Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table – Resin tables are a combination of two materials, wood and epoxy resin. Selected panels are embedded in resin. Through this combination we achieve a modern, timeless look. Available in a variety of wood species, our tables come in all sizes. We build our homes to meet our needs and reflect who we are, so our tables should be as unique as we are. A durable material like epoxy resin makes this possible. A simple process allows the material to be reused many times.

We strive to have our tables as a well-tailored suite to suit the most exacting needs of our customers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

For each table with a resin top, you can add a covering service with PPF Platinum clear protective film. We recommend this solution because tables finished in high gloss have a greater tendency to lose their original shine over time.

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A tablet wrapping service with a transparent film layer will protect it against scratches, abrasions and discoloration for many years. The film has a self-healing and hydrophobic coating. It is crystal clear (you won’t see it after application) and beautifully accentuates the color of the wood.

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

The price shown in the pictures is for the table, please note that the total price of the specific units is only produced at the final stage of processing your order. This is due to constant price changes in production as well as your needs and additions.

Our tables are made by hand from natural raw material which is wood. When buying a table, keep this in mind

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Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

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Note the characteristics of wood; Therefore please do not order the product – as ordered

Base of the model – may differ in color from the table presented in the picture or in the picture

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

And it will not be the same as the presented model because it is made by hand. The presented model or

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Way and it does not have all the features of the product. Model or wood color

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

The color of the wood and possibly gray resin in the photo, possibly the color of the applied epoxy resin

Also be different. The product will be as close to the model as possible, given this fact

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

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Subject to complaint. Air bubbles that appear in the resin due to natural air pressure

Due to the characteristics of wood, the color of the table may change during use. This can cause

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

Because of sunlight or the way the table was used. Therefore, during use

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Table and its aging process, there may be some natural changes in color; No it won’t

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

Resulting grain and texture. The variety of wood species is a well-known fact; because of this

After you buy the table, we will not accept complaints as a result of lack of knowledge about it

Meadow Decor Milano Extension Table

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