Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Mirror Coffee Table Decor – Furniture with mirrors is known to make a space feel larger and more open, which makes it particularly suitable for living rooms where an airy atmosphere is always welcome. In this regard, a coffee table with a mirror is an excellent potential focal point. Not sure what to expect from such a striking piece in terms of design? Maybe these examples can answer some of your questions.

Dana is an attractive coffee table with a chrome frame and a mirror. It’s a simple rectangle, which means it will effortlessly brighten up your home, giving it a sophisticated feel without looking too cluttered.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

The Sola table is not completely mirrored, but it has this white faux wood frame that gives it a strong and elegant feel, as well as a lot of character. The top is mirrored, as are the sides and even the legs.

Marble And Gold Coffee Table

This elegant and sophisticated cocktail table is Ava, one of the most sophisticated mirrored dining tables on the market. It is the perfect sofa for keeping remote controls and other items close at hand, but it is equally practical in various other spaces such as offices, lounges or hallways. The curved frame gives a very cool and modern look.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

In the case of the Ryanne coffee table, it’s actually the most prominent inlay decoration, partially detracting from the mirror finish that would otherwise be a key feature of the piece.

If you like the idea of ​​a mirrored table but aren’t ready to go all out and make your coffee table the focal point of your living room, maybe a small table is a better idea for you. Sovereign watches may be just that.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Aria Mirrored Coffee Table S&s Furniture Gallery

One nice thing about mirrored coffee tables is that they reflect their surroundings, including rugs, sofas, armchairs, lamps and anything else that surrounds the table. You can use it in various ways. Available on Amazon.

The Lazio coffee table is upholstered in the same type of thread as the Ryanne, but has a slightly different design as it has an open frame with simple geometric shapes that still attract attention. The mirror fronts of the two drawers match the sides and top of the table. They also have soft leather handles that give the table a particularly sophisticated look.

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Mirror Coffee Table Decor

It’s not exactly a mirrored coffee table, but we really like the way it looks, so we’ll show it to you anyway. The vivid finish is very elegant and gives the dining table a vintage-chic look that goes well with Scandinavian decor as well as a variety of other styles. Available on Amazon.

Mirrored Transitional Style Wooden Coffee Table With Beveled Edges, Silver

This is the SEI Paschall Glam table and as you can see it has a simple design. The slim metal frame and glass top and shelves are just what the table needs to look attractive and sophisticated without being too formal.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Although the structure of the Xanthia accent table is quite simple, there’s actually a lot going on here. The table has these dramatic polished steel ribs that create a barrel-like structure. A mirrored glass panel connects them and complements the steel frame not by contrast, but by emphasizing its elegant appearance.

When you think about it, a coffee table with a mirror is the perfect opportunity to add a glamorous and chic touch to a modern or contemporary living room. In addition, it is also designed to increase storage efficiency and provide various other benefits. Designed to be simple and versatile, the mirrored coffee table can fit into almost any space or decor as it complements any color scheme. Available on Amazon.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Diy Mirrored Coffee Table

Of course, if you want your mirrored dining table to really stand out, some designs are actually perfect for that. This is one of them. Note the clean lines and geometric shape of the table and the stunning and dramatic visual impact of the crystal decoration on its surface. Available on Amazon. When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table, there are so many options and design styles that it can be overwhelming. what should you look for What shape and style does a particular space require? Today I want to talk about coffee tables and show you how the right coffee table can make all the difference in a space.

When choosing a coffee table, you must first decide which shape is most suitable for the space in terms of space and design. Generally speaking, the length of the coffee table should not exceed 2/3 of the length of the sofa. You’ll also want to make sure there’s at least 24 inches of space between the coffee table and other seating in the space so you have room to walk around the coffee table.

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Mirror Coffee Table Decor

To give you a better idea, if you have a sofa with a chaise longue at the end, it will not be easy to walk around a rectangular coffee table. A small square coffee table surrounded by a large folding sofa will look too small and will not provide enough space.

Louis Mirror Coffee Table Gold

If you have a large sectional sofa, a large square or round coffee table not only provides enough space for everyone sitting on the sofa, but these shapes are easier to move than rectangular ones.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

For a traditional sofa without a section (without a built-in chaise longue), the perfect coffee table will depend on the seating arrangement in the space. If you work in a small space and want to make sure you have enough space to walk around, a rectangular, medium round or medium square table is a good choice. Notice how large square or large round coffee tables below would not work in this space below, and would greatly reduce the walking space between the coffee tables due to sitting in front of the fireplace. If there is no seating in front of the fireplace, a larger round or round table will be more proportional to the seating.

In terms of spatial scale, look carefully at the scale of the seating area and the size of the walking space to determine whether a large, medium or small coffee table is needed to balance and fill the space. If you have a large seating area with enough space to walk, a small or medium-sized table may look “out of place” from a proportional standpoint.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Glass Coffee Tables That Every Living Room Craves

If you’re not sure what shape and proportions you need for your coffee table, a simple trick is to tape tables of different sizes to the floor to give you a better idea of ​​what the space needs. You can also use wrapping paper or poster board to cut out the shapes.

I keep seeing decorative coffee tables with little to no storage, and this is a great opportunity to add storage to the living/work space where it’s needed most. Today there are some smart coffee table designs with extra storage that continue to improve the design and look just as good, so why not provide extra storage space on your coffee table?

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Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Look for tables with open or closed storage underneath, perfect for magazines, games or baskets for all your little things.

Champagne Silver Finish Table With Storage

When choosing a functional coffee table, the bigger the better, as long as it fits the space and has enough room to walk. You’ll be delighted when you get bigger when entertaining or having a game night with the kids!

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

For the past few years, I’ve been visiting homes around the country and I’ve been impressed by the creativity I’ve seen when it comes to coffee table possibilities.

If you have a large open space and can’t find a coffee table big enough to fill the space, consider using two tables.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Eichholtz Coffee Table Trento

It’s hard to find large coffee tables that are too big, and two side-by-side coffee tables are a brilliant solution! Notice how these double coffee tables are perfectly proportioned in this space.

Upholstered stools are also popular as coffee tables because they perfectly lift up over the sofa as a chaise longue, and the stools can be used as coffee tables with trays. This is an ideal solution for a living room/media room etc.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

Ottomans/coffee tables are great because they can often be moved to different positions as needed and can be added with colorful colors and patterns depending on the fabric chosen.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor Ideas

A small bench is another great way to add seating or table space by adding a tray to create a stable surface. In this space below, although the space has a table, two small upholstered benches have been added to the table for additional seating or a table when moving around the space.

Mirror Coffee Table Decor

In spaces with a lot of storage space, a decorative coffee table is often not

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