Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations – Christina Riches, aka Bird, is the founder of She is also a creative mother of two, a published author, graphic designer, freelance photographer, magazine editor and absolute party lover. Her party ideas and photography have been featured in numerous publications such as, CNN Entertainment, Parenting Magazine, Celebration Magazine, All You Magazine, Elle Decor and He regularly creates content for brands such as PBS Parents, HGTV, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pillsbury, PayPal, Mars, Hellmann’s, Cultura France and Danone, to name a few.

With Mardi Gras just around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to share this fun and glam fancy dress party with you! This style was designed by my dear friend Sarah of Sarah Sophia Productions for a Mystery Party, but I think many of the ideas could be used for a Mardi Gras party as well.

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

Sarahs asked me to design a printable decoration and background banner and I love how it all turned out! Check out the adorable details below, as told by Sarah, to inspire your celebrations, whatever they may be!

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This fancy dress murder mystery adds an interactive twist by having your guests role play and dress up as a murder mystery!

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

Buy a mask and wear it well so that no one can reveal your true identity. Prepare a table with masks to welcome your guests. Mix and match different styles of masquerade masks from Venetian to gold and add a fun custom message inviting them to wear the mask.

Once guests don the mask, they are greeted with specialty cocktails and a themed cocktail menu. Bird Party designed the cocktail menus and they are all printables for this party.

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

Masquerade Ball Party Ideas

Adding masquerade masks, votive candles, and these gold foil and glitter bottles will add a pop of color to your bar cart!

Have a dessert bar with masquerade-themed treats like these colorful camouflage cookies, brownies, cheesecake shooters, candy apples, and faux cake. Add some glam with a gold sequin table runner, gold foil fringe curtains and cardboard masquerade mask stands as backdrops with custom banners.

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

For dining, use white linens, gold sequin runners, masquerade masks, gold lanterns and candles, festive gold foil star paper plates, gold plastic cutlery and gold chargers. I simply inflated colorful balloons and hung them at different heights to look like a balloon chandelier.

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I hope you enjoy the ideas and get inspired to keep going! If so, tag us on social media #BirdsParty so we can see and share your creativity! 😍

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

[name=Cristina Riches aka Bird] [img= Bird.Fo. She is also a creative mother of two, published author, content creator and social media marketing influencer, graphic designer, freelance photographer and writer (for publications in English, French and Portuguese), magazine editor and Unconditional party lover. Her party ideas and photography have been featured in numerous publications such as, CNN Entertainment, BHG Magazine, Parenting Magazine, Celebration Magazine, All You Magazine, Elle Décor and Martha He regularly creates content for brands such as PBS Parents, HGTV, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pillsbury, PayPal, Sony, Sizzix, Mars, Hellmann’s, Cultura France and Danone, to name a few.] (facebook=https ://www. . (pinterest= (instagram= (youtube=http://www. ) (twitter= (SHOP= Shrouded in mystery and shrouded in decadence, the equally magical masquerade ball Once reserved only for the upper classes, masquerade balls originated in Venice, Italy on the beginning of the Renaissance movement in the early 15th century, where art, beauty and imagination reigned supreme. Masquerade balls became increasingly popular in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, offering a place where rich and poor could mingle in ways that their strict social etiquette forbade.

In February, you can travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the biggest and most famous masquerade party in the world (Carnival), Venice, where it all began, or you can travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Visit the US equivalent at Don’t feel like traveling? Organize your unforgettable event. Here is the procedure:

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

Must Have Quinceanera Masquerade Decorations

1. By invitation only: It may be the age of technology and inbox invitations via Facebook and Evett, but take the time and effort to send out beautiful invitations to your guests at least six weeks before the big event.

2. It’s all in the decor: Decor really sets the mood. You can’t go wrong with candles of all shapes and sizes and beautiful candles in gold and brown. Or forget candles (safety first, right) and place string lights in lights around the house and from the ceiling. Next, choose your color scheme: mother or royal blue with canary yellow or gold, black, gold and red; Purple and green, black and white or black, white and white. Use silk and velvet curtains to hide modern furniture. Fill glass vases with feathers and beads. Hang the masks on the walls or create centerpieces with them. Sprinkle glitter and sequins on tables and worktops.

