Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas – How to plan a taco/mexican themed kids party with decorations, food, drinks, games, activities, prizes and music.

I had no plans to blog this because I am far from a professional party planner. But over the weekend, my friend Corybeth and I hosted a baby shower for one of our best friends (Carmen from Lifeline House). After I shared it on Instagram, many of you had questions about all the decorations, so I decided to collect it here.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Given that it coincided with Cinco de Mayo, and the fact that this shower was for a rainbow baby, we wanted to go the extra mile with all the colors of the rainbow…and also who to sew Don’t like excuses. A taco buffet?

Fun Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

This was a fun theme that could be made for a boy, girl, or gender neutral spirit. Or even a kid’s birthday…hell, I’ll take that as my big big birthday.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

I hung these People Picado Banners on every surface using duct tape and command hooks so that our entire shower yard was bright, colorful and fit the baby shower holiday theme and not too much.

For tables, I always keep a few plain white tables in my stash so I can easily change the look with different runs and colors. I used these syrup quilt runners and colorful maracas to spice it up.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

How To Throw A Casual Mexican Dinner Party

And I used white flower vases with these colorful bottles that I already filled with flowers from the grocery store. Arrangement of flowers is very simple if they are placed in several pots scattered around the table.

(These outdoor bistro chairs have been scattered around the pool deck for a long time. They hold up very well and are very comfortable.)

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

We’re hoping to replace our back porch faux fireplace this fall, but I spruced it up with more flowers from the grocery store, a few items from this rainbow party decor, this table to store baby gifts , and this mother and child piñata

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Our updated porch is finally broken in! May they be reunited! The banner was all that carried the holiday theme of the baby shower.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

I used more dining table napkins, more paper fans, and these cute “Taco Boot a Baby” balloons from this holiday set. This old broken fence is falling down, so we’re just using it as a “knee” structure for our background.

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(We’ve had this white refrigerator on wheels since last summer and it was super easy to use by the pool.)

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Colorful Mexican Fiesta Themed Party Ideas

There are usually two types of people: those who love baby shower games and those who think about them. I belong to the second camp, because frankly, baby shower games are uncomfortable for me. Hahaha! I am like that.

Therefore, I tried to choose a few interactive options that do not cause discomfort. This dedicated exercise table keeps everything within reach.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

I bought a Dragon Love Tacos storybook for guests to sign so the kid can enjoy it when they grow up. My kids love this cute book!

Colorful Paper Fiesta Decor For Cinco De Mayo!

I filled this coin box with hot tamales for baby bottles. (You don’t actually need to count the candies. Just multiply the serving size by the number of servings on the label.)

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

For the signs, I bought this design template from this Etsy shop and made words from Canva with this guess sheet so guests could write their own numbers. Whoever guesses closest wins a prize (*sharing prizes we used later in this post).

As a fun creative activity, we put together these simple bibs with fabric paints and fabric pens for people to decorate for the baby.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Ideas For Cinco De Mayo Party And Mexican Theme Party Decor

It’s so easy because people are busy while Mom opens her presents. Before we opened the presents, we gave these kids bingo cards. Everyone should write normal children’s items on the blank bingo cards. When mom has opened her presents, they should leave the items she opened on the cards. Whoever was the first to cross 5 elements in a row, column or division won a prize.

This quick game was very fun and easy. We gave all the guests a baby name game sheet and then let them all compete against each other at the same time, writing every baby name they could think of for each letter of the alphabet. The first person to list all the children’s names from A to Z will win a prize.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Salarita for success! It was worth every penny because ordering a catered taco bar didn’t cook anything.

How To Have A Fiesta Bridal Shower

As for the cake, I just picked up a kid’s birthday cake from Publix and asked them to leave out the birthday by copying and pasting this “taco bout a kid” topper.

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Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

For the cupcakes, I bought cactus frosting and placed store-bought unwrapped mini chocolate cupcakes in these 2-inch terracotta cups. For the “moat” I sliced ​​Oreos on top of the cupcakes, and guests simply spooned them out of the cactus bowls. It was so easy and they look so realistic and adorable!

