Minimalist Party Table Decor

Minimalist Party Table Decor – I love going to parties and looking at the gift table! It’s magical to know that someone is being celebrated and that each gift has been carefully selected. I love guessing what is hidden in each gift box and bag. Make sure you don’t “shake it off” with each gift. (Who does but me?)

There are many ways to decorate a beautiful gift table! Gifts should be displayed as part of the party decorations. Especially when they come back nice and stable! And there’s no need to break the bank or create waste in the process.

Minimalist Party Table Decor

Minimalist Party Table Decor

I’ve learned that there are two key components to creating a gift chart that can help set the mood or fix a holiday theme. Wall decoration and table decoration.

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Wall decor is anything that can be hung on a wall to provide visual impact and help define a space. You can even hang things from the ceiling to create fake walls!

Minimalist Party Table Decor

Table decorations can be decorative or functional, such as a lamp used as a grid or card box. With interesting elements around your home, you can create heights and sizes that match the theme. Books and toys for a baby shower gift table work great to create heights. A cake or cupcake stand, an upturned vase or a wooden box (rustic wedding?) can be used as a way to display elements and add dimension to the table.

Inflatable walls are very popular now and look very beautiful, but they are not considered environmentally friendly decoration. Biodegradable latex balloons can also take years to biodegrade and are treated with chemical preservatives that pollute water systems and soil. Not to mention how disaster balloons affect our oceans and marine life. And the helium that floats the balloon? Unfortunately, this is not a permanent resource. Sorry to pop the balloon…

Minimalist Party Table Decor

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But there are fun alternatives to balloons that kids will love! Like blowing bubbles! I’ve never met a kid who wouldn’t go blowing bubbles on bananas. An electric bubble machine can turn an ordinary room or yard into a magical wonderland! Or use paper flags and paper kites, spinning paper ribbon wheels or tissue paper pom poms.

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My girls love balloons, but I like to choose decoration options that can be reused or recycled. My little girl recently turned 5, so this year I had to come up with something equally fun and switch it up. Nemaya liked the paper “wall” I made. I hung a paper flag from the ceiling and turned on a portable fan. The girls were having so much fun running and waving flags! No one said balls…

Minimalist Party Table Decor

A maze of paper flags would be so much fun to walk around the house! Let the children help you! Our girls loved ripping masking tape and cutting flags.

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The gift table can also be used as a cake table (or dessert is served). Food is always attractive! Match the color of the dessert to the dessert or use the dessert to complement the theme of the gift table (bunny cupcakes for a woodland animal baby shower, dark red velvet cakes for a vintage themed wedding, etc.).

Minimalist Party Table Decor

Check out how I styled the latest issue! I handmade as many decorations as I could, borrowed the rest from my house and my mom’s house, and found used furniture on Facebook Marketplace. And it was fun! More fun than going to the dollar store with two kids who want everything they see. I have to get it from my mom…

We hope it inspires us to create the perfect gift table for your next event! And share with us on Instagram @ We always love to be inspired!

Minimalist Party Table Decor

How To Have A Minimalist Wedding

Stylish waste-free packaging for any occasion. We’re changing the way you give gifts by offering high-quality, reusable packaging that lasts!

Members-only discounts are also available. We promise to never clutter up your inbox! Our goal has always been to reduce waste. What would your ideal child’s birthday look like? We keep it small and simple so you can have a stress-free fun night out with your friends. Read more about our simple minimalist children’s birthday party.

Minimalist Party Table Decor

J turned 4 two weeks ago. We bought him a present (a yard trampoline) and despite the size, we had his first birthday. I waited until I was old enough to ask boys for their birthdays and threw a birthday party there. So it was the first year she started asking about getting her friends together to celebrate the special day.

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I went for a more streamlined version because I don’t like big birthday parties. We had a few friends over, no gifts, and to keep it very simple, we had a house party.

Minimalist Party Table Decor

This party didn’t fit the mold of most birthday parties our kids attend, so I sometimes wonder what other parents think of small, super random things. But in the end, I did my best to say I wanted a birthday party. I tell my boys, “Every family has different rules and that’s okay,” so I have to stick to my mantra.

We rounded up a few of J’s friends and family, all of whom were notified of the party via text or Facebook message. I sent each of them a warning text a week before the party (or told them we were passing when we met in kindergarten). We also brought M’s parents to help with our celebration.

Minimalist Party Table Decor

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We especially didn’t want to be in charge of dinner, so we arranged a party from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. We had a few snacks (goldfish and homemade chocolate covered pretzels) along with a variety of drinks including a juice box, soda, beer and wine, and an Izzy drink (one of J’s and mine’s favorites).

The lack of food made it easier and cheaper, but I didn’t have to worry too much about washing dishes or disposable plates and cutlery. I like to cook for parties sometimes, but it’s a lot more complicated.

Minimalist Party Table Decor

We were lucky with the good weather and spent most of the evening outside jumping on the trampoline, playing with toys and pushing the kids on the wooden swings. The kids were having so much fun they almost didn’t want to stop to buy cupcakes. So I can’t imagine how happy the kids are when they take a break to eat.

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J and I discussed before the party that his friends would not bring gifts. He rejected it at first. She asked us why we don’t accept gifts from our friends because we know we bring them to the appropriate parties. After a minute of calm talk, they were reminded of how many toys they already had and that they didn’t have time to play with them to calm their worries.

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Minimalist Party Table Decor

We bought her a trampoline for her birthday. “Every family has different rules,” I repeated my record. Also, most 4-year-olds don’t get trampolines for their birthdays, so be thankful for something fun and exciting.

During the holiday, I did not hear a single word about the gift from Z or any of the guests. Also, the four families who were invited to the party were more than happy to comply with our “No Gift” request. One family brought a bottle of daffodils from the yard which I thought was amazing! The flowers brightened up our patio tables during the evening and graced the kitchen island for the next few days. A small, casual, hand-picked bouquet is the perfect alternative for those who don’t feel comfortable going to parties empty-handed.

Minimalist Party Table Decor

Emilia’s 1st Birthday Garden Party

We didn’t make a party bag for T’s birthday last year. This year we set up a small candy table and let the kids pick out some candy to put in their holiday gift bags. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll do it again. It was a bit crazy and reached for too much candy, especially for the older kids.

I bought a store bought ice cream cone a few months ago and filled it with jelly bears and chocolate candies from the bulk food section of the grocery store. I bought a small wooden bucket and a small paper bag to help keep the pieces reasonable. However, I’m not sure I’d do it again because it wasn’t as disruptive as I expected. Party bags are a good choice to ditch together. live and learn

Minimalist Party Table Decor

I also felt very comfortable as the host of the party. I prepared for several hours.

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