Mickey Mouse Table Decor

Mickey Mouse Table Decor – Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? For over 90 years he has brought fun and joy to the world. And who is Mickey without the other half of him, Minnie Mouse? This classic birthday theme is perfect for any Disney lover!

My daughter loves all things Disney, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and her favorite place in the world to visit is Walt Disney World Park in Florida. A few years ago I created a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed candy station for my daughter Carolina’s 15th birthday.

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

The night started at her favorite Italian restaurant, where her friends surprised him! After that they had a fun scavenger hunt at the mall and of course it was also Disney themed. Then all the girls went to our house for the night and of course it was a sweet surprise!

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Well, I said surprise, but she saw it before we went to dinner. She just thought it was for the client, that’s the life of a party stylist kid haha! So when she found out that she really was for him, she was very happy!

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

When you’re planning a Mickey and Minnie themed party, you can’t go wrong with black, white, red, and yellow. After all, they are the classic colors of Mickey and Minnie. I started my table with a black tablecloth and red polka dot bunting. I paired them with black and white accessories, including glass cake stands and apothecary jars.

I created a no-sew backdrop using red and white polka dot pom poms and fabric for Minnie’s bow, just using my hot glue! I mounted Minnie on black and white striped fabric, creating a perfect backdrop for my table!

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

Mickey Mouse Mini Balloon Column

The girls are going to see a movie together (a Disney movie, of course!), so I put popcorn and candy on this dessert table.

I used a variety of candies, including Mickey Mouse lollipops, red and yellow citrus candies, rock candy, and red gumballs. I also got some gold chocolate coins as well as special Disney Parks Mickey shaped coins.

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

And since girls can’t live on candy alone, I also put some strawberries and blueberries in polka dot cupcake holders.

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A Mickey Mouse Birthday!

Our baked goods come from Michelle’s Patisserie. This time we made cookies like Minnie, with cute bows!

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

Plus mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, with cupcake toppers that feature Mickey and Minnie’s signature white gloves!

For her birthday cake, I bought a cake with ruffled icing, which gives it the look of Minnie Mouse’s dress. I covered the cake with a “Happy Birthday” topper that I created on my Cricut.

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

Diy Disney Birthday Parties For Boys

In fact, all of the cutouts for this festival were done by me on my Cricut. Cupcakes and cake toppers and cupcake signs. I also created straw flags, cup wraps, and signs for my lemonade table.

For the drinks table, I created a backdrop with paper fans in my party colors, red, black, and white. And I gave the girls Mason Jars, with Mickey Mouse decorations, with fresh lemons!

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

So what parties are you planning this year? Birthday, wedding reception? Let me know below in the comments!

Mickey Mouse Party

I know you’ve heard of “glamping” before, but have you ever tried a beautiful camping experience? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very good at roughing it in nature, but I’ll definitely go for a backyard bohemian-style glamping experience!

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

Turn thirteen is a bit big. It is the first year that you are not a child, not a “tween”, but a real teenager! If you ask me, that’s really worth celebrating. So when one of my wonderful clients asked me to help her throw a surprise birthday party for her daughter Lexi, I was happy to make it special for her.

Spring will be here before we know it, and with the pandemic still in play, we’re all still looking for ways to celebrate. Outdoor micro parties are a great way to do it! That’s why I share this beautiful Llama-Themed

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

Minnie Mickey Mouse Theme Party Arch Balloon Chain Diy Dessert Table Decoration Mickey Minnie Birthday Balloon Baby Shower Decor

MINT Event DesignMickey Mouse, Black and red, Happy Birthday, children, ideas for children, Minnie Mouse, popcorn bar, Candy, Girls, join5 CommentsMeeska Mouska Mickey Mouse! We throw a Mickey Mouse birthday party and round up all of our best Mickey Mouse party ideas along with decorations, candy, and favors for you to enjoy (and maybe get inspired, come on!)

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Laurie and I are on projects. If we don’t have a project to work on, we’re a bit lost. We usually start planning for Allison’s birthday, which is in July, in March. We always say we started too early (and my husband thinks we’re men), but otherwise we’re still doing the last week of the party. Starting early also gives us time to challenge our ideas and see if they work. We’ve dry-cleaned a lot of stuff that if we didn’t have it, it wouldn’t work. For Allison Age 3, we went with a Mickey Mouse Age theme. We knew we wanted to make an outdoor house out of a bouncy house and a water slide, so we worked to add a touch of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with Mickey Mouse party ideas, as well as DIY projects, music, and candy.

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

The Mickey Mouse tablecloth is the star of the show and it’s easy to make. We covered the dining room table with two red chairs, making sure the tablecloth reached the floor. We put a black tablecloth on top. We cut out two white oval “buttons” from the printer paper and glued them to the red fabric. It’s simple but makes a big statement! For the original Mickey Mouse cupcake stand, we filled four Amazon shipping boxes with wrapping paper and placed them on the table in a kind of pyramid. The box above is for Mickey Mouse cupcakes. Finally, we set up the Mickey Mouse Cupcakes and Minnie Mouse Cupcakeson display.

Mickey Mouse Theme Party

We love fun and delicious desserts at our birthday party extravaganzas. Our Mickey Mouse party is no exception…we have cakes, cupcakes, rice krispie treats and pretzel bites. There is something for everyone! Here you will find recipes and detailed instructions:

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

A party is not a party without balloons, but in times of severe helium shortages around the world, you need to be a little more creative in how you use balloons. Balloons are an easy and festive alternative to helium-filled balloons. Our butterflies for a Mickey Mouse party were our first try and we love how they turned out! The balloon column is made up of a series of rows of balloon clusters. Each group consists of four balls. The key to having the best possible line is to try to make all the balloons the same size. Then tie the two balloons together. Then twist two sets of two balloons into a set of quad balloons. The fourfold group is connected with something vertical. Here we use the poles from the Coleman Instant Canopy. But you can also drive a piece of pipe into the ground or pool. Hook the quad stack to its vertical support. Place them together, turning each group forward a bit so the balloons fit together as shown in the image above. You can’t move the group of quad balloons too much after you’ve placed another row on top of it. The friction between the balloons will cause the balloons to burst. A report of the time. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to inflate the balloons and create four rows of balloons. Balloons that are filled with air (as opposed to helium) will last a few days, but they are best the first day, so I waited until the morning of the party to inflate them.

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Like the row of balloons, we made the Mickey Mouse party balloon arch made from a row of four groups of balloons. Tie two balloons together and then match two groups of two balloons into a group of four balloons. This is the building block for your balloon arch. To make an authentic Mickey Mouse balloon arch, we start with four rows of red balloons at each end of the arch. For the third row, the four groups are three red balls and one white balloon. Then we fill the rest of the arch with black balloons.

Mickey Mouse Table Decor

Easy Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

We love having fun party favor bags to give away. This year we really outdid ourselves with these Mickey Mouse party favor bags. They were very cute. Since we have many children of different ages, favors are special for children, so we made red “pants” bags that we can slide into the thank you card with the child’s name. The bag we made is 8″ x 10″.

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