Medeival Table Decorations

Medeival Table Decorations – On October 6th at David’s Lost Village in Kent, Natalie and Max modeled a Snow White and Dark Fairy themed wedding shoot. What started as just a hand-holding ceremony ended up being very moving and emotional for the couple, so they decided to tie the knot for real!

“On the day, a joke turned into a look that turned into ‘do?'” explained Charlotte, who planned and styled the day. “And before we met, all kinds of beautiful and tangible things happened. It was very special and very intimate, you don’t just plan “Let’s do it!” After that, all the shoots turned into a party and were a proper celebration of these amazing people – it was as if it was meant to be with all putting together the style that suits them perfectly.”

Medeival Table Decorations

Medeival Table Decorations

Natalie’s stunning outfit and headpiece was made for her by Debbie at Powdered and Waisted. The bodice and ruffles were the perfect dress style for the theme. Her boots were from Elliott.

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For the bride’s bouquet and flower arrangements, Charlotte chose to use flakes and trailing apples, rather than any flower arrangements. The green, red and earth colors were then reflected in the Graze with Me table of pasture cakes along with stationery and other table decorations.

Medeival Table Decorations

“We both loved the handshake vows,” Natalie explained. “None of us is particularly religious, and it seems like an equal and refreshing commitment to each other.” I think we were both really surprised at how much the words meant to us. Also, both Doug and Paul who hosted the ceremony are very funny, polite and kind, which I think makes a big difference in making you feel comfortable and forget all about being self-conscious.

“It’s been really wonderful to work with so many incredibly talented vendors who really care about what they do,” she concluded. “I don’t think I really thought about how much goes into something like this and how all these little personal details really matter so much.” We’re going to legalize the marriage this year and do it all over again!” This party is both one of my most memorable and one of my most difficult. Recreating a medieval holiday while adhering to modern tastes required a lot of recipe research. This dinner was fully themed with rich medieval characters, We decorated in a medieval style with rich fabrics and tapestries, dinner included medieval games and a medieval puppet show.

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Medeival Table Decorations

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I went with an elegant dark red and gold table, reminiscent of a royal banquet. The tablecloth was a baroque quilt fabric with a floral pattern and a rich stiletto. The center candle was gold with vine leaves to which I added red and green berries from my Christmas box.

Banquet tables were often decorated with exotic fruits – or meat disguised as fruits. For this party I went with real fruit placed in colorful vintage carnival glass plates.

Medeival Table Decorations

Fresh flowers also graced our table, they were placed in vintage copper vases, the center of the table was filled with berry bouquets and small gold tea lights. Dark red velvet ribbon backs were used on the chairs to add richness.

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A medieval menu was created for this celebration, all recipes are included below. The party started with hot meat served in golden and red cups.

Medeival Table Decorations

The decor included gold luggage with a vintage red and gold dinner set and gold flatware. Napkin holders were created with wide floral craft ribbon and gold metal napkin rings. Red berries and a local name stood at the top of the plate. You can download our guest name cards here. (set 1) and (set 2)

The most challenging part of this party was the menu. What did the nobles eat in the Middle Ages? They ate a lot of meat, including a lot of game. Salads, fruits and nuts when available and lots of soups. The hosts enjoyed being creative in the presentation of the food and great feasts went on for hours with many courses. It was also a time of plagues with many opting for herbal salicys to combat the tides. Our recipes are all below and you can download our menu

Medeival Table Decorations

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Our first course was a salad with herbs, fruit and nuts. In the Middle Ages, lettuce was called “salad”. We served a version of the waldolph salad with edible flowers, it helped make this dish quite amazing.

Our second course was Pottage with Trenches. Potage is a soup dish to which you have added everything that was available. We made a fertilizer winter soup and added purple cabbage to a striking purple soup. Given the number of dishes on offer that day, I went with a grisoni rather than a heavy cut of bread.

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Medeival Table Decorations

Our third course was oysters on the half shell with sage butter. We have processed it using each house banner. You will read more about it later.

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Our fourth course was a weedkiller elixir. It was a lovely basil and lime sorbet, a perfect fourth course. It was served in a vintage champagne glass with vintage decorated Asian spoons.

Medeival Table Decorations

Our fifth and main course was corned beef served with potatoes and green beans. You need a good butcher to make the crown. The beef was served with a rich sauce, fried potatoes and garlic and green beans and pomegranate.

Our sixth and final dish was spiced pear with med. The measure was served hot in a small glass

Medeival Table Decorations

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The trick to this style of party is to plan well in advance so that you can slowly collect items that will help you turn your home into a medieval castle. It’s amazing the effect the plastic stone wall has on the room, although it’s hard to get it in place, it really helps to create a medieval castle environment.

A conversion was created to serve meals with tall wooden candles, tapestries, rich vintage fabrics and faux fur. Our hosts were decent Vikings so we followed with horned helmets. The people of the Middle Ages were also very religious, so a small temple was included, with a Bible

Medeival Table Decorations

The party was set in character when hosts Ragnar and Leggett invited three formidable medieval couples to a winter solstice party. The evening often devolved into character with each pair playing puppeteer and attempting to assassinate themselves using ‘find the card’. Before the party, special instructions for the party were sent to each guest, these included official character descriptions for the evening, in brief. A biography on other guests, some puppets to film a play and a house poster to make. The party games can be downloaded using the following links: Game Guide and Character Review, Big Banners, Banner Cards, Game One, Two and Three Cards,

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The arrival of the house tables marked the arrival of our guests. Each house was asked to prepare a play for the medieval puppet show, our puppet theater was made with cardboard boxes, window velvet and handmade scenery from the village. Home banners were displayed on tall lamps.

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Medeival Table Decorations

Medieval card holders were made with jewels and velvet in a vintage style. These were used for the medieval game of guessing who. The game included works from the Middle Ages, such as the Lord of the Followers and the Cup, and items found around the standard castle.

Before the party, small pictures of the house cards were hidden through the dining room and lounge, where they were found placed on matching house cards, the first pair to receive 12 cards on their flag died a horrible death.

Medeival Table Decorations

How To Dress Your Table

The invitations were delivered a few weeks in advance, I dressed my children as young vikings for the occasion. The invitations were wrapped in decorative paper and sealed with ribbon and a wax seal. The invitations were in a box with party instructions, tables and dolls.

For this medieval dinner party, we did a lot of research on medieval feasts and meals eaten by the wealthy in the Middle Ages, and then applied a modern twist to transform some potentially unpleasant options into modern times. The menu also took into account what can be prepared in a normal home kitchen and served while entertaining guests, recipes are intended for 8 guests.

Medeival Table Decorations

Although the recipes weren’t difficult, good planning was required to make sure the meals arrived on time. I also asked various guests to help trick the various courses and that was invaluable help.

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You need a good butcher for this steak. I ordered this steak a month in advance so our wonderful butcher stored and cooked the beef. I used sirloin with wing ribs that the butcher attached to the crown with string. You will need about 12 ribs to make a crown. Be sure to ask your butcher to roast the beef between the top rib so you can easily slice between the ribs.

Medeival Table Decorations

We hope you enjoyed our medieval GOT dinner and games, it was great fun, our guests fully

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