Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor – In my family, we all have specific roles to play on Thanksgiving. My mom gets up early to get the turkey in the oven, and my sister joins in to make her signature pecan pie. My dad played soccer with my cousins ​​in the yard, and I focused on designing and setting up the Thanksgiving table. It’s the one time of year I always make place cards so everyone knows where I’m sitting, and I like to add a fun activity that sparks conversation at the table.

But during such a crazy time of year, any DIY project I try has to be easy enough to throw together on the day of.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Scroll down to see which Thanksgiving table ideas made the cut this year, and let us know if you’re planning on giving any of them a try. I’m leaning towards wood cutting board chargers, mini loaves, and pie boxes to go!

Minimalist Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Bring the outdoors in by placing branches and dried flowers from your garden on the table like Camille’s Designs.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Print these brilliant stationery that have everything you need for a Friendship party, by House of Lars.

All you need is a white colored pen and kraft paper to make this personal space, by Country Living.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas Sure To Impress

Leave a pen and “I’m Thankful For…” cards as a fun service for your guests, by Bless’er House.

Fresh bread on every place setting is a warm way to welcome guests into your home this holiday season, by Ella Claire.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Add a pop of color to your table by placing clementines in your centerpiece, by Brit & Co.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Inspiration

Who says bright pink isn’t a Thanksgiving color? Make neon pinecone place cards in one easy step, by Camille Designs.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

This printable menu is completely customizable, so all you need to do is list what you will be working on and print it out through Almost Perfect.

Pair a napkin with a cinnamon stick and greenery for a festive fall statement, by Mrs. Hei Wedding.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Gorgeous Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas You Need To Try

Send guests home with a piece of cake in these cute to-go cake boxes, by The Merry Thought.

Grab some leaves from your yard and fill them with gold leaf to create a modern, organic place card, by Lark &​​​​​​

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

While you’re at it, grab some acorns and tie them to a pretty ribbon for a backyard napkin harvest, by Martha Stewart.

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Easy Thanksgiving Table Décor That Won’t Break The Bank (and Have Every Guest Smiling)

Create a centerpiece that will last forever by decorating a fake pumpkin with silk flowers and berry sprigs, by A Pumpkin & A Princess.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Apples, pillar candles, and some eucalyptus leaves are all you need to make this minimalist table runner, by Julie Blanner.

Sign up to receive a Free E-Book with exclusive times, ideas, recipes, playlists, place cards and everything you need for your Thanksgiving gathering. If you’re like us, you still write October this year when you need to write the date. Therefore, setting the Thanksgiving table is probably not the best choice. Lucky for us, Andrew Corrie, British designer, entrepreneur and founder of Canvas House, is here to present his work on a modern minimalist table. Andrew’s vision has a duality between urban chic and a more relaxed country setting. All Canvas Home products work equally well in both areas. Andrew’s mantra has always been, “Home is a blank canvas.” Below are five ideas for a stylish and simple table for the holidays.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas For Stylish Holiday Dining

Mix texture and finish. Different textures and finishes give the table a visual advantage without cluttering the space. Having a consistent color on each place setting is a good way to tie different elements together. That could be a pink soft drink or one of our Aqua Eau Minerals glasses.

Make a glass difference. At Canvas House we like to use drinking glasses from different settings with different heights for creating artistic and stylish table. This is a great way to add interest to the table without adding unnecessary items.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Less accessories. For a simple and refined table, keep accessories to a minimum, both in shape and size. Less is more with clean cuts and a subtle color palette for a clean yet understated look. Try to use appropriate plates and a few bowls on the main table, and put others on the table or nearby tables.

Simple And Affordable Thanksgiving Tablescape With Video Tutorial

Simple companies. Instead of a large focal point, which can overwhelm the table, we want to use smaller and smaller centers. Small companies are both tasteful and functional for communication. At Canvas House we like to use drinking glasses as vases with a flower in each and a simple green.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Bring the arena in. Take the field in for the festival and the smell of the table. Berries, leaves, wreaths and pine cones give the table a seasonal touch. Add fall vegetables such as pumpkins, gourds or butternut squash in fall colors to bring color and vibrancy to the table.

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Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Natural Farmhouse Thanksgiving Table Setting

Minimalism can be different: it can be completely neutral, which is the most popular idea, it can be black and white or gray, and you can also try some bold colors, if the items themselves are minimalist. It’s important to choose a color scheme and stick to it to make your Thanksgiving decor more stylish. Metal accents are not essential, but they can add elegance to a table and mantelpiece, for example. If you want a great laconic look, stick with flat black or silver.

A clean and minimal Thanksgiving table setting with white china, gold trim, a gold vase with color blocks and straws

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Laconic Thanksgiving table with a eucalyptus arrangement, small white pumpkins, black plates and a faux fur runner

How To Decorate For Thanksgiving: Expert Ideas From Interior Designers

A small Thanksgiving table with white square plates, green carpet and pillar candles on the table, elegant glasses

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

A minimalist and elegant Thanksgiving table setting with a printed runner, white china and linens, bright candlesticks and tall, thin candles.

Minimalist and boho Thanksgiving table with white vase of grass, neutral china and wooden plates, pumpkins and candles

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Fancy Up Your Thanksgiving Table With Chic, Minimalist Decor

A small Thanksgiving menu on a white plate and cotton is a stylish idea for a minimal celebration

Start with pumpkins and other decorations to make the space feel like Thanksgiving. Everything is very simple here: neutral rock or white pumpkins, no other special decoration is needed here. You can combine your pumpkins with pots of grass or dried flowers or consider a green arrangement in a simple or clear white pot. Don’t decorate your desks or coffee tables only, don’t forget about mantelpieces and window sills, because minimalist decoration is not much in your eyes, you need to add here and there.

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Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

A small Thanksgiving table setting with a white tablecloth and gray curtains, white china and gray pumpkins and black pumpkins with greenery in vases

Chic Thanksgiving Décor Ideas To Celebrate Turkey Day

A minimalist Thanksgiving table in neutral colors, with fruits in vases, tall and thin candles and pillar candles, rust colored plates and silver trim.

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

A small Thanksgiving decoration with a white tray, a white vase with dried leaves and natural pumpkins and gourds.

A neutral minimalist Thanksgiving table with a green centerpiece in an exposed vase, white china, small white pumpkins and neutral linens

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

My Best Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas And Styling Tips

Very simple and cool center green, white pumpkins, tall and thin candles in gold candlesticks are beautiful

Choose neutral and laconic textiles – a tablecloth, a table runner and curtains, and think of textured plates in neutral tones, they can be speckled or pure white, and you can add interest with a contrast panel . Neutral glasses, cut black or silver, go for the center of dried flowers, wheat, grasses, branches with autumn leaves or eucalyptus. Mark each place setting with small natural pumpkins, carry minimalistic menus if you have many guests. Avoid patterns and other details, minimalism is not about that. Get inspired by the tips below and enjoy!

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

A black and white Thanksgiving table with black and white plates, a black runner, a wheat arrangement, and gold ornaments.

Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Small Thanksgiving decoration with a white vase with cotton branches, pine cones and pillar candles on a wooden table

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Minimalist Thanksgiving decoration with gold ornaments with gold accents and dried grass, black candle is beautiful and easy to recreate

Minimalist Thanksgiving mantelpiece with white pumpkins, a white vase with a yellow branch and a small gold ornament on the stand

Minimalist Thanksgiving Table Decor

Traditional Thanksgiving Table Decor

A very simple and minimalist Thanksgiving decoration with a stack of books, some dried flowers in it

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