Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

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Two years ago we discovered these little creatures and started watching their movies over and over again.

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Birthday, we decided to go to a Minion Birthday Party, what else would we have done!? Plus, he was dressed as the cutest Minion we’ve ever seen for Halloween, so it was fitting!

Birthday Decoration At Home

We love animals. So for his birthday party, Hunter wanted to give dog and cat food to the local zoo instead of presents.

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

The Halloween before her party she was a minion so I used her Halloween photo to add the invitations.

I love decorating for parties. Most of the time I browse Pinterest trying to find ideas. What usually ends up is me taking one idea and tweaking it a bit to turn it into my own creation.

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Throw The Ultimate Minions Movie Birthday Party Third Stop On The Right

I printed out lots of cute little minis for the party. One of the things I used were the purple and yellow cups. I made evil minions in the purple cups and normal stupid minions in the yellow cups.

Balloons, I love balloons! We had 50 balloons and I painted the faces in yellow and purple. I love balloons because they’re not only decorations, they make really great party favors! Children love choosing their own balloon to take home.

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

I bought an inexpensive party kit online with tablecloths, a banner, party fans, plates and party hats. At that time, minion themes were not common. They weren’t in stores, so I bought them on Amazon with a gift card I got from online reviews.

How To Have A Minions Themed Birthday Bash

At first I had the idea to use coke bottles as bowling pins and let the kids bowl. I thought this would be too busy since we usually have about 40-50 people show up to her party. Instead, I used them as table decorations. I painted their bottoms blue and the tops yellow and put Minion faces on them. They turned out so beautiful! After the party, I let the kids take the Nerf guns and shoot them.

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Streamers are great. It’s cheap and you can make it cute. I wrapped yellow and blue ribbon around the door frames to decorate it. Also behind the party table I turned yellow and blue streams into a cute background.

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We have a lot of Minion theme. The shortest is the giant stuffed Minion we got from Dollywood last summer. We have talking minions, minion hats, minion shoes, everything! I put them around the house as decoration. Best of all, it didn’t cost a cent!

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Minions Despicable Me Themed Birthday Party Ideas

I posted a “Make Your Own Goody Bag” menu and it was a huge hit! The children liked him.

I bought yellow paper bags at the Dollar Tree. I got two for $1. Not bad. I printed the face of the flour, Do you see a trend here again? I glued the swear face to the bags and voila, custom party bags.

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

I bought little toy guns and printed a sticker that said “Jelly Blasters”. I didn’t think the kids played with them at all because they were so small. Boy was I wrong. The kids loved putting water in them and splashing each other around the house.

Modern & Bright

Minion whistles and Minion gummies were a must! I saw them and couldn’t resist!! I bought banana flavored Twinkies and printed out cute little patterns and made them into “Banana Flavored Minions”. SUPER BIG HIT!

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

What child does not like bubbles? I probably bought 5 packs of bubbles just to get the yellow ones out, LOL. I made a few different labels, but most said something like “Thanks for coming to the Hunter Party. You’re one of the minions!” & “Thanks for coming 5 frivolous Hunter

The movie Gru changed his life. No longer a poor baker, he developed his line of Jams & Jellies. I bought some containers at the dollar store and put grape jam in them. I found a picture of the logo they used in the movie and Photoshopped it to make my own sign. Everyone loved this idea because it was original and crazy! Who brings jelly as a party favor?

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Minions Party Cake, Kids Birthday Party Ideas, Yellow And Blue Minion, Children 2 B Day Party Concept Stock Photo

My dear friend makes all of Hunter’s birthday cakes. This was the first one she made for us and it was SO good and cute!! Sometimes simple cakes are the most beautiful!

So if you read some of my other posts, I love a shirt. Hunter has shirts for every holiday, occasion and season. I usually buy them on Etsy, but I’m hoping to buy my own embroidery machine this year and open my vinyl and sticker business for embroidery too!

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Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

My grandmother made a homemade chili that goes a long way! My mother-in-law and I made party food. Sausage rolls, pigs in blankets and Rotel dip.

Cartoon Cute Minions Yellow Theme Photography Backdrop Kids Birthday Party Decorations Banner 7x5ft Vinyl Minions Theme Baby Shower Photo Background Studio Booth Props Cake Table Supplies

I made cupcakes. I bought white frosting and colored it a light blue with blue food coloring. Then I took the Twinkies and cut them in half. I put the Twinkits on top of the cupcakes and decorated them with faces and eyes. You can buy the eyes at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. These were super cute!

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

These were so cute!! I bought a big container of Cheese Puffs and made a really cute sign. I photoshopped Agnes and printed it. It turned out super cute! This is one of the most popular pins on Pinterest! Check it out here.

I love making Oreo truffles. It is easy. It’s fast. End of the story. Not really, lol. To make one batch, crush a container of Oreos. Hand mix one block of cream cheese (I used Breakstones) with the crushed Oreos. Refrigerate for 1 hour. After an hour, roll the mixture into 1″ balls and then add melted chocolate or colored candy melts. Simple, but so delicious!

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Fun Minions Birthday Party Ideas

These didn’t turn out as cute as I expected. I couldn’t find any tops because I waited until the last day to make this decision. I used a frosted top and it should have been spray painted, but time was not on my side. I used black frosting and added a red dot for the eye. Then I used paper clips for the legs. These worked perfectly because I could put them wherever I wanted. Of course, then I made a cute sign 😉

In my other post I said I try to keep my mind off it. I get very emotional when Hunter has a big event. From birthdays to kindergarten to second Christmas, everything comes to mind. I will be a basket. Working at parties and making crafts helps me deal with the sadness of my baby growing up. I also like to make her childhood memorable. When she grows up, I want her to look back and say “Wow, I had a magical childhood!”. I hope to inspire others to create a similar childhood for their little ones. Remember, they won’t be small for long.

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Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Birthday party! If you’ve used any of these ideas for your little ones birthday party, let me know! I would love to hear about it.

Bright And Fun: A Minions Birthday Party

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Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Boys and Girls Birthday Party Ideas Boys Parties Girls Parties FREE Minion Birthday Party Ideas and FREE Printables

Thanks to WowWee for sponsoring this post. Be sure to visit WowWee today to purchase Minion MiP and Botsquad in time for the holidays!

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Despicable Me / Minions Birthday Party Ideas

Christmas is just a few weeks away, and if you’re looking for a fun, interactive and totally unique gift for your little ones, this post is for you!

Today we’re taking a break from decorations and tinsel and sharing some fun ideas for kids – Any winter babies here? 😉

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

We teamed up with WowWee and got to test drive their Robo toys ​​that are sure to spark your child’s interest – and imagination!

Diy Minion Backdrop And Dessert Table

And like any self-respecting party lover, I had to plan some really adorable parties and freebies to match the much loved Minion MiP Turbo Dave!!

Minions Birthday Ideas Table Decorations

Of course, WowWee Minion MiP Turbo Dave also makes a great birthday or Christmas gift and a very special table decoration for your kids to enjoy after the party. That’s what I call a win

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