Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Minimalist Entry Table Decor – Ever since we took down our Christmas decorations, I’ve been lusting after our decor! The post-holiday void really hit me this year! Also, I’m just one of those people who always needs a project. And with the holidays over, tackling our console tables has become my number one mission! I’m so excited to share our vision and how our simple modern console table decor actually came together!

Although we started with our TV console table, we also bought and fashioned an entryway console! The spaces are quite different, but we had the same vision of a simple, modern space for each!

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

The console under the TV was one of the last pieces of furniture we added to the living room before the holidays. And I really didn’t think about it until after I tore down the white pottery village after Christmas. With its central location in the room right below the TV, its portability was hard to miss!

Ways To Decorate A Console Table

However, since there is a TV on top, I wanted to make sure the decor of the console table was kept more minimal. Minimalist decor is more my style as it is, but the last thing I wanted was a messy mess under the TV we all watch multiple times a day!

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

After browsing Pinterest, I collected several things from our house. Candle holders, cookbooks and a large bowl all became props. Having a few things to work with gave me a better idea of ​​what worked in the room. If you’re looking to renovate a space in your home, I highly recommend this step! It’s amazing how it helps create a better idea of ​​what to purchase (if anything!)!

Samsung Artwork | Console | Plant | Magnolia Board Book | Book of Oasis | Design in Depth book (through Goodwill) | The Vogue Book | Body book at home | Good luck | woven vase | black vase | Eucalyptus trunk

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Best Console Table Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2021

Once I had more vision, I found some of my favorite stores: Home Goods, Target, Hobby Lobby, and World Market. This is how my vision came to life!

We still need to fix the exposed cable wire, but for now I’m very happy with how everything looks! You can also see a quick video of the style here on Instagram:

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Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Our entryway was a space I struggled with a bit more. We assembled our table decor in a day, but the entry was more of a process!

Tips For Decorating A Console Table In An Entryway

After deciding on this console table from World Market, I knew I wanted to hang an arched mirror above it. We have a round mirror above our fireplace and wanted something different for the space. Unfortunately, the large arched mirrors were a bit hard to find! I ended up ordering this from Amazon. It is exactly what I imagined! Unfortunately, it’s sold out now, but World Market just released this one this week! Looks like I was looking a few weeks too early. 😜

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Console | Similar plants | Etsy Artwork Set | Arc Mirror (Sold Out) – OPTIONS IN STOCK! | Lamp base | Lampshade | High basket | Short basket |

Although most of our home is very neutral, we added accent colors for interest. I was very drawn to this green lamp and immediately looked for prints to coordinate and fit the space. If you are looking for the print set, I highly recommend checking out Etsy! I found this set very affordable (under $10!). I then sent them to be printed on Mpix, which I also recommend for high quality, realistic color prints!

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Best Entry Table Ideas (decorations And Designs) For 2022

And this is how it looks now! I ended up coming across a woven lamp at Target and I love how it looks in the space! But I’m trying to decide which one I prefer. You can scroll down to see the original vision!

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Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Whether you’re a fan of minimalism or have the perfect theme to express your personality, there’s one place that many designers often ignore: the entryway. Because this space sets the tone for your home, make a stylish impression from the moment your guests walk through the front door. Entryway tables are a great way to organize your essentials, tidy up and decorate with your favorite details to bring your home up a notch. We caught up with celebrity interior designer Ariel Okin to get her expert tips on how to design a chic entryway.

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Coffee Tables, Side Tables & Entryway Tables

Whether your style is traditional, feminine, modern, or something in between, take inspiration from these entryway table decor ideas to transform your space.

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Plant parents, take note: placing plants and leaf cuttings on the entry table adds an organic element to the space. To balance out the tall greenery, add smaller decorations like this rustic bowl and a short stack of books. “Living things always make a house feel like home—they’re a thoughtful gesture that shows someone lives here,” says Okin.

If you live in an apartment or are short on space, choose a piece of furniture with built-in storage to display decorative items on the surface while using drawers for other essentials. “This is the best way to minimize clutter in high-traffic areas,” says Okin. Curated items from your travels or growing collections of your favorite items are great pieces to display on entry tables.

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

How To Style A Console Table: 10 Ideas Decorating Console Tables

“Everyone likes to take one last look before they walk out the door,” says Okin. “Mirrors also reflect light and make a space feel larger.” Classic round mirrors add a touch of class with a modern twist, while larger square mirrors are better for those last-minute style checks (and selfies, of course). Let the mirror shine and simplify everything: matching table lamps, a selected pile of books and other small decorative objects are perfect complements to the star of the room.

If you’re not sure what to do with your decor, try creating a balanced display in your entryway. “Symmetry isn’t as important as overall balance,” says Okin. “Pair a heavier coffee table book—or a decorative box, for example—with a lighter vase or thin-edged brass mirror. It’s the dichotomy that makes the interior really interesting.” In this well-balanced space, the designer kept it simple with matching sconces, a lush vase of flowers and a characterful entryway table.

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

A statement lamp enlivens this fashionable entrance. Complete with gilded home accessories, this space has just the right amount of glamor without sacrificing its sleek and clean look. “Materials like brass, lucite, leather and marble are always on the glam front in a decidedly ‘Hollywood Regency’ space,” says Okin.

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Best Console Tables For Small Entry Or Hallways

When curating your space, choose a color scheme that you want to come home to every day. Then edit your entry accordingly: small stacks of books, paintings or decorative accents are an easy way to incorporate your chosen color palette. “I’m a little picky when it comes to tchotchkes in my house, but for someone who wants an immaculate, well-edited look, choose a color palette that complements the rest of the house,” says Okin.

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

For us, this atmospheric entrance is the perfect place to experiment with darker colors. Clean colors of black, gold and gray keep the table setting cohesive without competing with the bolder wallpapers. “A nice, dark wallpaper can always make an entry hall more interesting,” suggests Okin.

Make the most of a small space with an entry table made of transparent materials such as glass. Decorate it with an elegant lamp, a few small plants and a traditional mirror to keep the vignette simple. “Lucite and acrylic tables disappear wherever you put them,” says Okin. “If you’re trying to create the illusion of more space, they’re always a good choice in that scenario.”

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

Minimalist Interior Design: 7 Best Tips For Creating A Stunning Look

If you’re not too keen on maximalism, consider Scandinavian-inspired design. “Keep the palette clean and monochrome—and the accessories to a minimum—to achieve this sleek, palette-cleansing vibe.” This entryway is great inspiration for sticking to the basics: a modern lamp, a stack of reading materials and some greenery are all that’s needed to style this space.

For an elegant, classic look, keep your entryway table simple with a vase of fresh cut flowers. This space was designed with a traditional double light fixture to divide the space between the kitchen and living room and a neutral color that blends throughout the room. To make the table stand out without making a bold statement, the designer chose a gray paint color a few shades darker than the walls.

Minimalist Entry Table Decor

There is nothing that goes into a house

Small Entryway Console Table

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