Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor

Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor – Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse! We’ve thrown a Mickey Mouse birthday party and collected all of our best Mickey Mouse party ideas, including decorations, desserts, and party favors for your enjoyment (and maybe inspiration!).

Laurie and I live for projects. If we don’t have a project to work on, we’re a little lost. We usually start planning Alison’s birthday party, which is in July, in March. We always say we’re starting too early (and my husband thinks we’re crazy), but always we’re still making last-minute plans the week of the party. An early start gives us time to flesh out our ideas and see if they are possible. We’ve done a lot of dry runs on things that, if we hadn’t, would never have worked. For Alison’s third birthday we went with a Mickey Mouse birthday party theme. We knew we wanted a backyard party with a bounce house and water slide, so we set out to add Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse touches with these Mickey Mouse party ideas, including DIY projects, decorations, and desserts. are!

Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor

Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor

The Mickey Mouse tablecloth was the star of the show and was easy to make. We covered the dining room table with two red tablecloths, making sure the tablecloth went to the floor. We put a black tablecloth over it. We cut two white oval “buttons” from printer paper and taped them to the red tablecloth. It’s simple but makes a great statement! For the original Mickey Mouse cupcake stand, we covered four Amazon shipping boxes with wrapping paper and arranged them in a pyramid on the table. The little box above was for Mickey Mouse cupcakes. Finally, we arranged Mickey Mouse cupcakes and Minnie Mouse cupcakes on display.

Mickey & Minnie] Mickey Mouse Forever Balloons Bouquet

We love a variety of fun and delicious themed desserts at our birthday party extravaganza. Our Mickey Mouse party was without exception…we had cake, cupcakes, rice krispies and pretzel bites. There was something for everyone! You will find recipes and detailed instructions here:

Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor

A party isn’t a party without balloons, but during the global helium shortage, you’re going to have to get a little more creative with how you use balloons. Balloon columns are an easy and festive alternative to helium-filled balloons. Our balloon columns for a Mickey Mouse party were our first attempt at this and we really liked how they turned out! A balloon column is made up of a series of rows of balloon groups. Each group is made up of four balloons. The key to making the best looking columns possible is to try to make all the balloons the same size. Next, glue the two balloons together. Then rotate the two sets of double balloons into a quad balloon group. Quad groups are connected vertically. Here we used Coleman Instant Canopy Posts. But you can stick a piece of plumber’s pipe into the floor or even a stick. Drag the quad grouping to your vertical element. As shown in the picture above, assemble the balloons by twisting each subsequent group slightly to line them up properly. You can’t move a quad balloon group much after placing another row on top of it. The friction between the balloons will cause the balloons to pop. A note about timing. It took us about 1 1/2 hours to blow up the balloons and make these four balloon columns. Air-filled balloons (vs. helium) last a few days but look better on the first day, so I waited until the morning of the party to blow them up.

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Like the balloon column, the balloon arch for our Mickey Mouse party is made up of rows of four balloon groups. Tie the two balloons together and then roll the two sets of double balloons into a quad balloon group. This is the building block for your balloon arch. To create the original Mickey Mouse balloon arch, we started with four rows of red balloons on each side of the arch. For the third row, the quad group was three red balloons and one white balloon. Then we filled the rest of the arch with rows of black balloons.

Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor

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We love giving away fun party favor bags. This year we really outdid ourselves with these Mickey Mouse Party Favor Bags. They became very cute. Since we had several children of various ages, their wishes were child-specific, so we made the red “pants” into a pocket where we could slip in a thank you card with the child’s name. The bags we made were 8″x10″. The strips were 16 inches across. The red pocket was 5 inches long. We used 1″ white buttons. We filled Mickey Mouse party favor bags with two party favors, added Alison’s thank you note to the front pocket, and handed them out to Alison’s friends as they left the party.

Minnie Mouse Ears and Mickey Mouse Ears were the first projects we found and inspired us to go with a Mickey and Minnie party theme. We loved how they turned out and everyone at the party wanted to wear them. On the day of Mickey Mouse’s birthday party DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears were right by the front door and every party goer (even mom and dad) got a set when they arrived. We have ears! Say congratulations!

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Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor

We used the Cricut machine to make these Mickey Mouse themed cutouts in the party’s black, white and red color scheme. Each Mickey Mouse invitation consisted of an “A”, a “3”, a Mickey Mouse head, a Minnie Mouse head, a Mickey Mouse hand and Mickey Mouse pants, three red squares, and 3 white squares. We used a small paintbrush to adhere the invitation pieces onto black 5×7 inch paper. On the back, we stick a piece of white paper with party information. We used a Minnie Mouse font that we found on the internet. We were so happy with how these Mickey Mouse party invitations turned out!

Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

We love how these bee and mini centerpieces turned out. When we started thinking about the party centerpieces, our original idea was to have plants on the table, but as we talked, we decided it would be fun to paint terra cotta pots and put real plants in them. What we ended up with was a nice statement piece for the table, but it didn’t overpower the table or stop people from talking if they wanted to. For the base of the bee and mini centerpiece, we sprayed a terra cotta pot with black matte spray paint. Then we painted the polka dots by hand with a dauber brush. We dipped the upper part of the brush in the paint, placed it firmly in the pot, and then moved the brush in a circle, leaving polka dots. We painted the pots black and white so the centerpieces matched the black and white polka dot balloons we were using in the balloon columns to decorate the patio. Now for the Mickey Mouse ears, we spray the balsa sticks with the same black matte spray paint we used on the terra cotta pot. After they dried, we glued a medium styrofoam ball to a stick for Mickey’s head and then added smaller styrofoam balls with toothpicks to represent the ears. Finally, we painted Mickey Mouse’s head black. It turned out to be more difficult than we thought. The styrofoam balls made the paint really messy and it was hard to cover all the white corners and edges. It took three or four coats to paint it completely. The Minnie and Mickey cutouts were created with a cricket cutting machine and a Disney Mickey & Friends cricket cartridge.

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Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor

Here are the cups we used at our Mickey Mouse birthday party. Red and white plastic cups decorated with Mickey Mouse heads that we made from chalkboard vinyl paper. Guests were able to use chalk to write their names on the bee’s head so they wouldn’t lose track of their cups. These Mickey Mouse Party Cups were a big hit with partygoers. Due to our daughter’s constant obsession with all things Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, we decided to celebrate her second birthday Disney style. After previously hosting a pink Minnie Mouse birthday party for her older sister, I decided to go for a classic red Minnie Mouse birthday party with lots of Mickey Mouse. Oh two-dales, I hope you enjoy my red Minnie Mouse birthday party ideas.

I was surprised at how hard it was to find a red Minnie Mouse today. I love pink minis, but for this party, I wanted a classic color. So I decided to do a lot of DIY

Mickey Y Minnie Table Decor

Easy Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

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