Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

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Perfect for a variety of decor styles, a glass coffee table can help bring the finishing touches to any living room design. But which one is right for your home? Do you need a glass coffee table to help your space feel spacious, or do you need a bold glass and gold coffee table that will instantly turn heads? Either way, our list will help you! You are sure to find something that fits your living room. By putting together the right glass coffee table, you’ll have a place to relax with a cup of tea, and your interior will look more professional than ever.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Curved Rectangle Full Glass Coffee Table: If you’re looking for elegance and practicality that won’t overwhelm your living room, this is the coffee table you need. This three-sided glass table has a light and airy aesthetic that makes the room feel spacious and doesn’t interfere with other furniture.

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All Built-In Glass Coffee Tables: Compact, practical and stylish, these built-in coffee tables have it all. This glass option is great for hosting as its 3 sections can easily be moved around to store food or drinks.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Round glass coffee table. A round coffee table full of glamor thanks to its shiny golden frame. This glass and metal beauty is built from all sides, so it looks fierce from any angle.

Glass and Wood Round Coffee Table with Stools: A traditional round coffee table with additional seating. No need to worry about running out of space anymore with 4 wedge-shaped chairs that easily tuck under the round wood and frosted glass table.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Rectangle Black Glass Coffee Table Modern Base Unique Living Room Furniture Inspiration

Rounded Rectangular Glass Coffee Table with Folding Chairs: If you love the idea of ​​hiding seating but are looking for a modern appeal, then this table is a great find. It not only has stools, but also has additional storage space thanks to the stylish lower shelf.

Square coffee table with glass top and gold base: Because we’re all about that base! With a glass and gold base, this table caught our attention with its unique shape and polished metal finish. Also available in silver.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Square Glass Coffee Table with Drawer: Get rid of coffee table clutter and keep it out of sight with this glass option with a unique drawer. A bold choice that will make a big impact in any living room.

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How To Style A Coffee Table Like A Pro

Geometric Brass Small Glass Coffee Tables: Fill your living room with the modern style that only geometric design can provide. The combination of gently curved glass and the sharp angles of the brass base make these coffee tables truly stunning.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Small Gold Glass Coffee Table: The best things come in small packages! This small table may be small in size, but it has mega style with its two-tiered design and gold base. Too small for your coffee table? It also creates a unique end table.

Silver and Glass Coffee Table: The smooth curve of the metal base perfectly complements the oval top of this modern coffee table. This is a fantastic piece of metal and glass furniture that will brighten up any modern living room.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Square Glass Coffee Table Contemporary

3 Glass Coffee Table Set: For those of you who love simplicity and flow and can create a matching coffee table and end tables, this is for you! With a unique metal base, they are perfect for any modern home.

Copper coffee table with mirror top: large mid-century coffee table / Scandinavian, elegant and elegant. It even comes with a mirrored top for an extra dose of glitz.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

3 Piece Wrought Glass Top Coffee Table: Another set of coffee tables, but this time with the added benefit of a sturdy wrought iron frame. The perfect set for a traditional or transitional home.

Tips To Style A Round Coffee Table In Your Living Room

Brass and smoked glass coffee table. The eye-catching design of this smoked glass coffee table will make people think they paid big bucks for such a cool find. An affordable table that pleases both the eye and the wallet.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Contemporary Silver Square Coffee Table: Jenga, anyone? Well, it would be a design crime to take apart this tableau, but this is not to achieve the unique aesthetic of silver beauty. A feature of any living room.

Oval Glass Coffee Table with White Base: Simple yet sophisticated, this oval coffee table commands attention with its unique white base. A perfect balance of curves that could be just what your living room needs!

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Coffee Tables: Glorify Your Room With The Unique Designs

Little Mermaid Coffee Table: Look at this table, isn’t it neat? We think it will decorate your living room. The perfect home decor item for any space is the mermaid.

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Minimalist Glass Coffee Table with Triangular Wooden Base: A minimalist glass coffee table that really knows how to show off what it has with its triangular wooden base. A matching console table and end table are also available.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Minimalist rectangular glass coffee table with wooden shelf. The combination of glass and wood on this coffee table is very dynamic thanks to the solid wood shelf that seems to float in the air. The perfect combination of style and function in an affordable and eye-catching table.

The Effortless Way To Style A Coffee Table

Modern Industrial Style Glass Coffee Table: This floating coffee table is a gem of modern industrial style. It is equipped with a wooden veneer shelf that perfectly displays the selected accessories.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Rustic Industrial Glass Coffee Table: A rustic coffee table that aspires to blend into an industrial or farmhouse decor. The combination of warm wood finish, metal frame and glass top gives this piece an aesthetic look that combines comfort and sophistication.

A round glass coffee table with a low top. This round coffee table with a unique base immediately caught our attention. Ideal for living rooms with low furniture. Available in Off White, White Gloss or Black Gloss (pictured).

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Coffee And Side Tables: 60 Ideas For Your Living Room

Modern rustic style coffee table with glass top. This rustic style coffee table features a contemporary style and easy-to-clean glass top. Available in brown, gray or white (pictured).

Rectangular Swivel Coffee Table with Glass Top: This swivel coffee table is sure to be the talking point of the party. After all, it looks like you have a giant Lazy Susan in your living room!

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Round Swivel Glass Coffee Table: This swivel glass coffee table looks great from any angle thanks to its sharp hardwood base. A great way to create a focal point in any living room.

Amazing Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

Stylish modern wood and glass coffee table with storage drawers. The dark brown on that clean white coffee table is great, but again, what? This contemporary unit features side storage, a center shelf and plenty of work space. Also available in dark espresso.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Coffee table made of white glass and wood. This white and wood coffee table has a mid-century modern vibe that we can’t get enough of. Organize your best accessories on the glass-topped shelf or hide your junk in one of the side drawers. This coffee table has everything thought of. Also available in black.

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Modern Black Glass Coffee Table: A modern black coffee table that any modern home would be proud of. The soft edges of this piece balance the effect of contrast that adds to any bright room.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Best Diy Coffee Table Ideas To Inspire You

Glass and wood coffee table with magazine rack: Finally, an organized way to keep all your favorite books close at hand without leaving your couch. A book lover’s and magazine reader’s dream come true, this glass and wood coffee table is a great choice.

Glass Wood and Steel Coffee Table with Bottle Display: Calling all wine lovers, we’ve found the coffee table of your dreams! This fun coffee table effortlessly blends industrial and classic farmhouse style, perfect for displaying your favorite bottles.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Noguchi Style Coffee Table: It’s not often that you come across such a stunning Mid-Century Art Nouveau coffee table! This Noguchi style coffee table is versatile and stylish enough to match any decor style. You can also find the original here.

Coffee Tables From Target That’ll Fit Any Living Room

Platner-style coffee table: A design icon, this Platner-style coffee table still looks tough. A great way to add a vintage touch to any living space. Looking for a little luxury? Find an original Platner coffee table here.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Glass Coffee Table with Brass Base: With a dynamic combination of glass and brass, this coffee table is full of style and elegance. Love the look but not the price tag? Here is a cheaper option.

Star Coffee Table: Help your coffee table reach its full star potential with the Star Coffee Table. A perfectly balanced piece that goes well with many decor styles.

Modern Glass Coffee Table Decor

Unique Modern Pieces From Our Salt Lake City Store

Möbius table: The smooth flow of the base makes the Möbius table an elegant choice with a playful edge. Saturated color, massive walnut and beautiful combination

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