Martini Glass Table Decorations

Martini Glass Table Decorations – Did you know that you can create beautiful flower arrangements with cocktail glasses? Cocktail glasses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The most popular and what most people think of is the martini glass. It has a conical shape with a stem, but can also be found in the stemless variety. Cocktail glasses, like the martini glass, have proven to be a fantastic way to make floral arrangements. They are especially ideal for arrangements that you would like above eye level and off the table.

Let’s say you decided to cut some flowers from your garden or bought a bouquet on sale at the grocery store, and when you go to put the flowers in the vase, it’s not exactly what you had in mind. Don’t give up so quickly! If you have a cocktail glass handy, there’s a good chance you can create an impressive display using a cocktail glass as a glass.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

Martini Glass Table Decorations

Of course, a disadvantage of working with a cocktail glass for an arrangement would be the small space. Since they are designed for alcohol consumption and not flower arrangements, it requires some creativity and forces you to work outside of your comfort zone. But with a little patience, you can create a unique arrangement that really shines!

Tall 27in. Glass Ritz Martini Vase & Top 12in. Wide & Opening 11 1/4in. In Diameter

Read on; We’ve found 15 beautiful glass flower arrangements that are sure to inspire your inner florist and be a hit at your next event.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

If you have a lilac bush in your garden, you can create a simple, elegant and beautiful flower arrangement, perfect for a baby or just a simple idea to make your home smell wonderful. This arrangement uses a martini glass, a splash of water, about 4-5 lilac flowers and some leaves for a contrasting effect. Viola, you have a unique and beautiful homemade flower arrangement with a cocktail martini glass.

They took the martini glass and left it empty, but placed a beautiful bouquet of roses on top. This creates an amazing illusion of the arrangement floating or cascading directly onto the top edge of the vase, giving it a sleek and professional feel.

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Martini Glass Table Decorations

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Achieving this look is easier than you think. You can use floral styrofoam blocks or half spheres cut to fit where they will rest right on the edge of the border and still give you a surface to arrange the flowers on top.

This elegant and simple arrangement uses a martini glass filled with faux acrylic gems to mimic a crystal or diamond look. They took some cream roses with baby’s breath and placed them on top of the acrylic gems.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

In this case, they filled the margarita glass with decorative sand dyed green to give it an authentic margarita look. Then they finished with daisies, a lime wedge, a yellow straw and a single yellow rose. This is the perfect bouquet for a fun Cinco de Mayo celebration or a refreshing centerpiece for a summer dinner party.

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Here they used a simple old fashioned vase (aka rocks) to hold a beautiful bouquet of white and pink roses. It has a classic and subtle feel.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

For this arrangement, they used English garden roses, various orchids, dahlias and hydrangeas in an oversized martini glass to accent acrylic gems or floral water pearls. Both would easily honor this agreement.

This one uses an oversized wine glass filled with alternating colored sand, then a cascading bouquet of elegantly arranged artificial pink roses flowing down the glass. Artificial flowers make it easy for hobbyists to create a cascading effect.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

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This bouquet uses mainly baby’s breath with a few accent roses on top for a soft and delicate look. To top it off, they used a simple ribbon that matches the pink roses and pearls of the hurricane glass, giving it an elegant and timeless look.

Here they used a variety of lighter-toned roses along with some wildflowers, then accented them with rosemary, eucalyptus, ivy and a few others to give this bouquet an almost pastel, earthy, natural feel. The martini glass is lined with moss to cleverly hide the stems, but it looks natural and adds more contrast.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

This one is very simple, no frills, yet eye-catching. The florist took a styrofoam ball and placed the beautiful contrasting white and purple flowers that make up the arrangement into the ball and placed it in a martini glass.

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Pink, White & Ivory Martini Glass Centrepiece Table Decoration

Miniature pink roses and eucalyptus round out this bouquet to create an elegant piece. Ideal for the office or side table. The florist used tulle to fill the martini glass and hide the stems.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

This all-white arrangement is elegant and simple, with little color contrast at the top of the bouquet. Perfect for simple wedding or farmhouse decor. They use a simple string of pearls to add a little pop and sparkle with the flowers.

Use a sparkling copper champagne flute and artificial flowers for a stunning result. The bay leaves are sprayed with metallic gold paint to add shine and depth to the arrangement.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

Bow Tie & Crystals With Martini Glass Centrepiece Hire

This one looks so classy! Perfect for vintage, country or chic decor. Use a vintage brass wine glass to showcase a colorful, earthy bouquet accented with contrasting greenery. The green pops against the brass and draws attention to the arrangement. It is then accented with vintage brass candlesticks with white candles.

Here they took a wine glass and filled it with potting soil, then put some small plants in the soil, added some striped paper straws and a fun watermelon stake. Perfect for a fun garden party or outdoor children’s event. You can also easily create this with small succulents or cacti.

Martini Glass Table Decorations

As you can see, there are a wide variety of ideas for elegant, simple and inexpensive cocktail glass flower arrangements; no need for an expensive decorative vase. That doesn’t mean this simple glass can’t make a big impact at many events or gatherings. We hope all of these ideas have intrigued you and inspired you for your next project! Tall, slim and elegant. Our Long Stem Glass Martini Glass makes a great centerpiece and adds sophistication to any Gatsby themed wedding or event. Fill the vase with bold floral accents like orchids and bamboo, pearls, floating candles and petals or crystals to create a stunning display that is sure to impress your guests.

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Martini Glass Table Decorations

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Martini Glass Table Decorations

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Martini Glass Table Decorations

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Martini Glass Table Decorations

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Martini Glass Table Decorations

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