Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise – After 18 months of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Moulin Rouge finally reopened to the public from 10 September 2021. It reopened following health guidelines and s -security established by the government to ensure a pleasant experience for guests. .

The Moulin Rouge revolutionized live entertainment in Paris by introducing the modern French bar. The Moulin Rouge was founded in 1889 by Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller, who wanted to create a world-class entertainment venue.

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

Today, the Moulin Rouge is synonymous with the best of Parisian cabaret and has patrons from all over the world. The show features a very talented and beautiful cast of over 80 artists who sing, dance and perform incredible stunts! It is high and unapologetic for glitz, glamor and fun. It is an endless extravaganza of beauty and talent.

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The Moulin Rouge is located in the heart of Paris and is easily recognized by the windmill outside the building. Inside, the grand hall of 800 seats is spread over tiers with seating oriented towards a large stage. The decor is mostly red and gold, giving it a great summer vibe.

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

The Feerie Show is a revue of exciting acts bringing together the best live entertainment. More than 80 artists, including 60 Dorissa Girls, will bring this show to life. The show is known for its extravagant sets and costumes glittering with rhinestones, sequins and feathers, like a lively Parisian party.

The show is divided into five acts – Moulin Rouge Today and Yesterday (Introduction of Dancers), Pirates (Asian Fantasy), Au Cirque (Circus Plays with Acrobats, Jugglers and Animals), Moulin Rouge 1900 to -present. , and International Acts (Fictional Gymnasts). All events are accompanied by a mix of music, song and stage theatre.

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

Moulin Rouge: The History Of The Most Iconic Cabaret Of The World

Miss Doris was the choreographer of the show at the Moulin Rouge and was instrumental in putting the Moulin Rouge on the world map! The dancers he chose became known as the daughters of Doris because they were trained in the French Cancan and were extremely talented and beautiful. Today they are the heart and soul of the Feerie show!

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Moulin Rouge has two shows – 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM – each lasting two hours. The hotel has several levels of seating, each with great views of the expansive stage. A seating plan will be created on the day of the show and upon your arrival you will be seated next to the Maître d’. It is recommended to arrive half an hour before the show.

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

For the full Moulin Rouge experience, visitors can opt for the Moulin Rouge Dinner and Show, featuring star-studded performances on stage and in the dining room. The chef creates a wonderful menu with culinary creations according to the quality of the house and the French art of living, which will delight your taste buds.

Paris Dinner And A Show

The evening show starts at 19:00 and ends at 23:00. Here are your menu options:

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

The VIP Dinner and Show option gives you priority seating with the Feerie show under the wings, a personalized menu, Rose Prestige champagne and more.

The Belle Epoque Menu is a three-course meal that offers a premium culinary experience with exotic ingredients. You can enjoy at least two options for each course and here you can choose –

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

Stay In A Luxurious Airbnb Room Inside The Moulin Rouge, Paris

To ensure the best experience, the Moulin Rouge chef creates a special vegetarian menu made with fresh ingredients that will make your evening special.

There are no age restrictions at the Moulin Rouge, so you can bring your children along for the great show. To make your children’s night memorable and offer them the perfect start, the chef has a special delicious menu for your children that is sure to delight your children. The dishes are perfect for your children’s taste as the menu is designed keeping in mind the tastes of children.

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Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

A. Moulin Rouge tickets can be purchased online and at the venue. Guests are encouraged to book in advance and purchase tickets online to enjoy a contactless experience with great deals and discounts.

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A. Yes, Moulin Rouge dinner and show tickets are available for guests to enjoy a fine dining experience before the show. For more information, check before buying tickets.

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

A. The Moulin Rouge doors close 10 minutes before the show. Visitors are not allowed to enter the grounds after the gate is closed.

A. Yes, it is safe to visit Moulin Rouge as it operates with all safety measures and health regulations to ensure a safe experience for its guests. The meeting in Paris is not to be missed! Come admire the Eiffel Tower during a spectacular meal in the panoramic restaurant “58 Tour Eiffel”, with a great view over the capital. Afterwards, you’ll cruise the Seine for an hour, ending with a show at the Moulin Rouge Music Hall.

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

Moulin Rouge! Cast — See The Stars On Their First Red Carpet Ever!

You will enjoy a delicious dinner in the restaurant of the best Eiffel Tower (privileged option). The 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant is located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower and takes its name from its height of 58 meters from the ground. The atmosphere is reminiscent of an airship tethered above Paris, with large windows overlooking the Seine and the Trocadéro, allowing you to discover the best of the capital.

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The Seine is right in the middle of Paris. A crew member will be happy to welcome you to a wonderful moment. Starting from the center of Paris, you will discover the most beautiful monuments of the city: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Orsay, Notre Dame… On this sea trip, you will also see the beaches, the bridges and piers that bring Paris to life. they live in it.

Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

Choreographed by Bill Hudson, “Fairy” features: a troupe of 100 performers, including 60 Doris girls recruited from around the world; 1,000 wool, rhinestone and sequin garments designed by Corrado Collabucci and attached in the most famous workshops of Paris (for example, 500 pairs of custom-made shoes in sizes from 36 to 47, …); beautiful installations with bright colors and unique designs by Gaetano Castelli and Italian artists; top international and notable acts; and the anticipated return of the giant Aquarium… * All this with music by Pierre Porte, with around 80 musicians and 60 members of the choir.

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Moulin Rouge Table Decorations Cruise

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