color. Zoe’s purple glasses completed the look effortlessly. She was fun, colorful and fabulously dressed!

The biggest DIY for this party is this L.O.L. Bon bon piñata surprise, all made from scratch, because I couldn’t resist! Using an old cardboard box and multicolored crepe paper, this drawstring pinata was great! Isn’t that cool too?!?

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

The party was fun with just a few family and friends, so we chose not to have a regular party and instead had a little bouncy castle. We wanted something different and the kids had so much fun running around! The baby girl was so happy!

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Zoë’s L.O.L. Although the surprise party was small and very simple for a seventh birthday party, it was fun, colorful, and decorated with beautiful party decorations. It was exactly what Zoe wanted, and everything a DIY-loving mom gets is the cutest and most adorable surprise for our sweet little one!

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

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Throw L.O.L and turn LOL into waves of joy. Great! sleepovers However, the only thing better than a super fun birthday party is a super fun birthday sleepover. From dance parties and movie marathons to late-night laughs and screams, slumber parties often become good friends. Do the kids a favor and make their birthday memorable.

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

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Read on to discover the best ways to build a blanket fort, how to choose the menu for your dream party, creative decorations and great ideas. Your little L.O.L. Great! Fans will be delighted to discover the details that make her birthday so sweet! lol Great! party supplies

If your home is a frequent sleeper, you’ll be happy to invest in L.O.L.’s A-shaped Indoor Tent. Great! A blue pendant floats on top. You can also make a giant blanket fort using materials around the house, or as a party activity, you can help the girls make their own forts.

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

If you decide to build a fort, make sure you have sheets, pillows, clothespins, and rubber bands for proper construction. Choose the right space: A blank wall can be used with a projector, or consider building a fort around your TV – they’ll love watching movies in their own private theater! For extra comfort on the floor, use a heavy blanket as a base layer, and use a light board to create a “roof” and fasten it with rubber bands, string or clips. For maximum comfort, invite girls to bring their own blankets or sleeping bags and pillows.

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Start vigorous exercise when the kids arrive. Choose a song and ask the kids to do a dance routine or arrange karaoke. Later, plan some hands-on activities for the evening, such as a scavenger hunt, cupcake decorating, or crafting.

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

If you want to keep things simple, break out Mad Labs and board games or watch an age-appropriate movie. Since it’s a birthday party, be sure to make time for birthday traditions like piñatas and cake. The surest choice for an indoor slumber party is a pull cord piñata. Candy is always a popular filler, but party favors are a fun addition to help prevent a late-night sugar crash.

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When choosing a birthday party event, remember that the best ones allow everyone to participate. Some children may not want to participate in the activities you have planned, and that’s okay! Don’t encourage anyone to play or craft. Instead, keep your books and magazines

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

Omg Dolls Lol Surprise Party

For a slumber party, plan dinner, breakfast, and a few snacks. We’ve prepared breakfast, so let’s focus on the bedtime menu.

Your first step: Ask your parents if your guests have any food allergies or restrictions. It is important to create a menu that suits all guests rather than offering one option with different dietary requirements; We want everyone to have fun and be inclusive!

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

If pizza seems like a dream, turn it into action by helping your kids make pizza. Grab a bag of mini pizza crusts and set up a pizza place for everyone with paper plates and spoons. Top with pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sliced ​​onions, bacon and other toppings of your choice. Kids will have a blast creating their own unique dishes, and no one will have to decide what type of pizza to order.

Celebrate With Cake!: Lol Dolls Themed Dessert Table (please Click On Post For More Pictures)

Dinner Another fun and easy idea for a sleepover dinner. Pancakes or waffles are a budget-friendly way to feed a crowd, and you can offer toppings like blueberries and chocolate chips. Serve with kid-friendly fruits like scrambled eggs, strawberries, tangerines, and grapes.

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

For the older kids, we love a baked pasta dish (baked mac and cheese? Yes!) with roasted veggies. Sliced ​​zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, and potatoes can be made in a skillet with just a little olive oil, salt, and pepper for a stress-free side dish.

Sleep is late at night, so expect your stomach to grow a few hours after eating.

Lol Surprise Table Decorations

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