Midsummer Table Decoration

Midsummer Table Decoration – For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of cooking a bohemian style dinner at our summer cottage in Amagansett, and I can’t help but draw inspiration from the beach where I live here in the summer. Relax on the sand or the lawn and watch the outdoors change from bright blue to midnight dusk as day turns to night. This relaxed and low-key beach life inspired me to launch the EyeSwoon dinner range. Ever since I launched EyeSwoon, this has been my dream. The designer in me also came up with a specific design process and scenario one day, just in case… just for fun.

A constant fantasy design element in this distant dream is a long, low communal table on the lawn, with Moroccan rugs spread across the lawn and twinkling lights hanging above it. With our new partnership with Cointreau, this dream has become a reality, faint like never before.

Midsummer Table Decoration

Midsummer Table Decoration

As this year’s summer soirées began to take shape, we were moving full steam ahead in terms of planning. The decor, the communal tables, and the table top pieces have been the most fun for me to design. I worked closely with Canvas Home to select stylish tableware, serving pieces, and glassware, and kept things simple with decorative craft paper runners, a 50 foot long low plywood table. Dip-dyed raw edge linen napkins tailored in an ombre palette of white to orange (a nod to Cointreau’s emblematic orange) brought a dramatic moment to the tablescape. A vintage brown Cointreau bottle features floral patterns spread on top of the table. The Moroccan and Turkish rugs I’ve collected over the years added a whimsical touch of geometric discord and emphasized the bohemian beach feel of my garden.

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I worked with my friend, chef Jeff Schwartz, to curate a summer menu that emphasizes local farms and seasonal ingredients here in Amagansett. And I wanted a dinner that conveyed elegance and beauty. But I also wanted a casual, relaxed experience. Starting with a bright summer vegetable and grain salad from Amber Waves Farm garnished with vibrant herbs, followed by a duo of surf and turf kebabs, and finished with grilled Cointreau peaches, ice cream and crunchy pistachio speck from a rice field. It was a real dining extravaganza for our local summer star.

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Midsummer Table Decoration

When my guests arrived and gathered around the pool by Cointreau-Rickey’s hand, their eyes became sparkling lights of their own. For more swoon, visit Lonny.com. Thank you Zimmermann for the stunning eyelet dress!Friday is Midsummer Eve time, one of the biggest celebrations in Sweden. It is an event that is rooted in Swedish culture and is as important as Christmas. It has become my favorite celebration of the year. It’s simply magic. Think wildflower crowns, dancing around the maypoles, and playing silly games. The table is spread with pickled herring, new potatoes, quiche, hard boiled eggs, sour cream, dill, salmon, strawberries and crispbread, washed down with beer and schnapps. It’s a day spent outdoors whatever the weather (thank goodness the sun seems to be shining on Friday!) It’s a time for friends and family to gather and chat, sing and dance in the midnight sun.

Would you like to join the celebration remotely? Here’s a lovely mid-summer table picture near Linnea in Gotland, Sweden (a beautiful house I recently covered).

Midsummer Table Decoration

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Single? Swedish tradition says that if you pick seven different wildflowers and place them under your pillow on Midsummer’s Eve, you will dream of true love.

PS I’m busy preparing for the big day on Friday, so I won’t be posting tomorrow. I look forward to blogging again on Monday. The summer solstice (June 21st)—and the longest day of the year—falls on a weeknight this year. But that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating the official first day of summer with cold rosé, outdoor gatherings, and backyard barbecues. No player sounds as warm as this one.

Midsummer Table Decoration

If you’ve ever come across a photo of a midsummer party in Sweden, you know what we’re talking about. Long sunshine is celebrated with beautiful flower crowns, colorful decorations and delicious cakes. With so many styling tips and party planning ideas to take from any festive occasion, we’ve rounded up seven of the most adaptable tips to inspire your own gathering. Wear the best white for summer. Don’t forget that

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Midsummer Table Decoration

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Midsummer Table Decoration

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Midsummer Table Decoration

Books & ArtThis Wellness Journal Worked For Me Even A Writer Glued To Her C… A few months ago, I bought my first wellness journal at the San Francisco airport. A whimsical and provocative diary by Alexandra Polk, was optimistic. I definitely have my work cut out for me! I am very familiar with planning parties for young children, and the more fun details the better.

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After much discussion, we finally decided to host an evening on the theme of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was mature, but very magical, and included giving guests a lovely three course dinner, a magical dessert table, a fun wreath activity, and watching the film Strange Magic, an animated film based on the same Shakespeare play I do!

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Midsummer Table Decoration

We couldn’t wait to get started! Start with the design of the invitation. I wanted it to be super magical! As I have done in the past, I decided to use a black jewelery box and stuff it with green moss and add lots of glitter for even more sparkle. A dragonfly-like life was topped off with a lovely butterfly pendant necklace. housed neatly inside an organza bag Complete with a beautiful tag that perfectly matches the girl’s name invitation. Women who have received such a magical invitation are indescribable. They all couldn’t wait to join the party!

Our backyard is full of beautiful rocks, greenery and lots of beautiful flowers which provided the perfect backdrop for this event. I decided to place a table under the pergola. This allowed me to create an outdoor oasis by hanging lots of twinkling lights above and a beautiful white faux chandelier with flowing white drapes attached to each corner. I also wanted a bohemian-chic look, so I did that by setting the table height to just 18 inches and using off-white cotton cushions as seats. To create a fake wood table top, I used realistic wood paper as the table top. Many girls thought it was real wood at first! Moss green crinkle satin fabric was strategically twisted and spread across the center for a topping of green. It was a rustic white rectangular wooden box, with mason jars filled with the same beautiful flowers and moss and twinkling lights on the center.

Midsummer Table Decoration

How To Host A Midsummer Party

Each setting begins with a large square apple green plate, layered with plum cloth napkins,

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