Moss Table Decor

Moss Table Decor – It’s almost Easter again, so even if you’re celebrating indoors and without many guests this year, you can still make it nice and cozy. As usual, it’s all about the little details and today we’re going to share with you some Easter table decoration inspiration we found while browsing Instagram. Let them inspire you too and feel free to adapt and change them according to the items that are particularly available to you.

The bunny plates featured in this post from @the_holiday_house are adorable and the white and pink checker pattern goes so well with them. What ties it all together is the table runner in the center and that rustic vase filled with fresh flowers from the garden.

Moss Table Decor

Moss Table Decor

Speaking of cute bunnies, check out this adorable Easter table setting shared by @latabledegiselle. It has a green theme that can inspire you to take the celebration outside in your yard or garden and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.

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You don’t need much to put together a beautiful Easter table decoration, as shown in this inspiring post from @blueandwhiteandclassics. Mix and match some of your favorite dishes, a beautiful tablecloth and make a centerpiece using flowers (maybe from your garden) and potentially some thematic items, like this ceramic bunny for example, which seems to be quite curious on tulips.

Moss Table Decor

Rustic tablescapes are some of the best because they really look very nice and cozy and we could all do with a little extra warmth right now. So go ahead and look around the house for anything you can incorporate into your design, things like wooden trays, cute ceramic rabbits and a bunch of sticks, leaves and flowers in your yard. The bird nesting features here are also wonderful. Follow @ahouseonthelake for more inspiring ideas.

It’s not the size of the Easter table that counts, it’s the people sitting around it, so don’t let quarantine get you down. Instead of looking for ways to add some cheer to the table. Maybe a floral theme would work. This round table is a perfect example. It’s full of colorful flowers, and these little nests are full of adorable Easter eggs. This is a post by @latabledegiselle.

Moss Table Decor

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We love simple and clean designs and there’s a @bluerdesign post that stood out. The exposed surface of the table is a beautiful detail that adds warmth to the decoration and contrasts with the items placed on it. Also, the textures combined here look really nice together.

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Since you may have some extra time on your hands right now, it might be fun to make some crafts in preparation for Easter. How about some nature themed Easter table decorations? You can use things like vines, moss and twigs and leaves to put together a magical design. We recommend you check out this inspiring post from @atlantahomesweethome first.

Moss Table Decor

Spring flower designs are perfect for the occasion and with a few key details you can make something really beautiful and special for Easter this year. Play with different textures and layers to add depth and character to your decor. Also, don’t use too many colors because they can be distracting. You can find lots of inspiration in this post from @thepaintedhinge.

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Add candles to your Easter table to create a cozy ambiance. There are a lot of cool ways to do it. You can have several candlesticks lined up in the center of the table, with greenery around them, egg baskets and anything else you want to add. This table idea from @flourish_and_flounce can give you inspiration in this regard.

Moss Table Decor

Another idea is to use different pastel colors and let that be the general theme of the entire Easter table decoration. This can be applied to almost anything, such as table runners, flowers, plates and all the little details. Combine these pastels with some neutrals to create a balanced look. This post from @gmadebibarlow may give you some useful ideas.

Similarly, you can emphasize warm pastels. Combine them with light neutral colors such as white and ivory for a truly elegant and bohemian decoration. A great example is this decoration shared by @the_holiday_house. The floral theme is simply breathtaking and we love the color palette used here.

Moss Table Decor

Forest Wooden Plank Covered With Moss Burlap Linen Table Runner And Placemats Set Of 6, Waterfall Green Plants Tree Washable Dining Table Decor Set For Kitchen, Party, Banquet, 16

Incorporate some reclaimed wood into your Easter table decorations to give it a farmhouse inspired vibe. The idea comes from @cindy.countyroad407 and the simplicity of this chart is absolutely beautiful. Rattan chairs are a beautiful detail that you could be inspired by if you plan to create a similar decoration.

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This bohemian Easter table decoration shared by @arica_partyplanner has some great features too. It’s a bit shabby chic and doesn’t use many colors that work well, creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Small pots in the middle of the table are a great idea and are filled with spring plants such as hyacinths that come in many different colors.

Moss Table Decor

Yellow is a color usually associated with summer which makes this a very intriguing Easter table. The decoration is not at all complicated and the sunflowers are the focal point. You can definitely come up with your own version of the design based on this look and even use a different color altogether. All the cute little bunnies are the details that bring it all together. Follow @haphomedecor for more great ideas.

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If you like to keep things simple, a white and green theme might suit you. This beautiful Easter table shared by @zpinteriors features a beautiful miniature tree with eggs hanging from its branches. You can create something similar using a branch and white paint. Everything else should be kept simple and high among this beauty. Summer is in full swing here. The air is so warm, soft and humid. Do you dip your toes in the sand, drink sun, go to big summer evening parties? Or better yet, are you planning to throw away? If so, give it a whirl with this easy, gorgeously delicious DIY scent with hydrangea flowers.

Moss Table Decor

This center transforms into a beautiful natural table runner as it can run the entire length of the table. This version includes a variety of succulents, rocks, hydrangea flowers, moss and mica flakes for a beautiful natural glow.

Liz Wajda of b.willow designed the delicious central concept herself. He does these wonderful things with plants. Try and catch one of his awesome workshops if you can!

Moss Table Decor

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This arrangement would be nice for any kind of affair, but I like it for its easy disassembly in favor of parties. Make sure you have at least one succulent per guest. Keep some inexpensive glass vases or bowls on hand and let them build a little terrarium with some moss, a succulent and a rock of their choice. They will go home with a wonderful way to remember the wonderful evening.

Liz used this concept for a wedding last month, but try it for an afternoon brunch, evening backyard party, or formal dinner. However you do it, it will do wonders, I promise.

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Moss Table Decor

Small 2 inch succulents (Try for at least 1 per guest – how cute are these 20 succulents shipped right to your door!)

Table Two Romantic Atmosphere Subdued Light Lighted Candles Rustic Decoration Stock Photo By © 264551028

:: Put the succulent on the length by digging a small hole in the moss and nest the plant in it.

Moss Table Decor

:: Sprinkle mica and handfuls of flowers around the rest of the table, adding a loose, casual air around the whole arrangement.

Subscribe to the Flax & Twine newsletter for the latest projects, patterns and news. PLUS, get a FREE pattern and buy a DISCOUNT. Moss is a budget friendly and refreshing idea for many types of weddings and I would say it is a hot trend right now. Moss can be used to decorate woodland, garden, rustic and just spring and summer weddings. Moss does not look like ordinary flowers, it is a modern take on wedding decorations. How to make the most of it? Let’s see.

Moss Table Decor

Moss Table Decoration

Choose moss rugs or tablecloths to cover the tables; make a beautiful moss table and add flowers, blueberries, succulents or anything else that suits your wedding style. Smell with moss: put a log of moss and put candles in it, this will set the mood. Fill a box with moss, succulents, candles and herbs or flowers and make numbers from the moss chart.

Pay attention to every detail, including pillow rings and boxes. Make a fresh moss ring pillow or fill a glass or wooden ring box with moss to infuse your wedding with even more forest spirit.

Moss Table Decor

Frame your signs with moss to look like a forest or garden, as well as your menus and other decorations. You can also choose moss cloth for the ceremony or cake table. It looks cool, especially with succulents and flowers!

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Make moss monograms, card holder favors, cover your vows with moss and put some moss in your candles to make them look like a forest.

Moss Table Decor

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