Maple Leaf Table Decorations

Maple Leaf Table Decorations – If you love autumn, this beautiful crochet autumn table decoration will be a great addition to your home decor!

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. The trees turn yellow, orange, gold, brown and red. One of the most beautiful autumn leaves is the maple, with its beautiful leaves and beautiful colors. You can bring leaves and color into your home with this crochet idea!

Maple Leaf Table Decorations

Maple Leaf Table Decorations

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Fall And Autumn Maple Leaves Decoration On A Wooden Table. Stock Image

To make this crochet Maple Leaf table decor, I used a pattern I created for maple leaves earlier. Patterns can be found on my Etsy shop

Maple Leaf Table Decorations

The fall crochet table centerpiece is made with a single crocheted maple leaf sewn together. It will be perfect for your dining table, small coffee table or side table.

The table centerpiece measures 9″ x 13″ and contains 20 maple leaves. You can expand or reduce the number of pages by adding or removing them.

Maple Leaf Table Decorations

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To make this crochet Maple Leafs table centerpiece, I used a crochet pattern for maple leaves. Patterns can be found on my Etsy shop

2. Arrange the leaves in the pattern according to my picture (or create your own) with the wrong side. Use pins to attach the leaves together.

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Maple Leaf Table Decorations

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Maple Leaf Table Decorations

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Maple Leaf Table Decorations

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