Maker’s Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor

Maker’s Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor – As lovers of all things dark and Halloween, Jess and Dustin knew they wanted something different from their October wedding day. They usually host a big Halloween party anyway, so they were able to design their supplies for the decor, committing to their theme 100%

Jess wore a black dress from Union Dresses, with a necklace and lace gloves from Amazon and a veil from Wish. She completed her look with a coat from coat specialist Creaturre. She made her own black bouquet with artificial flowers, and decorated it with several pieces of jewelry that belonged to her mother, who had died a few years before.

Maker’s Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor

Maker's Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor

Along with her bridesmaids, Jess decorated the broomsticks they carried instead of bouquets. Each one has been made in an individual style to reflect the person who owns it. Dustin and his groomsmen were given swords to carry.

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The ceremony, held at sunset on a farm in Alberta, Canada, was officiated by Jess’ best friend and maid of honor, who wore a red dress (inspired by Satan, of course!) for the occasion. Jess was carried down the hall in a casket from which she emerged. The ceremony itself was short and sweet as the sun was setting and it was getting cold soon so they didn’t want their guests to be out too long. “Having my best friend driving us made it that much more special,” Jess told us. “Our seven-year-old son kept the rings in a little coffin-shaped box.”

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Maker's Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor

They moved to Francos Restaurant in Coaldale, Alberta for the reception, where the girlfriend of Jess’ brothers dressed in an inflatable t-rex costume for many laughs. Why, why not?! In total, the couple spent $6,000 on their day, with most of their budget for photography and catering. “The best advice one of my wives gave me was to pick two or three of the most important parts and spend most of your budget there.”

“It was so much fun planning the gothic theme,” said the bride. “It was hard work trying to coordinate everything, and we only had 28 guests! I can’t imagine doing the same with a bigger guest list. I’d like to let people help more. It was hard for me to get out of the control”. Wondering what to do with those bride and groom skeletons you see around Halloween? Make a fun DIY wreath that isn’t over the top!

Maker's Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor

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I told Jared last week that we might need a whole store in our next house, just for holiday wreaths. (I replied “Why? You only have one front door.” Silly Jared.) Luckily for Jared (and our dwindling storage space), I didn’t make this DIY Halloween wreath for us – even though I was very motivated . I kept it when I saw it finished. Instead, I made this wreath for my brother-in-law as a wedding gift. It might be a little macabre to some, but I thought it was pretty cute. But you can easily swap out the bride and groom for a generic skeleton, pumpkin, crow, or any focal point you like. In fact, I used this same process to create this Halloween wreath a few years ago:

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I love the traditional orange and purple in this antler wreath, but I decided on a romantic “haunted mansion” for the skeleton wreath (mainly because it’s my favorite ribbon at Michaels this year 😂). These wreaths may look complicated, but they are really simple! It’s definitely my style of making a wreath.

Maker's Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor

Do you keep a list of wreaths you want to make for each month or holiday? (I’m Ido!)

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* You can often find these prices regularly at Michaels (which is great, because you can use a 40% off coupon). (Coupons are still available online and many craft stores accept coupons from competitors. Last time I was at Michaels, I was able to get 25% off my entire purchase with Joann’s coupon! I don’t shop without coupons ever! )

Maker's Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor

To wrap around the branches, you have to unroll your entire roll of tape and thread the entire roll each time (kind of a pain, but it goes fast).

I could also sew the flag by hand or use fabric glue, it was faster for me to use my sewing machine.

Maker's Halloween Bride & Groom Skeleton Table Decor

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You still have plenty of time to make your own wreath before Halloween! Wait until you see what you are!

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