Mario Table Decorations

Mario Table Decorations – Wendy, the same Casino Party client, hired me to design her son’s Super Mario party the following weekend. I was so excited to plan this party because, I don’t know about you, but I was a huge Super Mario player the day it first came out. My sister and I would spend hours playing Mario, especially Mario 3.

Invitations were designed by One Stop Invite Shop on Etsy. There were three different designs and all were real bills with removable stubs. This store was great to work with and I’m happy with the results!

Mario Table Decorations

Mario Table Decorations

When I think of Mario, I immediately think of game backgrounds. I found these great vinyl wall stickers on Birthday Express. I wanted the desert exhibit backdrop to resemble the game world and the desserts to be part of the game and pop out of the landscape.

Super Mario Bros Backdrop For Party Supplies 5×3 Vinyl Video Game Birthday Party Decorations Engineer Mario Luigi Photography Background For Birthday Banner Cake Table Wall Decor Poster Wallpaper

The party was held in the client’s garage, a nice garage. I won’t even tell you what mine is like. But you said you don’t want to have a party there anytime soon!

Mario Table Decorations

Wendy asked for a balloon arch to be put up somehow, so I decided to do it over the food. At first I wasn’t sure how I was going to make the balloon arch, but luckily I found a factory card and balloon ribbon at the party store. Did you know this? It’s actually a long roll of plastic with holes in it and then you thread the ends of the balloon through the holes. It couldn’t have been easier. It takes a lot of time because you have to do it the day of the event, but it packs a punch!

For all children’s parties, my favorite food is marshmallows. The kids love them and I thought they would look like cute little graphic flowers as the background of the game.

Mario Table Decorations

Super Mario Plastic Table Cover

I designed and printed Tate name stickers using and sticky paper. I thought they added a super cute personalized touch to the party.

The first thing that came to mind when I started planning this party was the green pipes that Mario travels through to different worlds. Of course, I knew I wanted to incorporate it. Therefore, PVC pipe is the perfect solution. It’s easily purchased at Home Depot, and I sprayed it green with some Rustoleum. I was delighted with how cute they looked!

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Mario Table Decorations

Whimsy Cookie Co. The Incredible Larry took Mario’s party idea and followed it. He brought me the most adorable designs and I can’t thank him enough! She is the best. And, the best part, her cookies are so delicious.

Buy Super Cute Mario Bros Birthday Party Supplies

What is Mario Party without a mustache? I made this with ingredients from Bake It Pretty. At the last minute I decided they needed a little more “umph” so I added tape to the sticks. It really enhanced the beauty.

Mario Table Decorations

I made the kiosk out of an old hatbox I had laying around from another party. A little more Rustoleum, some felt, and some hot glue, and you’re good to go! A toadstool cake stand!

For menu labels I thought the star would be perfect. I found this cute free font that looks like a video game and used a little rainbow ribbon to tie them together.

Mario Table Decorations

Mario Honeycomb Centerpieces Mario Table Topper Mario Birthday Party Decorations For Super Mario Party Supplies Table Decorations Photo Booth Props, Centerpieces

I spray painted the glass block and glued the question mark on the blocks. The buffet needed a bit more height so I used that to make it.

For the gift registry, we ordered Mario boxes and fillers and Mario water bottles from Birthday Express. Then I bought the princess crowns at JoAnn’s, and we specially ordered the Mario and Luigi hats from eBay seller Mark’s Mummy. She was amazing and fast!

Mario Table Decorations

I created the custom labels and logo on my computer with a little help from some downloaded hi-res Mario images.

Super Mario Party Table Toppers

For the guest tables, I originally wanted to place hats at each place setting, but it turned out to be a windy day! So, I spray painted these cardboard star boxes into little Mario stars and covered the leftover dice from the casino party with scrapbook paper and they made the perfect cute centerpieces.

Mario Table Decorations

I also found some little leftover cardboard cake boards lying around, so I painted them and turned them into coins!

