Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations – Looking for the perfect centerpiece? Cheap and easy-to-make balloon centerpieces are the answer! Air-filled balloons are a festive centerpiece with the added bonus that they can be made days before the event. While standard helium balloons only last a few days, air-filled balloons last for weeks. This type of balloon centerpiece is also suitable for outdoor events where helium balloons can be blown away by the wind.

When creating a centerpiece with air-filled balloons, a smaller 5” balloon is the perfect choice. To keep air balloons upright like helium balloons, use plastic sticks and balloon cups. An air-filled balloon is inflated and the balloon stem/knot is inserted into a small plastic cup that rests on a 12-inch plastic rod.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Making air balloon centerpieces is quick and easy. Here are tutorials for two different versions of Mardi Gras balloon centerpieces using these 5” air-filled balloons.

Easy Mardi Gras Decoration Ideas

This arrangement made of five balloons is anchored in a bag covered with foil and loaded with sand. The larger seven-balloon centerpiece (shown above) uses a purple glass vase with Mylar fabric as a base.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

The possibilities of a central base are only limited by your imagination. Vases, bowls, boxes or cups will work. Here are a few different Mardi Gras Outlet options. A simple bag filled with sand provides a cheap weight for the arrangement. Clear glass vases and fancy metallics add a touch of sparkle and weight to the centerpiece. For the vases, you will need to use floral foam to secure the balloon sticks. Mylar fabric is used to cover the floral foam, adding another layer of shine.

Insert the balloon knot into the center of the cup, pushing it out from the side of the plastic cup. Insert a knot into the cup groove to secure the balloon in place.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Letting The Good Times Roll With A Stylish Mardi Gras Party

Place a plastic cup on a 12-inch-long plastic rod. Repeat for each of the balloons you will need.

With all five balloons attached to cups and sticks, arrange them in a nice shape.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Cut the mylar fabric sheets in half. We use one of each traditional Mardi Gras color (purple, green and gold). Place three (3) half sheets of tissue paper on top of each other.

Pieces Mardi Gras Balloons Purple Gold And Green 12 Inch Latex Balloons Carnival Party Balloons For Mardis Gras Carnival Party

Place the balloon sandbag on the mylar fabric. Insert the toothpicks into the sandbag.

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Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Gather the fabric up and around the balloon stick. Secure the fabric in place with tape. Green curling tape is used here. Twist the ends of the ribbon.

OPTIONAL: Add more shine with floral sprays. Three metallic star hoes were added to the arrangement. You can do this now or at the beginning when you stack the balloons. Each star is placed in a different part of the layout (and at different heights).

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Purple Green And Gold Balloons

TIP: (without the yarn) the mylar pieces on the pick can be rolled up like corrugated tape. Run the blade of scissors over them to create soft or tight curls.

Use a piece of floral foam cut to the shape of your vase. If you’re using a clear container like this one, use mylar fabric to cover the green floral foam.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Place three (3) half sheets of mylar fabric under the floral foam and push the floral foam into the container.

Organic Décor & Signage — Inflated Creations

Balance the three colors in the arrangement. Cut some toothpicks into smaller heights so you can change the balloon levels.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Add three metallic stars around the arrangement. Pull the tissue paper up and over the balloon stick, hiding the green floral foam.

OPTIONAL: Add a mask or other florals to add interest. This is a great way to introduce a theme to the event.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Mardi Gras Balloon Decor Celebrate It Balloons

With simple supplies and cheap air-filled balloons, these festive centerpieces can turn a large space on a budget. Changing up the color scheme and floral details, this elegant centerpiece will suit any themed event. Balloon centerpieces look cheerful and add a fun element to your celebrations. You can choose air or helium balloons made of latex or foil for your vessel. The rest of the supplies are pretty straightforward as seen in the instructions below. Pictures of Disney Princesses, Elmo, Pokémon, SpongeBob, Avengers, Bubble Guppies, Cookie Monster, Doc McStuffins, Dr. Seuss, The Little Mermaid, and other fictional characters in the centerpieces make them cute little munchkins. Teens would love Hollywood themed ones. You can make them for festive occasions like Christmas, Bar Mitzvah, Christening, Halloween, Luau, Mardi Gras, Quinceanera, Masquerade, Ball and so on.

