Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

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Mom, you are the source of all my inspiration. Strength when I’m weak, advice when I’m in doubt, love when I’m afraid.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

Thank you for all you have done, sacrificed and taught me. I celebrate Mother’s Day every day. I thank God for blessing me with you… You are more than a mother. You are my best friend, my confidant and my hero. I love you very much.

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I was reminiscing with a close friend the other night and we were discussing how our families spent the holidays and the memories those times left for each of us. This exchange focused only on large holiday gatherings, long lines of extended family, free mingling with new means of commemorating traditions.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

“It was like a different life,” he said at the end of the interview. “It’s like waking up from a dream and never going back,” the lyrics mixed with nostalgia and longing.

To be honest, what surprised me the most was how I found myself in a relationship, the themes of our stories were the same and the same, but they differed only in details.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

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This exchange inspired me to create something truly memorable for Mother’s Day in the coming days, even though all three of us were living off Honor. Also, since the site is a family business, it’s probably perfect for a vacation.

Over the years, as you might expect, “food” has become our way of celebrating things not only in Gourmet Living, but also as the family behind the logo. Regardless of the occasion, it is a period marked by optimal nutrition and good food. However, while a “fancy dinner” is the norm, I decided to go in a different direction this morning, partly because I just wanted to do something unexpected, but mainly because I wanted to create a seasonal affair. While this of course requires creating a great dining experience, the food must come first and foremost.

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Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

To help me achieve this seasonal goal, I chose to choose breakfast or lunch and place the dining table in the bright sunlight of the kitchen by the glass window, which in turn serves as a reflection of the table with the fresh summer air. sunshine All of this blends into a unique atmosphere with seasonal themes that become a direct extension of what lies behind the glass of the dining bay.

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However, I wanted something useful, something as useful as it was pleasing to the eye, not just an “exhibition” sculpture. Given the commemorative nature of the holiday, I decided to make it as a gift, something to take from the table, like picking flowers from the garden.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

As I was deciding on a centerpiece, I was reminded of the adorable seasonal packaging I saw in the Coti Love2Love display at my local Walmart. When I got back to Walmart, I checked out the display and saw the pink leaf-shaped lid, as well as the bright spring colors of the packaging, and knew it would be perfect with my desk set up.

I chose Bluebell + White Tea, its crisp texture carries a wonderful fresh flavor package, as it would complement my rustic theme and make a great Mother’s Day gift. Despite the alluring nature of the scent, world-class perfumers have somehow managed to put together a scent that will ease Sunday morning insomnia and have an impact on lunch.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

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When I saw that the matching gift bags were priced at $0.50 each, I decided to make a gift set to not only treat myself, but to treat my close friends as well. Jasmine + sparkling mimosa is like the first day of spring. Invigorating, fresh and powerful – something every mother should experience. It’s all over now.

When it comes to the actual “afternoon” of lunch, I prefer to go with a relaxing summer garden or an old world tea set. To start, I started with a couple of fruit platters, one with sliced ​​melon and orange and the other with watermelon topped with feta and topped with bread. I served them with Summer Dip, a perfectly rustic and subtly heated combination of bright green coriander and roasted garlic, garnished with fresh lemon.

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Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

Melon salad opens up a Mediterranean-style cucumber sandwich with poached eggs

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It’s my take on Mother’s Day this year, and it’s sure to leave a lasting impression, while also straying from the more well-worn ways of yesteryear.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

What are you doing special this Mother’s Day? We’d love to hear what you plan.

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Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

Mother’s Day Archives

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If you disable this option, we will not be able to save your settings. This means that you will need to re-enable or disable cookies each time you visit this website. Even though we’re celebrating Mother’s Day differently this year, that still doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with a great Mother’s Day cake and dinner! I wanted to share this colorful and beautiful table you put together with you and hope it brings a smile to your face. Check out this simple and cute Mother’s Day wallpaper! Let’s talk about Y, because I don’t know if you understand, but it will happen before you know it!

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living


Icy Pastels In A Basket

When I was little, I remember all the holidays when my mom and dad would decorate the house and set the table. With our formal dining room, Rick and I were more deliberate about using this space. We actually use it a lot and love it. Where we put our phones down and talk to each other over dinner.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

Preparing for Mother’s Day not only makes me happy, but it’s a scene that remains forever as we celebrate our mothers every year. I wanted to create. At first I think a lot of pinks and pastels when it comes to Mother’s Day, but this color scheme really isn’t for me. Instead, I chose basic colors that would easily tie in with the printed blue rug and neutral seating.

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Primary colors always make me happy. When I create a simple and beautiful Mother’s Day landscape, I feel like the happy situation is both relaxed and memorable.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

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I chose woven placemats to provide structure to the table. I know this will be used for years to come because the neutral shade goes with so many things. I actually chose melamine plates because they are not that heavy and will be versatile for future dinner parties and gatherings. In fact, you can use your everyday dinner plates in a similar way and instead invest in fun plates and napkins for a pop of color.

Gingham is my passion, and when I saw these blue gingham napkins, I knew I had to have them. Again, it’s a reusable mattress, so it wasn’t a one-time purchase. I think if you’re on a budget, look for fun napkins – they’re super affordable and can be found in 4-packs or 6-packs at places like Target or Pier 1 to transform your table on a budget.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

) gave a little height to the ground setting, I chose to balance it with these traditional candles that live year-round on my dining room table with different height variations from the Gerber Daisy arrangement.

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) and make your own bouquet. You don’t need to spend extra money at your local grocery store for a pre-made mixed flower bouquet.

Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

I absolutely loved putting this table together! Let me know if you want to see more recipes or fun ideas here on the blog. If you want to make a fun cocktail recipe for the occasion, try this Hibiscus Lime Cooler!


Mothers Day Decorate Table Southern Living

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