Karen Shelton also provided food for the event. It was so beautiful and everything was so kid friendly which was really important. She named everything that goes with the theme with a cute name!

Mario Table Decorations

Party City Super Mario World Party Kit; Includes Tableware, Table Covers And Decorations; 24 Guests

Luigi’s sliders! These are my favorite touches: the toadstool sliders! Mozzarella cheese with points! Isn’t that super creative? I love working with Karen because of her great creativity!

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J I love this great image from Herndon Photography. He always kicks my socks off when I get my photos back!

Mario Table Decorations

Wendy hired an ice cream truck to come to the party! Tate must help serve her guests!

Greygrey Designs: {my Parties} Super Mario Birthday Party!

Came to the Games on the Spot party and the kids loved playing in the custom trailer! Mario’s love for all things Mario hasn’t faded in recent months, and when it came time to start his 5th birthday project, he was very confident in what he wanted for the theme of the party. of the. I grew up playing Mario on the original NES and knew it was something I could have a lot of fun with, so I was more than happy to oblige.

Mario Table Decorations

The invitation was a simple 5″X7″ single-sided card that included a photo of the birthday boy dressed as Mario and glittery graphics found in Super Mario video games.

The party ended 4 days after we got back from our trip to Disneyland, so I had to organize and do a lot of decorating and DIY projects before we left.

Mario Table Decorations

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Party Decorations Orlando Fl — Princesses & Princes

To try and keep costs down after the trip, we hosted her party at our house this year. I wanted to make it even better, so I used that as my motivation to finish some half-finished projects in the basement and create a fun place for the kids to play during the party.

An important project was the painting of a race track on a concrete floor. Our house is quite large, so we didn’t need to finish off the basement as another living room, but I wanted it to be a fun place for the kids. I still need to finish touch ups, but the painted floor makes the base feel very attractive and finished.

Mario Table Decorations

Each kid got a plasma car for Christmas, and since they were red and green, I decided to add a red “M” for Mario and a green “L” for Luigi so the kids could go kart racing during the party. These work great on cement floors and I’ll admit I’ve taken a drive down a freshly painted driveway.

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Micah’s Mario Themed Birthday Party!

Since the basement walls were also a blank canvas, I decided to paint two of them blue and green, then printed some Mario-themed poke patterns and figures on paper and glued them on top. The final additions were large white clouds cut from foam sheets and boxes of Mario items that I made to hang on the wall. It turned out even better than I imagined. I love that our basement now looks like something out of a video game!

Mario Table Decorations

The boxes of bricks and items on the wall say “Camden 5”. These were constructed from foamcore and were a fun activity and surprise for the party. I have access to tissue paper for each box as a separate box for our guests to take out and throw away their loot bag items.

Loot pack items include mystery bags with K’nex Mario figures, Mario-themed fruit snacks, chocolate coins, gumball ribbon, finger lasers, and mini Mario candies I found in the Valentine section at the Dollar Tree. I gave each guest a deck of cards as they left.

Mario Table Decorations

Super Mario Birthday Party Table Decorating Kit, 23 Pc

Each child received one of these mushroom bags to collect all the things that came out of the punch box.

For the dining room table, I used pre-printed tablecloths and party supplies that I ordered from Birthday Express. The centerpiece was made from block foam core and the piranha plants were made by inserting cutout paper images into pots I bought at Ikea.

Mario Table Decorations

The party started at 1:00 p.m. m., so I needed some snacks and then a full meal. I settled on pizza rolls, pigs in blankets and other simple kid friendly snacks.

Crissa’s Cake Corner!: Super Mario Birthday Party!

One of my favorite details of the meal was the idea I came up with to turn babybell cheese into Mario hats.

Mario Table Decorations

The Firepower Vegetable Platter is easy to put together and is a fun way to bring some vegetables to the kids. Mine includes yellow bell peppers, baby carrots, and grapes.

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