Magnolia Table Decor

Magnolia Table Decor – Visit our modern farmhouse with holiday decorations for simple farmhouse Christmas tablescape and decoration ideas!

I just found out that Little Pax Ranch will be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner next week. It’s nice that my Farmhouse Christmas Magnolia Wreath and Cedar Clippings are good and versatile. 😉

Magnolia Table Decor

Magnolia Table Decor

But the truth is, I didn’t host any Thanksgiving here, but there’s something about this small, modern farmhouse that I remodeled last year that calls for simple, natural Christmas decorations. don’t you think?

Yusdecor Emerald Magnolia Table Runner For Kitchen Wedding Party Home Decor 16×72 Inch

So it seemed like the perfect place to share a farmhouse Christmas tour hosted by Maison de Cinq’s sweet Sheila. Welcome to Ella Clare & Company! I’m so glad you’re here.

Magnolia Table Decor

A few weeks ago I shared 10 ideas for Christmas decorations in your kitchen (not to disturb you). And here at Little Pax Ranch, it’s nice to be able to continue feeling the festivities without feeling too busy or claustrophobic as you shove your friends and family into the open living/kitchen/dining room.

The use of greenery in a warm farmhouse space is just right. Whether fresh or artificial, it celebrates the natural elements of farmhouse life.

Magnolia Table Decor

Magnolia Bells Blog

I love a good quality faux garland or garland (like a magnolia leaf garland), but I think a modern farmhouse retreat needs at least a little natural touch. Bonus points if you can clip it for free.

To me, the beauty of a modern farmhouse is its simplicity, allowing pieces of memory (like the dining table we repurposed as a family) and history (like the antique railcar planks we used for the open shelving) to shine through. This is the pure emotion of a simple time.

Magnolia Table Decor

And our farmhouse Christmas decoration ideas are no different. Keeping it simple allows small touches (such as a mini Christmas tree) to stand out without crowding the space.

Me1568 Magnolia Home Woodblock Print Wallpaper

As an extension of the simplicity, it adds a certain amount of coziness, which I think adds the charm and ambience needed for a simple farmhouse Christmas. Simple Christmas tablescapes and decorations make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Magnolia Table Decor

So, I extended all these ideas to the dining room to give you some Christmas table scenery ideas. More magnolia leaves and a garland of pine cones on the table.

A few cedar trees from the estate and battery operated brass lights decorate our table for the holidays.

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Magnolia Table Decor

Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas To Rival The Big Feast

All this and a wreath (originally made for a small house barn door using faux greenery and floral wire). I love the mix of blue and green and how the textures give a lot of meaning to simple whiteboards and siding.

I did some cleaning of the open shelves (removing the blue porcelain I had previously for a more neutral color scheme)…

Magnolia Table Decor

We hope you enjoyed our simple Christmas table decorations and took a peek at Little Pax Ranch. Pin this post for later and don’t forget to head to Thistlewood Farms for the next stop on the tour. You can also find other bloggers sharing their farmhouse vacation ideas this week via the links below! Are you looking for spring holiday decoration ideas for your table? Find out how to decorate your table for spring in 5 simple steps.

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Every month my friends and I get together from across the country for virtual dinner clubs.

Magnolia Table Decor

For this month’s virtual dinner group, my friends and I are celebrating the early spring break with a gorgeous tablescape for brunch.

If you are staying at The Ponds Farmhouse by Rachels, welcome! She has a nice vintage farmhouse and I love how beautiful and creative she is!

Magnolia Table Decor

Oil Painting White Magnolia Flower Table Runner Wedding Table Decor Flower Cake Tablecloth And Placemat Christmas Decor

Whether your event is large or small, it’s fun to design a beautiful centerpiece and set up a nice table to match it.

Consider whether it is a formal or casual event based on the decor style and type of event.

Magnolia Table Decor

And we have a nice faux magnolia that you can easily design a centerpiece for. That’s what inspired this month’s Supper Club theme.

The Complete Guide To Magnolia Market At The Silos In Waco, Texas (2023)

I love farmhouse tables, so I rarely cover them and instead use a table runner to add cozy layers, texture, and dimension.

Magnolia Table Decor

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love making centerpieces. Because every great table starts with a centerpiece!

You can design with live or artificial plants. If you want a centerpiece that will last a season without maintenance, you’d better go with the mistake.

Magnolia Table Decor

Best Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Decor At Target

There are artificial plants that look amazingly realistic. There are also ways to make your fake flowers look more realistic.

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And if you want to fake it, use these tips to start collecting seasonal fake greenery and flowers.

Magnolia Table Decor

When creating a centerpiece, start with the crockery that inspires you. Me, I’m obsessed with vintage toolboxes. It looks great on a farmhouse table and we love the vintage rustic vibe.

Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas For Your Thanksgiving Table

I love flowers and have a nice fake magnolia, so I’m decorating the table with a magnolia flower theme for this brunch.

Magnolia Table Decor

So I filled my vintage toolbox with some nice faux greenery, along with beautiful magnolia flowers, branches and leaves.

When styling centerpieces with plants and flowers, I always design in a thriller, filler, and spoiler way. If you’re not sure what this means, here are some tips for container design.

Magnolia Table Decor

My Top Tips For Holiday Decor Takedown And Storage

When setting the table, focus on layers. Start with a pretty placemat or charger, then build up layers of tableware.

Since this dish is a bit hectic, I didn’t add any extra decorations to the place setting. But if my plates are a bit short, I’ll decorate them with decorative items like I did here.

Magnolia Table Decor

To finish off your table, consider glassware. When I set up a casual table like this, I like to use Bolza glass.

Fall Table Decor Ideas For The Holiday

But, like this spring table decor idea, I also used crystal glasses with a casual table to give it a more elegant feel.

Magnolia Table Decor

Next on the Spring Table Decorating Tour are our good friends Anne and Annmarie from Simply 2 Moms. They have beautiful homes and I know you will love them as much as I do!

Click here to get your free guide to everything you need to set a great table! Invite friends and family over to your cozy dining table with this list of must-have table decorations to keep going.

Magnolia Table Decor

Ideas On How To Use Magnolia Leaves

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Magnolia Table Decor

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A Fall Centerpiece Of Magnolia Leaves And Feathers

Whether you’re at the supper club or just looking for dinner party theme inspiration, check out the themes we’ve hosted before.

Magnolia Table Decor

Click here to learn how to organize and host your own dinner club. They are a lot of fun and provide a good reason to get together with family and friends on a regular basis.

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Magnolia Table Decor

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Magnolia Table Decor

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Christmas Table Decorations For A Festive Holiday Dinner

Join my VIP subscriber list to access my library of free resources available only to members. One person who knows how to make a house feel like home is Joanna Gaines. While we’re not lucky enough to renovate a house from an upper-class couple of repairmen by Thanksgiving, we’re

Magnolia Table Decor

“There are two things that I truly appreciate the joyous season: good food and an orderly table. I really believe that the table should reflect the festivities.” Magnolia shares her blog from home. that much

The star is known for her (very enviable) signature farmhouse stamp. This stamp is really a mix of rustic and modern styles. This style is how she likes to decorate her Thanksgiving table with “pieces old and new.” Here are some highlights from the post you can try at home.

Magnolia Table Decor

A Model Black Tie Wedding With Chic Magnolia Leaf Details

Choose your runners and napkins carefully! “Starting with a simple, plain table runner gives you a good foundation to build on easily,” she writes. Mother of 5 chose a linen runner for her table.

“I generally like a variety of styles, especially when setting up a table. Layering seems to contrast.

Magnolia Table Decor

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