Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Mary Poppins Table Decorations – My family and friends threw me a Mary Poppins themed baby shower that started with finding the perfect Mary Poppins cake on Pinterest. I designed the dessert table and my friend helped with the background and got kites and flags. It was the perfect shower, everything I could ask for and a great way to celebrate Haley’s upcoming arrival 🙂

I was inspired by two different cakes I saw on Pinterest that were Mary Poppins themed. I found that many times when I was planning a party I was inspired by either cake or invitations. Once I found the cake, I knew I wanted to have a Mary Poppins themed shower a few months ago!

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

My favorite item was definitely the dessert table as a whole, but especially the cake as the shower design as inspiration.

Mary Poppins Deluxe Costume

I LOVE Pinterest and Etsy, so useful to find ideas, things you need but don’t have time or want to do and get some inspiration. Take help from your family and friends. My mom made and served food and drinks, my sister-in-law and her brother-in-law let us use the house and yard from the party location.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

I am the mother of a beautiful 5 year old daughter and a newborn boy in Corona, CA. I work full time and make cakes, cupcakes and other treats on the side along with party / high chair banners and mouse ears. Poppins Tea Party? I started reading Mary Poppins to my daughter earlier this year and we immediately fell in love with the adventure. It wasn’t long before Ava asked me if she could have a Mary Poppins themed birthday party.

The more we read from the 1024 page story, the more ideas we get. Here are the highlights of my daughter’s Mary Poppins birthday party.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

A Practically Perfect Party

Mary Poppins is associated with unexpected magical adventures. To set the tone, I made a “floating” invitation a few weeks before the party.

To make it look like a floating child, apply oil to the cement with an old face cloth, hairy edges to make it look like a shadow. Ask your child to stand about a foot behind the oil stain. Take a picture – they will look like floating. This is the best way on a very cloudy day because there will be no shadows competing to spoil the effect.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Everyone loves an excuse to dress up! We invite Ava’s friends to wear clothes inspired by the movie, the book, or the tea party in general. They did not disappoint!

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Mary Poppins Tea Party Cupcake Picks X 12

Look – Ava lost her front teeth between the time the invitation photos were taken and the day of the party!

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

We stock a range of hats and gloves for children to wear during the party, which is great for children who forget their costumes or want to try on other fancy items. We simply put them on the bench – the kids took it from there!

Create the mood with a Mary Poppins playlist borrowed from the movie and Broadway show. Melody adds upbeat energy and wins

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Mary Poppins Creator P. L. Travers House For Sale In Chelsea

Happy children! If you don’t want to buy songs, try creating a Mary Poppins playlist on the free version of Pandora. You’ll have other songs mixed in with the occasional commercial, but also fold in unexpected favorites, like the Original London Cast Recording!

Art is a great way to entertain kids when everyone comes over. All children are invited to create their own sidewalk chalk art on our back porch – just like Bert in the books and movies. This simple activity takes about 30 minutes and ensures that no child is left out of future games and tea parties.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Another idea to occupy the children when they arrive is to create souvenir photos. We couldn’t fit this in because it was a bit sunny the day of Ava’s party… but if you have a covered driveway, you can do this regardless of the weather. If it doesn’t work, you can always give your guests a copy

Kara’s Party Ideas Mary Poppins Birthday Party

Motion picture of the child as part of their thank you / goodie bag – children like to take pictures of their friends.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

When the children arrive ask the photographer to take their picture. By rubbing oil on a spot on the pavement and having the child stand a meter or so away with an umbrella, the fake shade makes the child appear to be floating – like Mary Poppins. A treasure for sure!

Once all the children arrived and the artwork was finished, we brought the children together for a competitive game of “A Spoonful of Sugar”. Top tip: my husband (aka Bert) leads this game while I get the food ready for the tea party!