White balloon centerpieces decorate your wedding hall like a dream. If it’s a party and you like glitter, opt for golden balloons. Green balloons can be used to emphasize a safari or jungle theme. For Valentine’s Day, you can have red or rose gold heart shaped balloons as a centerpiece.

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Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

The weights that will hold your hot air balloons can be small baskets filled with flowers as mentioned in the tutorial above or pots with candles on top as shown in the image below. Other weight ideas are a baby bottle, a basket with a teddy bear or a stuffed elephant, etc. You can decorate a large lantern-shaped balloon with flags.

Types Of Bouquets — Soirèe Bouquets

You need to scroll down to the article linked above to get to point number seven, which talks about making confetti balloon centerpieces.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

This exquisite bouquet of purple, green and yellow balloons matches a carnival, casino or circus theme. You can also have clown balloons if you are hosting a party in the latest theme. Note the technique of holding the balloon. For fall, you can DIY with big orange, yellow and brown balloons.

This fun hot air balloon flower centerpiece is so easy to make. The license plate number is written on it, which makes it very useful.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Balloon Centerpieces Celebrate It Balloons

You can choose a beautiful pink balloon for a girl’s baby shower. The method is the same as above. The possibilities to fill the basket that serves as a base are confetti, straws or even fresh fruit. The nets securely hold the balloon to the base.

Doesn’t the bottle of sparkling wine under the balloon look pretty, giving it an extra dose of sparkle? A sheer black bow adds to the glamorous look.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Organizing a unicorn party? Decorate the party in style with these cute unicorn balloons. Design it using the same principle as the tutorial above. Just add paper horns, ears and draw adorable eyes.

Kiena 110 Pack Mardi Gras Balloons Party Decorations Purple Green Gold Balloon Garland Arch Kit Fringe Curtains For Mardi Gras Birthday Baby Shower Decorations(kb 126)

Balloon centerpieces can be joyful decorations for a wedding table. If you don’t want to go with the traditional white look, go for the red that never goes out of style. The golden letters add just the right amount of sparkle.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Instead of opaque ribbons to secure the balloons to the table as shown in the tutorial above, you can use clear ribbons. You can also replace regular helium-filled balloons with twin balloons. The pink balloon inside the transparent one will leave you spellbound.

This fun centerpiece resembles a stack of ice cream cones. For birthdays, you can have candy shaped balloons, buttons (where you use mini balloons), popcorn, strawberry cakes, cupcakes too. They would render the little ones unconscious. Other shapes can be palm trees, pineapple, hula hoop (for a tropical/Hawaiian themed party), stars, cars, fish (for an underwater theme), rubber duck, butterfly, zebra, monkey and other animals, pirates, etc.

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Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Unique Mardi Gras Party Centerpiece Ideas

For graduation, decorate with yellow and black balloons on sticks or groups of smaller balloons. The smiling emoji face lifts the party spirit. You can equip it with LED lights if you wish.

Tulle-wrapped centerpieces have an elegant border. They are suitable for wedding receptions. To celebrate the baptism of a boy, you can have blue balloons in the shape of crosses. The cross design with doves in flight can be used for first communion.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

This glowing balloon centerpiece does not use helium for inflation. You can play around with various color combinations like pink, black and white; pink and black; black, white and silver; blue and silver; Black and gold; blue, white and red (for 4

Mardi Gras Party Decorations Purple Green Gold Balloon Garland Arch Kit Mask Balloons For Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Party Supplies

July) etc. for an attractive appearance. For a Frozen or Winter Wonderland theme, having them in blue and white can be a great idea. You can also look for a snowflake design on your balloons.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

This sweet confetti-filled balloon centerpiece in a vase looks fantastic, doesn’t it? For a wedding, you can choose white color for the balloons. If you are decorating for a birthday, you can glue golden numbers to balloons that indicate years.

Disney fans would love this Minnie Mouse centerpiece. Pink and white tuff balloons are great. You can have a color combination like red and black for a Mickey Mouse or ladybug theme. You can also have pictures of Tinkerbell, Minions, Trolls, Moana, Hello Kitty, Peppa Pig, superheroes like Batman and other cartoon characters on balloons to make them suitable for kids.

Mardi Gras Balloon Table Decorations

Themed 8×10 Arch With Jumbo

Choose masculine colors like brown, black, yellow and blue to create a balloon topiary for men. You can also have sports themed balloons for them in basketball, baseball or football designs. Paper

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