Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators – Sarah Levin is a freelance writer living in Washington, DC. She has written since 2020 and contributes home, lifestyle, and health content to several publications, including Apartment Therapy and Architectural Digest.

Even if you don’t have space to set up an entire dining room in your apartment, carve out a small corner to drink coffee and enjoy dinner with guests at home, which is an integral part of your life. Small space dwellers have shown us that there is a lot of scope for creativity when styling a dining area in the middle of a large room or inside a studio apartment.

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Not sure how to fill the corner of an empty room? Consider placing your dining table there like Hattie Kolp did. Even if your space only has room for two chairs, the coffee table will have a better effect than having all the food. Finish off the look by adding a fun light fixture and some eye-catching art like culp.

Live Edge River Table

To help tie your dining area in with the rest of the living room, dress it up with attractive fabrics like Sarah Jacobson did. No guest will mind sitting on a soft sheepskin chair, that’s for sure.

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Hanging a chandelier like Jacobsen did here helps make this corner feel like a separate room.

Marian Sides realized that she could create a small dining area in her living room by rearranging a few pieces of furniture. So, take a look around your space and strategically evaluate your layout before dismissing the possibility of a table altogether. A nook that currently holds a plant or accent chair can easily be turned into a dining nook.

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Of The Best Restaurants In Lyon

Don’t hesitate to decorate your food tip even if it’s too small. Love Sadler brought this corner of her home to life with dried flowers, beautiful pendant lighting, a mirror and a disco ball. The sky really is the limit.

Liz Malm painted an arch next to her dining table that certainly serves as a space divider while adding an artistic touch. Creatively placing her sofa outside the living room makes a big impact.

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

There’s no reason why you can’t make the most of unused kitchen space and place a small bistro table in the corner. Amp up the seating by adding a small dining bench, like Nicole Blackmon did—it takes up less space than an extra chair and looks super chic. Sarah Levine is a freelance writer living in Washington, DC. She has written since 2020 and contributes home, lifestyle, and health content to several publications, including Apartment Therapy and Architectural Digest.

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Dining Room Ideas We’d Love To Gather In For A Meal

When designing a room that features gray flooring in the form of tiles, carpets, or concrete, what’s the best way to go when choosing furniture? Are there key colors that work best with gray, or should definitely be avoided?

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

To find out, we talked to gray designers about which color furniture to choose to match gray floors. After all, when investing in sofas, accent chairs, coffee tables, and similar pieces, you’ll want to make informed decisions to avoid dealing with returns and dissatisfaction.

Read on to learn more about the colors professionals fall back on when working with gray.

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

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“We’re currently working with a beautiful gray slate floor tile in the dining room—a dark gray tile with a lot of natural surface texture,” she explains. “We paired it with the client’s dark chocolate dining table, and then we chose new dining chairs in a warm putty color.”

Miller finds it a great way to mix warm and cool colors for a cohesive and timeless look. The space above also includes wooden furniture, further emphasizing how brown can complement gray—who knew?

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Designer Nadia Watts will add one of these colors depending on the shades of gray: blue or taupe.

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“Understanding the nuances of gray helps me choose what color furniture and accessories to introduce into a space,” she says. “With cool grays, I introduce shades of blue into the room’s scheme. With warm grays, I introduce taupe shades into the room.”

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

“I featured a unique taupe wall covering from Maya Romanoff and a rich gray/taupe for custom china cabinets,” she shares. “Along with rugs and fabrics, for the dining chairs I chose light fabrics to contrast with dark wood pieces. A wide strip with multiple gray frames on large windows to cover the windows.”

Watts continued to use a gray color scheme when choosing chandeliers. She shares an important tip to keep in mind when working with a dominant color in a space.

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Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

How To Make Mismatched Dining Chairs Look Collected And Cohesive

“Different finishes stand out; paint color, wall coverings, fabric, carpet, wood, glass,” reflects Watts. “Incorporating multiple textures within the same color palette creates a sophisticated and balanced room.”

“The undertones of the gray carpet floor were cool, so a fabric with blue undertones was chosen for the window curtains and a trimmed accent fabric for the chair,” she explains. “The wall covering had warm and cool tones, which led us to create a tapestry fabric to shade the light fixture.”

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Designer Amy LeFranc goes for saturated gray in a room with a gray floor. “I think gray is one of the most versatile colors when it comes to design,” she says. “Depending on the undertones, you can work with any color.”

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LeFrank explains that she likes to create contrast, whether it’s an icy gray for a more saturated color or a gray against a warm caramel for more pop.

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

“I love working with different shades of gray, especially blue undertones,” she says. “It pairs perfectly with a darker color of paint like navy or deep teal in this room, which is especially true when working with more neutral furnishings.”

Why is it nice and bright when it comes to gray living room furniture? “Grey is almost a blank canvas that lets you go wild with color,” says designer Eleanor Tript. “I like to use a soft gray with a bit of brown and almost the same shade on the wall and bring in all the bright furniture and art for a bold moment.”

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, a tone-on-tone look will speed you up. Say yes to gray by adding furniture in this color to your space.

“I love it when there are pieces of gray in a rug and there’s a through line of furniture in a space,” commented designer Malika Helft. “When it’s a super soft shade like here, you can play off any furniture color you want. You can go with a saturated gray for a more tonal look, or go bold and modern. Black, for that matter.”

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Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Adding a pop of pink can brighten up any room in an instant. Here, a pink chair makes a bold statement when styled with black, white and gray pieces.

Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

A setup like this is a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds—the place has some tone-on-tone action going on, but also plenty of pep. If you’re into pink but not too keen on it, this might be the solution for you.

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

Neutral pieces like these woven chairs pop against a gray rug. If you want to pull in a color, you can always jazz them up with some accents like throw pillows or blankets. Or if you can’t imagine a room that’s a little less cluttered, throw in a more colorful piece like a comfy sofa or settee. We have the best home decor ideas, furniture recommendations, top products and interior design tips for America’s most stylish women.

Our top English country dining room decorating ideas will give you plenty of ideas to decorate your dining room in a rustic English cottage style. Country houses have large dining rooms that provide plenty of space to design with large furniture that is common in the city. That means more square footage to work with and more to think about!

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

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English country decor is a style many people want to adopt for their homes, even if they live in an 18th century castle in the English countryside! This charming cottage style would fit well in a variety of homes. No matter where you live, we’ve got tips on how to decorate in this popular English decorating style.

The dining room is primarily a place to share meals with your friends and family. It should be welcoming, open and easy to access. Everyone should be comfortable in their seats at the dining table. Besides a clear table and chairs, you need a space with a good light source

Lyon Dining Table Home Decorators

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