Monster Mash Table Decorations

Monster Mash Table Decorations – We can’t think of a better time to share this adorable Monster Mash party than Halloween! Leslie Bruce, sensible, organized this cute and clever party to celebrate her daughter Tallulah’s fourth birthday. It has all the little details, but they’re all preschool-friendly. I’ll take notes for next Halloween. I’ll let Leslie take all the credit from here!

Over the past year, Tallulah has taken a great interest in animals. From books and movies to cartoons and toys, animals are his obsession. I’m afraid or don’t think animals are “boys”, so for his fourth birthday (the week before Halloween) we decided to throw a Monster Truck!

Monster Mash Table Decorations

Monster Mash Table Decorations

I wanted her party to feel like a birthday party (and not just another Halloween party), so I opted for a different color scheme than the traditional spooky ones.

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Parties! The decorations were easy, I bought all the plastic pumpkins, skulls and styrofoam tombstones from Michael, covered my garden with plastic and spent a few weeks spray painting it. (This was my first spray painting and it was amazing).

Monster Mash Table Decorations

One of my best friends visited me over the weekend and recently watched YouTube doing a balloon arch… talk about meeting the right people! It seemed so easy (if time consuming) to watch him do it. Meghan Minnello

He has been my friend for years and has been working with me to create the best invitations and party graphics. I wanted some framed animals for a photo booth and she made them the perfect size for preschoolers!

Monster Mash Table Decorations Monster Bash Party Decorations

We don’t have much space in the backyard, so I knew if I was going to invite 25 kids into my house, I had to be active. Luckily I was able to connect with Art Camper Ariel Goddard! This woman is a genius! It has a cute retro camper that is built into a wonderland for kids! It can accommodate up to eight children at a time, and she and her staff help children create their own art projects. For her birthday, Tallulah came up with a project where the kids would make their own Crazy Monster Ball out of paper lanterns. It was a huge hit and saved my house from all the mess!

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Pastry chef Lauren Loustanoff has been Sweet Savory for the last few years. This girl is a cooking genius and she can make your visions come true! The popcorn birthday cake – color matched to the invitation, and of course the three-tier spiderweb cake (funfetti/chocolate/funfetti) enjoyed great interest.

Monster Mash Table Decorations

My daughter loves face painting and we found the most amazing face painter, TracyKiggenofArtovator. I love finding a great face painter because it’s a lot of fun for both boys and girls, and the good ones (like Tracy) can quickly handle loads of kids while creating absolutely fantastic pieces. And since I wasn’t serious enough to keep these kids in my house, I had to make a REAL LIFE VAMPIREN cameo! He played games, read fairy tales and sang songs! Preschoolers went crazy for it!

Little Monsters Box

The best thing about this party theme is that most Halloween decorations are seriously discounted right now and you can collect them all together to steal!

Monster Mash Table Decorations

Hi everyone, Leslie’s friend custom made all the graphics and signs for this party. I can’t believe they sell them anywhere.

Trying to find out where you went, personal monster sign sitting on the table. Credits This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you make a purchase through my link, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost.

Monster Mash Table Decorations

Halloween Party Ideas

Using Cricut Maker, it’s easy to create a bright and colorful party table and backdrop. Create a fun and festive Halloween Monster Mash party that the whole family will love.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I’m doing something small when you buy through my link.

Monster Mash Table Decorations

Making Halloween crafts is 10 times easier when you use Cricut Maker. When I saw these adorable mini monster files at Cricut Design Space, I wanted to host a fun little Halloween Monster Mash party for my kids. I wanted them to be the centerpiece of the party decorations, and with the Cricut Design Platform’s print and cut features, Cricut Maker made it very easy. Monster Bash 1st Birthday Decorations Monster Bash One Banner Balloons Cupcake Toppers For Little Monster Birthday Party Supplies

Cricut Creator can cut hundreds of materials. From something thin like tissue paper or fabric to wood! Not only does it cut all kinds of materials, but it also has a set of accessories to cut these things. For this party, I used both a thin blade and a collecting wheel. Folding paper has never been easier!

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Monster Mash Table Decorations

Monster Mash Halloween Party Handmade Elements – Monster Mash Party Banner, Monster Mash Gift Boxes. I even made Monster Mash cake toppers to use on my cake and party straws.

Watch this video from start to finish to learn how to use the Cricut design platform’s print and cut features when using a multilayer cut file.

Monster Mash Table Decorations

Plow & Hearth

To create this banner, click on the Monster Mesh Party Banner above to download the file. If you want it bigger or smaller, click customize or click create and it will open to show you the cutting edge and you are good to go. Print the first fabric on plain white cardstock on your printer. You should keep the dimensions of the print and cut it 6.75 inches wide by 9.25 inches high. It will print a black registration rectangle around the design. It’s machine learning and knowing where to cut the design.

After cutting out the animals from the white cardboard, glue the car to the ceiling with black cardboard or black boards. Choose the right material for cutting and trimming banners. Add sticky dots behind the animals to make them stand out on the banners. There will be cut pieces on the banner that can be attached to the bakers.

Monster Mash Table Decorations

Don’t those foam dots add a great dimension to it? And the white board around the animals makes it very popular.

Silly Monsters Halloween Centerpiece Table Decorations, 6in, 6ct

To create healing chests, click on the Monster Mash Tube file above and do the same. If you want to change something, adjust it or click Create and you’re done. First, print the animals and cut them out on plain white card stock. Cut them in Cricut Maker and cut them out. Choose cardboard as the cutting material.

Monster Mash Table Decorations

To create the frames, you will be asked to load the score wheel on the screen. Remove the cutting blade and place the wheel on the machine so that the tools are touching each other. Choose the material you will use for your boxes. I used different colors of Cricut cardstock. Click the Go button and the machine will take the cards. It will then stop and ask you to replace the focus wheel with a good point. When the blade returns, it will cut through the box.

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Fold all sides of the treat boxes before attaching the animals to the fronts. Then glue the edge of the frame that forms the box. Pinch the bottom together to make it nice and tight.

Monster Mash Table Decorations

Monster Bash For A Special Lil’ Monster

Apparently I didn’t have any cupcakes at the Halloween Monster Mash party. But I wasn’t going to let those helmet overlays go to waste! After I cut them out, I used a hot glue gun to attach them to our straw and some lollipop sticks. I used two of them to decorate a cake. 🙂

I prepared some of our Halloween punch for our party, but decided not to use dry ice this time. Until next time!

Monster Mash Table Decorations

This Halloween Monster Mash party was super easy to put together using my Cricut Maker. That’s all I can do with this car. A handmade Halloween is entirely possible. When I saw how beautiful the party was, my children! They liked it!

Monster Buffet — Homebnc

Have you considered buying Cricut Maker? What stops you? I am happy to answer any questions so that you too can have fun at home.

Monster Mash Table Decorations

This is a sponsored lecture written on behalf of my Cricut. All opinions and text are mine.

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Monster Mash Table Decorations

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