Mid Century Modern Table Decor

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Not everyone is fortunate enough to have space for a formal dining room (shout out apartment dwellers!). However, if you do come across one, you may find this blessing…well, more than a curse. Dining rooms tend to stay unadorned longer than other areas of the house because they aren’t used as much, say the kitchen or the living room (unless you’re a hero housewife, put us to shame).

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

If you’re stuck trying to decorate your dining room mid-century, you’re not alone—and because just searching for the simplest of antique furniture finds and calling them the day isn’t enough, we’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring mid-century ones. Dining room Instagram to help you instantly upgrade your dining area. Who do you know? You may soon be hosting a mid-century dinner party yourself.

Here Is Why You Should Use Mid Century Side Tables In Your Home Decor!

Let’s be honest, we’ve never seen a dark beadboard look as beautiful as this. Modern gray and green make these mid-century built elements stand out even more—and they can hide a lot of sins if you live in an old house with immaculate walls.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Even true MCM owners can go for the slightly offbeat allure of hand-painted wallpaper—or, for DIYers, hand-painted murals—in the dining room. Simply stick to a muted color palette to keep things uniform with a subtle set of furniture for a less intense look.

Adding a bench can be an easy way to create more seating while creating mid-century style. However, if you have the space, why not skip the bench one step further and add a complete banquette? The cool retro look brings plenty of mid-century vibes to the dining room…and yes, you can hide under it too.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Fun Ways To Style Your Home With Mid Century Modern Decor

Honestly, we don’t expect the #plantmom trend to go away anytime soon—that’s cool. It’s a great way to add a welcoming, natural element to the elegant lines of a fine MCM dining set. (Bonus points if your pothos go big in your bar basket.)

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We all know the old trick of making mirrors look bigger, but it does a lot in the dining room. From uplifting the mood for your next evening to dramatically reflecting candlelight on a table, mirrors can really do wonders when placed correctly. In the dining room, you can choose smaller round mirrors to get the look you want.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Since vintage furniture has light wood tones, one way to make it really cool is to create lots of contrast. Even in a seemingly simple dining room, each piece stands out against the built-in black shelves (with a matching fireplace). The rest of the room focuses on light colors, creating the perfect balance.

Mid Century Dining Table Handmade Furniture By Moderncre8ve

An easy way to liven up a dining room corner? Add wallpaper with fun or artistic patterns and colors. Whether you choose to add art on top or leave it exposed is up to you, but you can’t go wrong with adding an accent wall or corner to show your creative side.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Even the most claustrophobic of interior designers can stand behind this idea. A simple set of floating shelves allows you to change artwork and decorate according to your mood. As a bonus, it doesn’t detract from the clean lines of these mid-century chairs.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Danish modern design, such as the iconic cross-arm chairs, which mirror the texture throughout the room. We love how the woven light fixtures and raw beams create balance in this space. The imperfect wood table perfectly captures the mid-century concept and is a stunning focal point we can’t get away from.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Mid Century Modern Dining Room Decor Ideas For Timeless Style

One of the easiest discoveries in the middle of the century? vintage art. Whether you’re looking for the cool set of paint by numbers that fills most thrift stores these days, or you’re looking for something more subtle (printed giraffes or Pete Campbell’s flat, perhaps?), matching them with period art can give you a more authentic feel in your dining area. .

Textiles can go a long way in softening the ultra-soft look of mid-century furniture, if you let it. Personalize every dinner party seat (or anytime) with cozy throw pillows and blankets to make the room eclectic.

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Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Not all formal dining rooms need to be centered around a tall rectangular table. This room proves that MCM has a lot of love for large round tables. Adding to the geometric aspect, round tables create plenty of space and give you plenty of room to work in creating a tablescape.

Mid Century Modern 70s 2 Table Cloth House Kitchen Decor White Table Cloth Wedding Table Decoration|

You can choose to keep things somewhat traditional, even with a modern style. Clean lines, Shaker-style chairs, and other similar styles can comfortably coexist with mid-century pieces that share a geometric curve. Add a stunning MCM light fixture to complete the balance, as skilled homeowners do.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Sometimes one color is all you need to differentiate a space. All-white walls and ceiling beams give this classic Ames-style suite plenty of room to shine. Plus, the addition of a gold-starred chandelier ties the room together.

On the other hand, MAX and MCM can complement each other conveniently. This loud retro wallpaper is undoubtedly a true crown jewel of a room. Bold, vibrant colors allow white decor to really shine, something white often doesn’t.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Mid Century Furniture For A Modern Decor Project

The warm color palette can be implemented in many ways in the MCM dining room. Coordinating white and orange chairs set the tone for this room, but you can make it your own with rugs, curtains, or lighting.

While mid-century modern is great for experimenting, you can also choose to keep things uniform by working with a monochromatic color scheme. another option? Really stick to natural materials like wood and wicker – the colors tend to blend together seamlessly.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

One of the beautiful aspects of mid-century modern is its ability to blend in well with other styles, including a rustic approach. Given how common natural finishes are in these designs, the pairing is perfect. Lighter wood with open shelving, a neutral color scheme and contrasting elements like mid-century curved chairs allow the dining room to stand out from the rest, creating a warm and charming space.

Modern Dining Room Ideas

If you can afford it, flooding the dining room with natural light is perfect for mid-century modern design. Place the dining room near open or full-length windows not only to take advantage of the view, but also to allow light to accentuate the distinctive color scheme and lines so common in this style. Just don’t forget the stylish lighting fixtures that can be used at sunset.

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Mid Century Modern Table Decor

While it’s a great option to choose a unique piece of art to display in your dining room, you can also choose a full-size gallery wall. Dining rooms serve as a unique purpose not only for gathering for meals, but also for getting together. Creating a wall of art prints that matches the rest of the room can help create a cohesive environment without feeling cramped or clogged.

If you want to keep things simple, choose a neutral color palette for your mid-century dining room. Lots of wood tones, bamboo furniture and gray walls combine to create a calming atmosphere. Add a simple piece of art, a unique plant, and geometrically shaped chairs to complete the look.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

Affordable Diy Mid Century Furniture Ideas That Will Inspire You • Grillo Designs

Simplicity is not a requirement of the MCM style, but it goes well with it. Instead of covering your walls with bold decor and paint, stick to a mostly white palette, natural touches and keep the decorative elements to a minimum for a stunning effect.

Signature lighting is the perfect way to incorporate your own mid-century design into the dining room. Whether you choose geometric fixtures, something sleek and streamlined, or something out of the box, your lighting is the perfect way to combine function and style.

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

This style gives you plenty of room to play and mix if you want to, so why not take advantage of it? Choose unique decorative items that can be prominently displayed on the shelves to impress guests. However, you can get art not only on the walls, but also chairs with bright colors and perfect patterns.

Amazing Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

Wood and white tones are a classic combination and can be a great starting point if you’re not sure how to decorate a mid-century modern dining room. White walls with wood accents can be easier to work with and can create a great foundation to build on over time. However, if you choose to stick to the basics, we can’t blame you—

Mid Century Modern Table Decor

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