Middle Eastern Table Decorations

Middle Eastern Table Decorations – Moroccan themed party ideas, decorations, table setting and dinner at home. Create this exotic theme for an adult birthday party or host an outdoor garden party for a bridal shower or engagement party.

This colorful theme party is perfect for transporting guests to another place, even if only in spirit.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

This is perfect for a milestone birthday for someone turning 25, 30, 40 or 50. It can also be called an Arabian Nights theme or a Lawrence of Arabia theme.

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It will be so much fun to host a bridal shower or bridal lunch and you can have it as an indoor picnic.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

Decorating your party can be a lot of fun, especially if you like to mix and match things. A Moroccan-style party may look formal with all that gold and silk, but it’s also informal with an old-world bohemian vibe.

PRO TIP: Shop thrift stores for gold and copper jewelry and accessories that you can use. You’ll be surprised what you can discover!

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

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I had so much fun assembling this table in the backyard. Placing fabrics and decorations is so easy that anyone can do it!

At the end of the table, put a tall flower arrangement so that it does not interfere with the conversation and does not prevent the guests from seeing each other.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

Red roses are a great choice and can be placed in an old world style urn to complement the rest of the dining table decorations.

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If you don’t have Moroccan lamps, use a collection of brass candlesticks in various shapes and sizes to center the table. Chandeliers are perfect if you are using a narrow folding table.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

One of the must-haves for a Moroccan-inspired party is a low table and floor chairs, or in this case, lawn chairs.

You don’t need to be a DIY expert to create a makeshift table. Simply place a large piece of plywood on top of two plastic storage boxes or crates of equal height. Add colorful and stylish decorations to cover the table and hide what’s underneath.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

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Gold chargers and color combinations of vintage dinner plates. Look for plates with a wide decorative band around the outside, and if they have gold accents, even better!

Complete the delicious dishes with modern white salad plates and decorate the environment with colorful and golden Moroccan tea glasses.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

Adding small details is one of my favorite things to do when setting a themed table. Here are 3 surprising details about this table.

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PARTY TIP: Use vintage decanters to hold liqueurs like vodka and gin so guests can mix cocktails.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

Eat a small plate with your hands! Serve a few mezze plates for intimate gatherings. Mezze are small dishes served with alcohol in the Middle East.

Add stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. If you have a sit-down dinner, you can put them on a tray during cocktails.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

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Create your own menu or hire a private chef or chef to celebrate a special occasion. Add Middle Eastern favorites and Mediterranean-influenced dishes.

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PARTY TIP: Make or buy a dessert layer cake and decorate it yourself. Sprinkle with kumquats, raisins and cherries. Add fresh sage leaves for a week.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

Encourage guests to follow the dress code and wear traditional Moroccan clothing. Anything with gold trim, bright colors, or a white dress will do.

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Send your guests home with something to remember this night. Fill a small gift bag with essentials that have a Middle Eastern aesthetic.

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

Add a small candle, a decorative sand board and a scented soap wrapped in pretty paper. These products are selected by design and can be found at places like World Market or online.

If you like this Moroccan themed party, here are some other themes to try. They’re all in travel mode, so get your guest list ready!

Middle Eastern Table Decorations

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