Mercury Glass Table Decorations

Mercury Glass Table Decorations – A few months ago I was shopping at Marshall’s and found a Christmas tree made of mercury glass. It was early in the season and the stores were just starting to get their Christmas items. The tree was only $12.99, so I bought it with the idea of ​​buying a few more for my Christmas table setting this year. I imagined the main plot full of beautiful silver trees. Unfortunately, the silver tree could not be found in any discount stores. Pottery Barn has. But the price was more than I wanted to pay.

And it happened I went on a house tour over Christmas, and there, the table I’ve seen. This house tour is not good in your pocket, you know? It was good and I was spoiled. The next day I bit the proverbial bullet and bought two tall and small plants at the pottery barn. Wow. Merry Christmas sir.

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

I still need one small tree. I don’t want all trees to be the same—it would have been more interesting if they didn’t all match. I want them all in mercury glass style. I finally found it at Marshall’s, but it’s silver that looks more like mercury glass. You’ll see it in some of the images below. I wasn’t happy with it and finally found another mercury glass plant for a cheap price on eBay and can be seen in the picture below. Add some fun to this table setting.

Everly Quinn Round Votive Candle Holders, Mercury Glass Candle Holder Set Of 12

Three middle trees (Including tall trees) is a tree from a pottery barn. One cool thing about PB trees: They’re designed so you can hang wires on top of them. In the image below, the lights inside the three central trees have been extinguished.

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

In this picture they are on. Really beautiful. The lights in the room are off. The table was lit only by candles.

Dinner is Platinum Noritake. I want to add a little deer in the middle of each salad plate. But all the porcelain paints I’ve found say they’re non-toxic but not food-safe. Anyone know of any colors that are considered food safe?

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

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Fair Lady Lenox Glassware The silver arrangement of the Fair Lady stemware works well with the platinum Noritake pattern.

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Mercury Glass Table Decorations

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How To Diy Mercury Glass The Easy Way

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Mercury Glass Table Decorations

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Mercury Glass Table Decorations

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Mercury Glass Table Decorations

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Decor Therapy 29.5 In Mercury Glass 3 Way Table Lamp With Linen Shade In The Table Lamps Department At

Filed Under: Christmas Holiday Houses, Christmas Table Settings, Christmas Tablescapes, Tablescape Thursday, Tablescapes Holiday Tablescapes, Holiday Home Tagged With: Christmas Table Settings, Christmas Tablescapes, Lenox Fair Lady, Mercury Christmas Trees Glass, Natural Cedar Greenery, Pottery Barn Mercury – Napkin Glass Reindeer Rings, Towle King Richard Hey friends! guess! We have a real dining room for our Christmas Eve dinner this year. I know it might not be a busy world for you. (And to be honest, I’m happy to eat. #Opinion) But it’s surprising that we’ve acted together enough to create a new (old) story.

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Mercury Glass Table Decorations

This week, Lory from Designthusiasm. has organized a new tour of Style + Set Holiday Entertaining Blog Tours, so it’s inspiring. Lots at the bottom of this post. If you’re planning a big Christmas party this year. If you are visiting Julie Blanner’s beautiful home, you are welcome!

This year, we’re accepting 15 guests for our Christmas Eve dinner. So we’ve been busy trying to make as many projects as possible. But I took a break from the less exciting painting, electrical, and plumbing work. (All common tasks) to play with a smaller version of the Christmas tablescape that I will be presenting to our staff. a few weeks.

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

Everything You Need To Know About Mercury Glass

You’d never guess there was another unfilled box in the next room, right? The house was not built in a day. But putting a shiny red and green table together will make you feel better about the less beautiful, you know?

Here’s how to create a beautiful Christmas tablescape without a full scroll: (Some affiliate links are provided below for your convenience.)

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

I put all the tables together using what I already have in my stash. The more I realized that what I already had was more versatile and cheaper in the long run.

Ways To Style Mercury Glass Trees

Unmistakable mercury glass especially in winter I love how it plays with candles and adds warmth to our home during the dark and cold months. But it still works well all year round. (It’s my weakness)

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

Silver and bronze candlesticks are perfect for adding extra sparkle. (I see them all the time at second-hand and second-hand stores.)

I actually found these silver candlestick holders at a secondhand store 3 years ago for $2 a stick and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. I don’t know where it came from But I saw something similar at IKEA recently.

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

Mercury Glass Table Decor

I also caught this set of mercury glass vow holders sold in Kirkland last year.

I picked up a red striped tablecloth and napkin set at World Market last Christmas. But I’ve taken a more minimalist approach, as red works well for Valentine’s Day and the Fourth of July. (I used a napkin for a patriotic centerpiece this past summer.)

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Mercury Glass Table Decorations

I try to avoid buying tablecloths with Christmas trees or pillows with the word “NOEL” stamped on them because they create limitations. Think about how you can use this item for a year before purchasing. And you don’t have to pack a lot.

Table Lamps Set Of 2 With Gold Mercury Glass

The only things I bought new this year were this jingle bell vase and bowl. I awkwardly attached the metal to one of the plates while organizing the candles and realized they made the perfect holder! Ha! A happy accident is shaking

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

But if I don’t want to stick with the concept of a cardholder I can spread it over the table support rail. Put it in a bowl on our coffee table. Tie it up with a wreath on our stairs. and give it to Olivia. Beat them until they drive the dog crazy… You know, all of that.

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs. And I always have it in our herb garden or in our refrigerator. So I threw twigs all over the table with fresh cranberries from the produce section and a few stalks on a plate. It reminded me a bit of a Christmas wreath.

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

Soho Mercury Glass Table Lamp

And for that greenery I’m not a florist at all. But this $6 bunch of leafy vegetables I picked up from Trader Joe’s was super easy to stick in a vase and you’re done.

Most trees tend to give up free pruning too, if you ask. We now have branches hanging in the garage to turn into new flowers.

Mercury Glass Table Decorations

The other day, we picked our fresh Christmas trees from the farmers market in our town. which is suitable for the corner of this restaurant I can’t wait to show off this space.

Leera Antique Mercury Glass Table Lamp

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