Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table – When designing our dining room, we want to use a modern contemporary style with a simple and clean accent. When looking for furniture, we focus on minimal dining furniture that is not bulky and does not take up too much space visually. Although our dining table was large and could seat 8 to 10 people, it did not take up much space and still felt spacious and airy.

One of the most popular pieces of furniture in our home is the Walnut Portica dining table, which has a stainless steel base from the living room and board. We want our table to be able to seat as many people as possible because we often host and choose a table that can seat 8 to 10 people. For reference, our table size is 78 “W x 42” D x 29 “H. The walnut top is great but also a bit high maintenance and needs good care to look its best. Parsons from Crate and Barrel are another similar option.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Since we got the dining table from the living room and the board, we chose their Hirsch chairs in Ivory Coast with metal legs. This chair has a sleek and thin frame and is a huge space saver, especially when trying to gather as many people around the table as possible! We really like materials that are easy to clean and spill resistant. Another option we consider is Lowe leather seats from Crate and Barrel.

The Best Minimalist Home Decor Finds In 2022 From Amazon

The main floor of our house is the 2nd floor, which is an open concept. Because the dining room is open to the living room, we chose not to use the floor for the dining room, as the carpet will close the living room carpet slightly. It is also a practical and easy decision to clean under the dining table.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

For the dining room decoration, we went with a simple round mirror hanging on the wall in the middle of the table. We really love and recommend the Infinity Glass line from CB2! We have unlimited 48 inch black glass and it fits our modern dining room perfectly. It measures 24, 36, and 48 inches and has a very thin aluminum frame with a depth of 1 inch. We are very impressed with the high quality for the price and the non-curved mirror that I always look for when buying a mirror. We have also had unlimited rectangular mirrors in our powder room for 2+ years and still love it to this day – highly recommended for those looking for a modern slim thin glass frame!

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We bought our chandelier from Light in the Box and unfortunately the 10-light pendant is no longer available, but I have attached a similar option below. The dining stove is truly a statement object and enhances the overall look of the space!

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Stylish Rustic Interior Dining Room Walnut Wooden Table Retro Chairs Stock Photo By ©followtheflow 488846228

For the center of our dining table, we have a 32-inch-tall white plantation filled with fake nectar. It is also available in black and stainless steel of different lengths. We used flower bubbles to keep the nectar in place and decorated it with white accent stones to give it a full look.

All in all, the design of our dining room is very simple and there are not many. Round glass reflects light because there are no windows in the dining room. Walnut wood brings a nice warmth to the space and the modern dining furniture makes our dining room open and airy.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

We are Viv & Tim here to help you create a home you will love! Stay tuned as we share our top home decor options as well as helpful arrangements and entertaining ideas. Like the kitchen, the dining room is an important gathering place for any home. It is a place where families can get together after a full day of separation and guests can break the fast with their host. Last year’s brilliant formal dining room, which made it difficult to talk to anyone at the end of the table, has long given way to something simpler that breakfast cereal is more common than 5 meals. Session. The featured dining room here is elegant in its simplicity. A little aesthetics works well in the dining room as it can create a clear and clean canvas for the next meal to share at a small but beautiful table.

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A Mediterranean House With Refined Scandinavian Influences

Like any small room, white will become a popular color palette in the smallest dining room. In this Scandinavian-style dining room, white walls and concrete floors create a light and airy atmosphere in an industrial-style loft.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

The light in the dining room should not be overlooked – this black kitchen light works well with the black dining table in this softly decorated room.

Even such high-rise black chairs can fit into the minimalist aesthetic, mimicking the range of kitchen cabinets and making the room feel spacious and open.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Dining Room Decor Ideas

The smallest dining room is not necessary without decoration. The venue has creative accent walls with creative elements, but still clean and sleek.

This cozy small dining room faces Scandinavian style with navy blue accents and unique lighting.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Two white Scandinavian chairs appeared in this minimalist dining room: the carved Panton S chair and the classic Eames chair.

Viv & Tim

For a minimalist dining room, consider light colors like sage green that work well with this room. A similar cooking stove can be found here.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

A kitchen stove can be a great lighting option in a minimalist dining room. It hangs harmoniously above the white round dining table.

When large pendants do not work, a lighter pendant light combined with recessed lighting can be a convenient as well as practical design. Eames shell chairs are a stylish addition.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Kimode Cotton Buffalo Plaid Placemats Set Of 4, 13

Many minimalist dining rooms are available in homes with open floor plans, which means that their color scheme must also be in harmony with the surrounding area – including the kitchen and dining room.

The white tiled kitchen and light wood dining suite make this small dining room simple and modern.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

You do not need a lot of space to make a dining room with fake tropical leaves.

Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

If you think shell chairs are Eames’ only option for minimalism, then Eames eiffel chairs are another simple and elegant option.

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Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Minimalist dining rooms can use creative elements such as whiteboard walls to bring out a simple and colorful personality.

The stunning white painted floor in this tiny dining room really makes the room feel bigger. The great swing-arm wall lamp you see here is the Flos Mod 265. The glass dining table makes sure that it leaves little visible effect in the room.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Minimalist Design Ideas For A Stylish, Clutter Free Home

This dining room only emphasizes a little aesthetics with a beautiful palette and lines, but the large dining equipment and large artwork make this room more daring than some other rooms.

When the dining table tilts against the kitchen counter, easy flow is created. Linear hanging lights also help.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Dark gray is less popular than light white in a minimalist design, but it is slightly softer than black for a bit of contrast.

Modern Dining Room Ideas

This clean dining room is another example of a floor that creates a visual sign for a larger room.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

This cozy dining room with drop chairs really feels hygienic – Scandinavian concept of true comfort and relaxation.

The picture window makes the minimal design an easy choice as the view serves as an additional decoration.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

Julien 1.6m Dining Set With 6 Chairs (white Marble/brown)

The carved dining chairs in this modern black-and-white dining room have a 1980s feel.

How the legs of this dining chair are parallel to the legs of the dining table is your least dream.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

This bright white miniature dining room includes houseplants as well as grass plants for added color.

Rustic Dining Rooms That Radiate Refinement

Finally, mismatched wood and minimal furniture that can grow for the company make this cozy dining room a lovely and practical choice.

Minimalist Home Decor Dining Table

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