Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations – Throwing a baby shower for an upcoming girl can be as fun as ever with the right kind of theme. Minnie Mouse is a cute, playful motif full of childhood nostalgia. With so many choices in sweet roses, reds and ivory, along with delicious food and plenty of chic decorations, you can’t go wrong with a Minnie Mouse baby shower.

Keeping with the Minnie Mouse theme, the light pink and light pink polka dot balloons are the perfect entrance for guests. Bright pink flag banners with the new baby’s name, black and white ribbons cascading down the walls and large paper lanterns with Minnie hanging from the ceiling complete the really fun decor. There are so many ways to plan a Minnie Mouse baby shower on a budget!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

The Minnie Mouse cutouts on the doors along with the Minnie Mouse bow chairs look really cute and fantastic during the summer. A polka-dot tablecloth with small bow accents on the guests’ plates and cups complements the table’s centerpiece.

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Miniature diaper cakes wrapped in pink ribbons and topped with Minnie Mouse figures look amazing on the gift table. Make a Minnie Mouse garland with precious pink bows, ribbons and buttons.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Attach cute Minnie Mouse clothes to clothespins along the clothesline that serves as her adorable wreath. Of course, you can’t forget about Minnie Mouse’s big curtain when you’re behind the main event table to welcome guests.

Every party needs a centerpiece to add theme to the main table. This centerpiece comes with five Minnie Mouse themed pieces. The picture shows the sweet pieces of reflection on the crumpled paper and can. Tin and paper scraps are not included, but this look would be easy to achieve at home. Decorations are made with heavy cardstock so they last long after the party is over.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Table Decorating Kit, 23pcs

Another creative centerpiece idea is to create a Minnie Mouse decoration using 3 round bubbles and painting them black. You can find foam at an art supply store. Glue them and add some pink polka dot ribbon!

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This Minnie Mouse banner will easily decorate any room at a party. The banner is easy to hang and can be stored for years after the party. Although the banner in the image is shown in light pink, you can customize the banner with the colors of your choice. The banner is hand-printed with acrylic ink, making it a special decoration that will last for years after the party.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Serve your guests’ cupcakes in style with these Minnie Mouse cupcakes. Each topper is made with high quality, acid-free cardstock and has a gold glitter finish. These cupcake toppers are sold in packs of 24, but if you’re looking to host a larger party, the retailer can meet your needs. If you’re not a cupcake fan, you can use these toppers to easily decorate bars or cookies.

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Try to keep your food table in three primary colors so guests don’t get lost looking at all the delicious food. White, black and pink are Minnie Mouse’s perfect default colors. The little details in Minnie’s head pictures are fun to look at and sweet to eat like crushed sugar cookies or baby cookies.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Minnie’s bright pink frosting and dancing toppers, Minnie’s hair-shaped gummy lollipops and crispy rice bars dipped in pink chocolate sprinkles are great additions to the table.

A tiered cake with a bottom tier looks like a costume created by xtavagant_eventz. Add Baby Minnie’s lipstick design on top. For an added touch, some polka dots and a baby heart are a great way to congratulate the mom-to-be and surprise your guests.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Cutest Girl’s Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Baby bottles filled with candy and tied with a bright pink ribbon and a Minnie Mouse sticker on the front are also a special gift for guests. Pink lemonade is a great choice for your main drink and can be served in Minnie Mouse paper cups that guests can take with them.

Speaking of favorite cookies, add a feminine touch with miniature nail kits, beautifully scented handmade pink soaps or jars of ingredients for your favorite cookies!

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

These amazingly packaged ment gifts are sold in packs of twelve and are gift-ready. Pink Mentos are stored in plastic jars decorated with rhinestones and ribbons. The top of the bottle has a cute Minnie Mouse cutout. Jars are also available with blue ribbon for a Mickey Mouse themed baby shower.

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Diy Minnie Mouse Floral Marquee Centerpiece

If you’ve already chosen the perfect party favors, these gift bags will ease your party in style. The bags are sold in sets of ten and work well for storing goodies like popcorn or candy. Each set also includes clear pouches with twist ties. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your party decor.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Activities for your guests are also important to keep them entertained and engaged, so choose classic games like Baby Bingo, a memory game, or even an activity where guests can write their best wishes for a little girl. When you’re looking to plan a Minnie Mouse themed baby shower, there are plenty of decorating options to suit all budgets. A Minnie Mouse themed baby shower is the perfect way to welcome a new girl! The mom-to-be will love the pink decorations that will be included in the nursery. Read on for ideas for planning a Minnie Mouse baby shower on a budget!

If you’re feeling smart, make your own invitations. You can use, for example, “we are ticklish pink” or “a mouse is on the way”. These happy mom invitations are cute and easy to create. Invitations use simple items you already have at home. This is a great craft for the family to get involved in planning a baby shower.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Sursurprise Mouse Themed Party Decorations Set With Rose Red Black Mouse Honeycomb Balls For Girls Sweet 1st 2nd 3rd Birthday Party Decor Baby Shower Supplies

Decoration is mandatory at all parties. Even if you’re on a budget, you can find the perfect decorations for your party. You can even find a variety of free Minnie Mouse baby shower printables. This Magical Printable Decor Set has everything you need to make your party fabulous, and it’s free to print.

If you want something ready to hang, there are plenty of options. Consider using a combination of pink, white and black balloons to create an arch above the dessert table.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

If you’re feeling skillful, you can shape your balloons into Minnie Mouse shapes. At most local party stores you can find a variety of themed decorations such as cupcakes, plates and napkins.

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Free Minnie Mouse Baby, Download Free Minnie Mouse Baby Png Images, Free Cliparts On Clipart Library

Also centers are needed for each party. If you’re low on money and have the time, you can make a decorative centerpiece out of simple items you can find at any craft store. Simply Being Abby includes step-by-step instructions for your Minnie Mouse centerpieces.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

If you’re in trouble and need something quick, this handcrafted Minnie Mouse centerpiece might be just what you want to try. You can even customize pieces to be specific to your party. Your guests will love the bright splash of pink against black.

Snacks and edible treats are a hit at the baby shower! Serve your snacks in style with these adorable popcorn cups from Divine Glitters. Cups can contain popcorn, candy or other goodies for guests to take home.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Pink Minnie Mouse Party

If you want to gift your guests with something to remember the special day, Minnie Mouse ears are a great option! Not only are they cute, but they also make a great photo opportunity. You can find mouse ears for your budget-friendly Minnie Mouse party on Amazon.

If you’re gifting multiple favors, you’ll want to match your favors to the theme. These Minnie Mouse caps by Cuadra Creations look amazing on any party favor! Fill them with delicious treats or small gifts for your guests.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

Games will keep your guests entertained while you wait for everyone to arrive. This MyBabyShowerDesigns game pack features sweet Minnie Mouse characters that will appeal to guests young and old alike.

How To Plan A Budget Minnie Mouse Baby Shower

You can also add some classic party games like guess baby food or guess baby. If you’re on a tight budget, these games can be played with limited supplies.

Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Table Decorations

No matter how you decorate your party, guests will love your cute Minnie Mouse theme. A Minnie Mouse themed party with decor options for every budget and easy to find

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