It’s not a baby shower without a party! I wanted my mom (and someone who doesn’t drink alcohol) to be able to enjoy a margarita, so I created a non-alcoholic margarita cocktail by coming up with this recipe.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas

Serve with lime wedges, margarita salt and tequila for guests to garnish if desired, topped with a margarita.

I put together a Cinco de Mayo playlist on Spotify to play from a Bluetooth speaker. You can access the playlist here. Some songs use the words “mommy,” “mamaquita,” and “baby,” making them more appropriate for a baby shower. 😉 *Some songs may not be suitable for children, so listen at your own discretion.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

I didn’t think to photograph the prizes, but collected the prizes in gift bags, one for each game.

Dinner Party Theme Ideas To Impress Your Guests

Prize 3: Eat me tacos and tell me I’m a pretty cosmetic bag with red lip balm, nail polish, and margarita-scented shower gel.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Everything turned out great and happy! Some of them still decorate our back porch because I hadn’t parted with them yet. Rainbow colors and tacos…5 stars…highly recommended. A Mexican fiesta party is so colorful and fun that it allows you to turn to bright vibrant colors. For this party, we have a Mexican dessert table, Mexican decoration ideas, Mexican party birthday cake, Mexican souvenirs, Mexican games and a free printable set so you can make this party at home.

For this party, we made three types of decorated sugar cookies, including guitars, maracas, and chili peppers, all with cookie cutters found at online cake decorating stores.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas (& The Best Authentic Guacamole Recipe)

The stars of the dessert table were a pair of Mexican bell bell pintas. They decorated both sides of a Mexican fiesta birthday cake.

I always try to incorporate fruit into my dessert tables and I’ve found that fruit skewers allow you to creatively serve healthy treats that say it’s a dessert table, so we included Pottery Barn Harlequin Margarita Glasses which are full of different types. From bright candies. .

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

We found a cute chili tablecloth for free download for Mexican hats and printed labels for the dessert table and drink bottles.

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Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Party Table Decorations Taco Party Decor Cinco De Mayo 8

The ceiling was decorated with helium balloons and fireworks, colorful pink and blue glasses, maracas and Mexican party decorations.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

The birthday cake featured a Mexican celebration with hanging flags, piñatas, cactus and balloons, although I broke some rules by including non-food ingredients, the cake was easy to assemble and the kids loved it.

This party consisted of two parties. We put a live succulent in a real decorative bowl with a thank you card and a small jar of layered Mexican shell candy.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

How To Plan A Coco Inspired Fiesta Birthday Party — Mint Event Design

We painted “Fiesta” on candy jars in bright colors, thank you letters are available for free download.

We had lots of games and activities at this party, including a photo booth, kangaroo hunt, guess the can, piñata, parcel passing, dancing in Mexican hats, and more. The photo booth was a real hit and was very easy to set up. We used lots of crepe tape and attached it to the wall to create a vibrant striped background and then attached a colorful border.

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

For this party, we’ve created a scavenger hunt that you can download for free. Each child had to find 8 special cards with a Mexican theme as part of the hunt, these cards we carefully placed both inside and outside and gave the children a lot of fun. The first person to find the cards is offered a prize.

Taco Bar Decoration Kit, Mexican Fiesta Party Decorations Taco Bar Banner Sign Tent Garland For Cinco De Mayo Fiesta Mexican Theme Party Bachelorette Bridal Shower Wedding Birthday Taco Party Supplies

We also played traditional party games, including “guess the number of items in the jar” and “pass the package.”

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

It was a great party and a really good choice of theme that allowed you to get creative with simple splashes of color from ribbons and balloons.

This party

Mexican Themed Party Table Decoration Ideas

Sursurprise Fiesta Party Decorations Set Cactus Balloons Taco Bout Paper Fans For Birthday Party ,wedding, Mexican Fiesta Party Supplies

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