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Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Disney Mary Poppins, Child Costume

To play: You need 3 small tables or 1 table and 2 chairs. Encourage the children to build 2 rows. Place a bowl full of sugar in front of each row. Across the lawn from them put a table with 2 small empty bowls or cups. Encourage children to use spoons to fill their bowls. Whoever fills it in first wins!

Now the children have all had fun with art and games, it’s time to finally have a tea party!

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

, I knew I had to rethink my strategy. To make the most of the space in my backyard, a good friend suggested I rent a table and chairs for the kids (for parents and kids). This keeps everyone comfortable (and with rental delivery it still costs 1/2 as much as renting a place).

Mary Poppins Cake

The decor was pretty simple: To start, Keith hung an umbrella in the middle of the table using fishing line. This is baking and knitting in the breeze, it looks like Mary Poppins can fall at any time! The party’s speech details this.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

There is also a cluster of gold balloons and a big red one. I wrote “Mary Poppins” on the red one with a gold paint pen. This detail refers to the episode when the whole neighborhood floats around the park with balloons… and, naturally, Mary Poppins is red and the biggest.

Ava chose a gold tablecloth to mimic the gold tablecloth in the floating tea party scene in the film. I found turquoise napkins with teapots on them to complete the look.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Shower Wedding Mary Poppins Themed Paper Lantern For Parties Birthday Centerpiece Decor Centerpieces & Table DĂ©cor Kitchen DĂ©cor

On each napkin we put a party spoon – and of course each spoon has a homemade sugar cube (keep extra sugar cubes in the sugar bowl nearby).

To make sugar rocks, stir a few tablespoons of water into one or two cups of granulated sugar. Add food coloring if desired. Mix until the mixture resembles moist sand. Press it into a small chocolate mold, carefully tip it out, and let it dry.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

For serving, I used a lot of dishes from my husband’s Great Aunt and grandmother, as well as some pieces from the thrift store.

Mary Poppins Diy Centerpiece

Buffet table including homemade felt and glitter umbrella and illustration from the book on yellow card stock for decoration – modge podge sealed image!

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

We serve the kids a very English Tea menu – including curry crown tea sandwiches (using eggs instead of chicken for my vegetarian daughter), gingerbread stars (more on that later), Victoria Sponge Cake with fresh berries, Uncle Albert’s Lemon Cake (petit fours ). bought from Whole Foods … because I can’t even make it

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Is Mary Poppins’ favorite cake (she turned into a sponge cake in Mr. Turvy’s house in Mary Poppins Comes Back).

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Mary Poppins Baby Shower

Instead of the traditional undecorated sides, I covered the cake layers with sweetened whipped cream thickened with a few tablespoons of gelatin. This stable whipped cream tastes like whipped cream but cuts better (and doesn’t curdle in the heat). I used strawberry preserves in one half and lemon curd in the other. I also freeze the decorated cake overnight so that my slices will be sharp.

For the adults, I made an extra layer, divided it in half, and filled it in the traditional way. After freezing, the slices are perfect!

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

For the cake topper, I traced the outline of Mary Poppins onto a piece of yellow cardstock and cut it out. I used a needle and thread to fasten it to the thin dowels.

Sage’s 5th Birthday

It’s not a Mary Poppins party without a little magic. I remember seeing a floating table at a magic show last year and immediately thought of the tea party scene in Mary Poppins, where Jane, Michael, Uncle Albert, and Mary Poppins all floated to the ceiling because they were laughing so hard.

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

I soon learned that the floating table was quite expensive, so I made a deal with a local magician’s shop. He rented me one of his boards for $50 (which included teaching me how to do the trick).

While the children were enjoying their tea, I asked the children if they thought Mary Poppins knew about our party. they said

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

Creative New Jersey Wedding Reception Table Number Ideas

. Then I get the kids to start laughing – just to see if they can float the table. If we could, I told them, it would mean Mary Poppins watching our party and laughing wherever she was.

Theme in the Mary Poppins book series. The children are painting the sky, go

Mary Poppins Table Decorations

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