Modern Rustic Table Decor

Modern Rustic Table Decor – We recently gave our dining room a makeover and today I’m sharing all the design details with you.

Another room makeover in the books! I shared our design plans a few weeks ago and in just a few weekends we were able to completely transform the space into a modern farmhouse dining room. We hadn’t really touched the place when we moved in and it’s so nice to feel like it’s a cozy new haven.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

Modern Rustic Table Decor

Our original space had a Chippy Fox fireplace, a farmhouse table and not much else. My goal was to make it look a little more refined, more complete and more comfortable. This post describes what we did to transform this room and explains how you can achieve your own dining room with tips and tricks.

Minimal Modern Rustic Dining Room

A modern farmhouse is a marriage of everything you love about farmhouse style mixed with the subtle elegance of modern design. These are cosy, comfortable and neutral elements without the rustic and chippy you see in traditional farmhouse style. It’s more sophisticated, but still warm and welcoming.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

What I love about modern farmhouse style is that it’s approachable, comfortable and allows you to easily mix elements from other design styles. Whether it’s a traditional rug or an architectural salvage piece, you can mix and match them effortlessly.

No matter what design style you prefer, I always recommend mixing different design styles. The combination of design elements makes the design beautiful.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

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The main part of the dining room is where you eat! This was the first place I started. One piece of advice I have is don’t get a traditional set. Your dining room will look more “design” if your table and chairs are not the same.

I started with the first table. I went with the Farmhouse Leona Extendable Dining Table from World Market. This is a beautiful pine table with a light gray wash finish. I liked the overall design and it has two plate extensions that are perfect for hosting. It also has a great price. It looks and feels more expensive than it is.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

I once had chairs at another table. Finding the right dining chairs can be very difficult, especially when shopping online. I have sat in some very uncomfortable dining room chairs. There is nothing worse than ordering furniture and it ends up being awkward.

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Rustic Dining Rooms That Radiate Refinement

So the first thing I looked for was the break and the next thing it was over. I’m usually all about light and airy interiors, but this time I knew I wanted to add some dark elements to warm up the space. I have found the perfect chairs that meet both of these needs and I am obsessed.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

We carved wood dining chairs from the Magnolia line at Target. They are very spacious, well built for the price and very comfortable. I love the sculpted barrel look of the chairs and they add the perfect touch of modern farmhouse to our space.

These are often sold out. I recommend signing up for stock alerts. You can check out this post on how to get out-of-stock items at Target. Scroll to the end 🙂

Modern Rustic Table Decor

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Next is the carpet. Rugs are essential for every space. They ground the room and can set the tone for the entire space. You might be thinking, but it won’t make a mess in the dining room, especially if you have kids. This is where washable rugs come in. Washable rugs allow you to get all the benefits of adding a rug to your space. You can just throw it in the washing machine!

For our dining room, I went with a Roseman washable rug from Boutique Rugs. It was an opportunity to add some color to my space. It was a little out of my comfort zone, but I love the depth and personality it adds.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

A tip when buying any rug, especially a washable rug, is to get a felt rug. Add comfort, protect your floor and extend the life of your carpet. Washable rugs are thinner than traditional rugs and add an extra layer underfoot. This is the felt rug pad I used.

Modern Rustic Decor For The Martha Stewart In You

Chandeliers are a must on dining tables. I wanted to add another black element to the space to tie the design together and this was the perfect opportunity. I went with a classic chandelier style chandelier that is a dupe from a more expensive retailer. It’s almost the same and a fraction of the cost.

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Modern Rustic Table Decor

Another important component is storage. If you have the space, I recommend a large dresser on the largest open wall. It can store extra sheets and plates and gives you the opportunity to add art or a mirror on top. Unfortunately, we don’t have room for a large dresser, so I went with a small dresser. This gives us a little more storage and a little space to create a stylized vignette.

If you have a small dining room and don’t have enough space for a sideboard, one option is to add a faux coat rack.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

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In our house, our main windowless wall is too close to the dining room table to add a sideboard. To add interest and a bit of character to the space, we added an antique faux fireplace mantel. This was the biggest project for our dining room makeover.

The original cover was white and splashy. I wanted the space to look a little more sophisticated, so we stripped off years of paint and repainted the walls Benjamin Moore Classic Gray to match. I love how it turned out.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

Here are some other design elements that can instantly add new life to your space and what we did to complete our transformation.

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Painting is a very inexpensive way to completely transform your room. I always recommend giving your room a fresh coat whenever you need a change. We went with Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray for the top half of our dining room. It’s a neutral light warm gray and really brightened up the room.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

Adding some kind of wall detail is also a great idea for a dining room and adds visual interest and character. This can include walls such as floor-to-ceiling boards and battens. Another option is a lining detail. Cladding is a panel or trim detail applied to the lower half or three-quarters of a wall. It can be board, board and batten, panels or just a trim detail. We have pure white painted beadboard by Glidden.

Window treatments are another design element that makes a big impact. We only had cheap blinds in this room, although I knew curtains would be transformative. I honestly think they made the biggest impact in our dining room and I can’t believe I waited so long to add them.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

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We made roman shades from bamboo. Added texture and tied to the wooden table. Then we added white curtains, hung high and wide. It makes the space feel full and inviting. We recommend making window treatments a priority for every room in your home.

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Finishes are just as important as larger pieces of furniture. They complete the room. Some ways to incorporate this are by adding centerpieces/floral arrangements to the center of the table. Add art to your walls or a mirror to your storage piece. You can see examples in our modern farmhouse dining room.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

Another unexpected item I had in this room was the table lamp. I’ve never had a table lamp in my dining room before, but I have to say it makes the place so warm. The gray ceramic lamp I have is on a dimmer and is very nice to turn on at dinner time. It creates a whole mood in the space. Modern dining rooms are increasingly a small designated corner of the kitchen or living space. The era of spacious and large dining rooms is definitely over. today’s

Modern Rustic Spring Table Styling Ideas

Functionality seems to take precedence over the aesthetics of the flowers and it is simplicity that wins over the extravagant. The arrival of social kitchens with a greater desire to turn open living areas into gathering places for family and friends has caused the dining space to shift towards rustic and natural decor options.

Modern Rustic Table Decor

From modern farmhouse dining rooms to those with understated rustic charm and a hint of wood warmth, homeowners no longer just want a polished, contemporary dining area. This open plan aims to give the room a different character, while allowing it to merge with the larger theme of life. With that in mind, here you go

Which brings a cozy rustic effect to the home while staying true to modern functionality. Some more modern than others, there’s something here for everyone!

Modern Rustic Table Decor

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