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Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

3. Dress to Impress: Get everyone in the spirit by making costumes (or at least masks). Give a prize for the best costume of the night.

Masquerade Ball Themed Party

4. Party: Don’t miss the magic by serving pizza, pretzels and potato chips. Let your guests enjoy delicious little dishes. Stuffed mushrooms, crab meringue, baked artichoke squares with sun-dried tomato pesto, avocado wrapped in prosciutto, delicious cheese cut into diamond shapes served with water crackers, spiced walnuts, caviar with toast points or squares with a fresh twist. Fresh mozzarella drizzled with balsamic reduction. For dessert, consider a chocolate fountain and serve cake and strawberry cubes on the side. Or add dark or white chocolate mousse and serve cold.

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

5. Night Music: If you have an instrument, hire a string quartet for the evening. Or stream classical music on Pandora or create a playlist on your iPod that includes Vivaldi’s Four Seasons or Mozart and Beethoven.

6. Increase the excitement: Masquerade balls automatically create an atmosphere of mystery and mystery, so consider playing a murder mystery where the guests role-play and have to figure out who the killer is. Other ideas include engaging in a fun game of charades or clearing a space for a ballroom floor where everyone can learn to waltz. You can tell everyone ahead of time to try to remain anonymous, so guests will be guessing who it is until midnight when the big reveal happens where everyone has to reveal themselves.

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

A Dazzling Masquerade Themed Wedding Celebration

DIY Mask: Instructions and templates are available online to make your own mask. Supplies include scissors, cardboard (or plain white mask), beads, feathers, sequins, paint, and dowels (for hands). Another idea is to paint a mask on your face using airbrush paint or makeup. YouTube has great examples.

Be creative: put a spin on the classic masquerade ball and choose a different theme, such as all black and white, angels and demons, fairy tales or superheroes and villains. 5 Masquerade Decorations You Must Have Jazmin Alvarez April 15, 2018 Finally deciding on your theme after much thought? If they happen to be pageant queens, you’ll have a swollen head down for things to come! See how easy it is to transport guests to a new world with the right decorations. • The cutest cupcake ever Who said you can’t decorate food? Treat your guests to a treat with mask-themed cupcakes. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it will satisfy any sweet tooth!

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Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

Cakepops Event Designer: @StyledEventsByCY Sweets & Photography by: yariscakes Cakestands: @opulenttreasures #masqueradeball #masqueradecake #masquerade #masqueradeball #masqueradecake #masquerade #masqueradecake #masqueradecake #masqueradecake #masquemasquemascakes#masquemasquemascakes #masquemasquemascakes_themasquemascakes #masqueradecake #cake_parte# yariscakes) September 21 2016 at 8:02 am PDT • DIY masks everywhere! Use your creativity to create the most luxurious masks! Trust us, incorporating your personality into your theme will make your quince that much more unique. Play around with colors and materials to turn it into a fun DIY project. Hang your creations around the venue or place them on each table and challenge your guests to wear one! • Bright decoration of the head of the table You deserve to be the center of attention, so it is important to decorate the head table carefully. Love the elegant black tablecloth, tall gold vase, round bouquet of white roses and white candles to complement it. All this together with the throne chair will add elegance to your masquerade queens!

Unique Themes For Holiday Parties

Masquerade Birthday Party 📸: @yanilkaperla_mylittleangeldeco Inquiries: [email protected] or shop me on Etsy! #wooemdesign #wooem #grafika #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #backdrop #stepandrepeat #stepandrepeatbackdrops #stepandrepeatbanner #stepandrepeats #etsyshop #etsy #etsyseller #houstevents #houstoneventplanner #eventplanner #supportsmallbusiness #dessertufftable #backtable #backtable #supertabletcantrebanner #masqueradeball #masqueradeparty #masqueradetheme Post shared Woo’em (@wooemdesign) December 10, 2017 at 4:54 pm • Classic Feathers Besides the masks, don’t forget the feathers! And you can’t go wrong with white feathers regardless of your color theme. Go all out with highly exaggerated beaded centerpieces and feather detailing to match

Masquerade Themed Table Decorations

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