Mid Century Table Top Decor

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If you’re looking for mid-century modern dining room decor ideas, you don’t need a time machine. We scoured the internet for inspiring retro restaurants with modern furniture and mid-century decor.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Finding your restaurant doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need is a sturdy dining table, dining chairs and a good lamp. Of course, it’s good to give the house some quality. You can choose antique rugs, wall decorations and centerpieces to decorate the space according to your taste.

Mid Century Modern Living Rooms Using Marble And Stone

So, what are the most inspiring mid-century modern restaurant ideas? Well, many turn-of-the-century restaurants have chestnut tables for appetizers. They usually have simple side chairs designed according to the minimalist style of the 1950s and 60s. Beyond that, you can combine colors with mid-century modern decor such as teal, mustard, dark orange or red.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Serge Mouille’s black MCL-R6 6-arm ceiling light from his 1958 runway show collection is one of the most mid-century modern light fixtures you can buy. Interior lighting is a perfect option for restaurants with lots of seating. A solid wood dining table and Bordeaux velvet side chairs complete this dining room. Shop for ceiling lights here.

The Marcel Breuer Cesca chair is a mid-century chair that can be found in many homes and apartments. It is an S-shaped chair made of silver metal with a rattan seat and back. The former will set you back nearly a thousand dollars, but you can get a good con here for a fraction of that price.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

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A popular chandelier in mid-century homes is the Sputnik chandelier, which looks like an exploding atom. Starburst chandeliers are usually made of metal, with many different rods emitting from different directions. At the end of each rod is a light bulb. A mid-century dining room with a white tulip table and four tulip chairs with orange stools. Below is a white and orange geometric pattern.

This mid-century modern dining table looks great on the walls of a mid-century modern dining room. The buffet and bookcase are associated with mid-century decor, so it’s no surprise that this piece is included in the room. It even has a glass room above it for the display of pottery and ceramics. You can store dishes and other things in the pantry like this!

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Mid Century Table Top Decor

The white tulip table by Eero Saarinen is an elegant choice for mid-century dining room decor. This is an old-fashioned table that has blended well into a modern interior. The design of the tulip table is interesting because it rises from a central base. This means you can have many people prop up their feet around the table without falling over the table legs. Here’s a bargain on this classic dining table.

Key Mid Century Modern Kitchen Elements And Ideas

Open-air room dividers are a popular design for mid-century homes. Here you can see a wooden room divider with geometric planks that help separate the two rooms of the house.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

This restaurant shows you the type of wall art that defined the medieval era. Diagrams and floor plans of objects in tables. Geometric patterns and dark colors help create the painting, which showcases forks, bars, spoons and other cutlery.

The walls of medieval houses were often covered with wood paneling. While today this would create too much dark space for the taste of the moment, I think you can make it look taller with the white furniture seen here. The white marble tulip table and tulip chair help make this room bright and airy.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Top 10 Mid Century Modern Farmhouse Design Elements

This space has many mid-century modern dining room ideas. The highlight is the beautiful teal geometric trim on the back. A round mirror hangs on the wall to make it look bigger. A mobile chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Two moulded plastic chairs sit on a chestnut dining table with dining chairs. This is a great retro space!

The Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair is a timeless dining chair. These swivel armchairs were designed for Knoll in 1956 by Eero Saarinen, who was inspired by the climax when he created them! Since then, they have walked into many people’s homes. Here is a cheap version of this beautiful chair.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Another trend that emerged in the middle of the last century was modern painting. This is an example of a minimalist line drawing, similar to the simple creations of artists like Ellsworth Kelly.

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The Most Famous Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces

Why not mix up your dining room chairs? You can use unassembled dining chairs to create interesting interior spaces. Here, a fabric sofa is paired with wooden dining chairs for a cool mid-sized vibe.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

If there’s one color palette you can’t go wrong with, it’s the warm browns that define mid-century modern. Warm chestnut browns and different shades are always in trend.

Play with geometric patterns on your wallpaper. This dining room has beautiful blue wallpaper that creates a retro vibe in the space.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Inspiring Midcentury Modern Dining Room Design Ideas

Color blocking is a mid-century trend. Remember YSL’s famous Mondrian colorblock dress? You can do the same and add it to your dining room chairs. Choosing a few different colors and placing chairs around a wooden table can give you an antique color-block effect.

This is one of my favorite mid-century modern restaurant ideas. These pink dining chairs look great around a wooden dining table.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

There’s a lot to love about a mid-century modern restaurant. The chandelier (buy here) is noteworthy. It has a metal rod sticking out and a glass cover that protects the bulb at the end. Below, a rectangular marble table sits in front of a built-in windowsill and several wooden dining chairs.

What Makes The Perfect Mid Century Man Cave?

These comfortable single shell chairs have been reproduced many times over the years. In fact, their existence has been evident since Charles and Ray Eames first created it over 80 years ago. Originally made from fiberglass in the 1950s, they have been redesigned to use more sustainable materials such as Herman Miller’s polypropylene. These are some of the best mid-century modern dining chairs you can buy! Get the cheapest version here.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Pick one of your favorite mid-century colors and choose it. These orange dining chairs steal the show in mid-century dining rooms.

You can create a black and white mid-century style by using black leather dining chairs and placing them around a white tulip table. The fairing below gives the space a true Scandinavian feel.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

The Basics Of Mid Century Modern Design

For a modern turn-of-the-century dining room, the most classic dining table is a natural one like the one seen here. You can’t go wrong!

When in doubt, this mid-century modern restaurant makes it easy. Add a tea chair and a beautiful wooden dining table and you’re good to go!

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Mid Century Table Top Decor

I love the decor of this restaurant. The geometric table lamp is the perfect lighting choice for this room!

Traditional Meets Midcentury Modern Design

If you can, check out Andy Warhol’s floral arrangements for an artistic vibe! Mid-century artists came to define the times and changed the definition of art itself.

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Mid-century modern dining room ideas are all about making your space look beautiful. This gorgeous dining room has mid-century modern elements, but with black dining chairs, it looks feminine and elegant. This room shows how you can mix two different styles of decor to create a room that is truly yours!

I hope this turn of the century modern dining room ideas inspire you in your planning process! There are many amazing vintage restaurants to inspire. I hope you can check out more ideas on our website. You can also sign up by email using the form below!

Mid Century Table Top Decor

Top 30 Mid Century Modern Dining Room Designs Decor Ideas

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Mid Century Table Top Decor


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