Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor – Sugar Sweet Events loved this beautiful pink and silver Minnie Mouse themed baby shower. The party was filled with pink and silver Minnie Mouse style decorations.

The dessert for this party is amazing! A pink plate with an “Oh baby” sign set a special place for the cake. Two beautiful flower petals are beautifully displayed on either side of the cake plate. They are decorated with black and white dots and they look beautiful.

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Cookies, caramel apples, and Rice Krispie treats are individually wrapped for guests to enjoy on the go. Cookies are presented in natural form on a small acrylic painting.

Ideas For The Cutest Minnie Mouse Cake For Your Little One

Each caramel apple has a cute Minnie Mouse bow. There’s even a chocolate bar with intricately designed wrappers. Guests looking for something salty to go with their sweet treat will receive a bag of potato chips designed to match the theme of the event.

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

The dessert table backdrop is amazing. A large Minnie Mouse banner was designed with the child’s name on it. The flag was covered with pink and white curtains. A shiny silver curtain at the outer edge completes the perfect backdrop. The pink, white and black balloons match the party decor perfectly.

Sitting near the session table was a great photo opportunity. Her back was covered with a beautiful, bright silver curtain. A pink and white curtain was quickly draped over the silver curtain. There were two large white sofas decorated with bright pillows. The ground was covered with heavy cloth.

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Piece Minnie Mouse Pink & Black Clubhouse Dessert Table

Guest tables are also required depending on the theme. Each table was covered with a bright silver tablecloth and a gambler. The centerpiece features a beautiful pink floral ornament with a Minnie Mouse cutout in the center. The chairs are covered in white and include a beautiful pink material. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? For over 90 years he has been bringing fun and excitement to the world. And who is Mickey without his other half, Minnie Mouse? A cute birthday party theme perfect for Disney lovers!

My daughter loves all things Disney, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and her favorite place in the world to visit is Walt Disney World in Florida. A few years ago, I created a Mickey and Minnie Mouse dessert station for my daughter Carolina’s 15th birthday.

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Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

The night started at his favorite Italian restaurant, where his friends surprised him! After that, they had a fun scavenger hunt in the mall, and of course it was also Disney themed. Then all the girls went to our house for a sleepover, and of course an amazing sweet table!

Baby Minnie Mouse Party Centerpieces

I say I was surprised, but he had seen it before we went to dinner. He still thought it was for the client, that’s the life of a party stylist haha! So, when he found out that it was really him, he was very happy!

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

When planning a Mickey and Minnie themed bash, you can’t go wrong with a black, white, red and yellow color scheme. They are always classic Mickey and Minnie colors. I started my red dot with black tablecloth. I fixed them with black and white and a glass holder and ash.

I made a non-woven background using pom-poms and red and white polka dot fabric for Minnie’s bow, just using my heat gun! I dressed Minnie in black and white, creating a perfect backdrop for my table!

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

How To Create A Dessert Table For Your Child’s Birthday

The girls are going to see a movie together (a Disney movie, of course!) so I mixed up popcorn and sweets on this dessert table.

I used a variety of candies, including Mickey Mouse lollipops, red and yellow citrus candies, rock candy, and red gum. I also gave out gold chocolate coins, along with a special Disney Parks Mickey coin.

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

And since girls can’t live on candy alone, I served up several strawberries and raspberries in a polka dot glass container.

Minnie Mouse Valentine’s Party

Our fish comes from Patisserie Michelle. This time we are serving up Minnie shaped cookies, complete with cute bows!

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Plus chocolate and vanilla mini cupcakes, with a cupcake topper featuring Mickey and Minnie’s signature white dress!

For her birthday cake, I serve a glittery cake, which gives the appearance of a Minnie Mouse dress. I used the “Happy Birthday” fabric to decorate the cake I created on my Cricut.

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Our Dessert Tables

In fact, everything I had to do for this party was done on my Cricut. Cupcakes & Cakes and Labels and Labels on Popcorn Bowls. I also made a straw banner, cup holder and sign for my lemonade table.

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For the cocktail table, I created a backdrop using fan paper and my party colors of red, black and white. I gave the girls Mason Jars, Mickey Mouse decorations, and fresh lemonade!

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

So what events are you planning this year? Birthday party, wedding reception? Let me know in the comments below!

Cute Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Ideas For A 2 Year Old

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Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

I know you’ve heard of “camping” by now, but have you ever tried beauty camping?! I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really want to do it in the desert, but I can definitely get into a boho chic backyard experience!

Turning thirteen is a big deal. It’s the first year you’re not a kid, not a “tween” anymore, but a real girl! If you ask me, that should be quite the celebration. So when one of my amazing clients asked me to help her plan her daughter Lexi’s 13th birthday party, I was happy to make it special.

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decorations Cake Foto Compartilhado Por Cori18

Spring will be here before we know it, and the pandemic is still playing out, and we’re all still finding ways to celebrate safely. Outdoor sports are one of the best ways to do that! That’s why I’m sharing this beautiful Llama theme

MintMickey Mouse Event Design, Black and Red, Happy Birthday, kids party, kids party ideas, Minnie Mouse, popcorn bar, dessert table, Girls Party, affiliate5 Ideas One of the best things about having a kid: an excuse to make something cute Minnie Mouse Cupcakes. for Minnie Mouse’s birthday party. I probably wouldn’t have thought of doing it years ago, but here I am looking for cupcakes for Isabelle’s birthday!

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Just for the record: we celebrated Isabelle’s third birthday with a cake and her own birthday. Two days later, we went to Hong Kong for a family reunion because I hadn’t organized enough to have a party before we left. Two weeks later, Isabelle had a birthday party. It took me another month and a half to get these party photos. Am I winning? Getting lost? Living on the water? I’m happy to share these photos though: they bring back great memories of the session and I hope you enjoy them too!

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Amazon.com: Glitter Pink Minnie Inspired Twodels Cake Topper Girl Second Birthday Party Cake Table Decorations, Birthday Party Supplies (balck And Pink)1

This was Isabelle’s first year having a real birthday party with guests from outside the family, and the first time I made invitations and party events and actually met my friends /parents like children running around the playground without being in our house. . Not surprisingly, my main focus was on the theme – and creating a dessert menu to match the theme.

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

When I asked Isabelle what character she wanted for her third birthday party, she immediately answered, “Minnie Mouse.” I thought the Minnie Mouse cake I made for her second birthday was a disaster. Multiple trips to Disneyland can also help. (Ironically, as I write this post a few months later Isabelle has joined the Octonauts. Oh, the naughty youngster! I’m excited at the idea of ​​having an Octonauts party (in another year because the characters are so good for words, but I think I should wait and see if he’s still interested in them in a few months, let alone another year.)

The centerpiece of the dessert table was a Minnie Mouse cupcake tower. I want to get cupcakes for the dessert table, and since we don’t have enough guests to serve both cakes and cupcakes separately (all the parents can tempt me to use sugar to transport their children), I only prepare cupcakes. They are my go to Tahitian Vanilla Bean White Cupcakes that I taught in my cupcake class that are perfect for picky kids who don’t like “natural” flavors and adults who want a sweet and healthy cake to decorate. (and eating!) The cupcakes are frosted with pink frosting and then topped with little Oreo ears and a sweet bow. I have to say it was fun putting these cupcakes together and seeing Isabelle’s face when she saw them for the first time.

Minnie Mouse Cake Table Decor

Throw A Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

The dessert table is extensive, including macarons, parfaits, cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops. Oh, and there’s always food.

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