Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations – Hip, hip hooray, little man is on his way! Throwing a mustache baby shower is a great idea for any mom expecting a baby boy. Erin from our design team created an amazing inspiration board from one of Purpletrail’s baby shower invitations. Little mustaches can be used in a variety of ways throughout the baby shower for food and decorations.

Invitations. You can certainly set the tone with these cute mustache invitations. Black and gray stripes add a gentlemanly feel to these mustache invitations, while turquoise accents keep the invitation light and chic, balancing out the dark masculine elements. Send out these baby shower invitations 3-4 weeks in advance to give guests plenty of time to plan accordingly.

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

Decoration , you can never go wrong with black and white for a masculine theme. Adding a little turquoise accent keeps the color scheme young and casual. A patterned bow hanging over the dining table and simple floral arrangements keep the space clean and fresh. Mustaches are also important! Find hand or mustache patterns to adhere to craft sticks or skewers so that each guest has their own mustache. Be sure to take a photo of each guest wearing a mustache to create a photo souvenir guest book. Mustache cupcakes or mustache water bottle labels are another great way to incorporate a little man theme with your cake topper.

Simple Mustache Party Ideas

Food Although there aren’t many dishes that look like mustaches, you can make mustache-shaped dishes! Chocolate molds for sweet homemade mustaches, mustache cookie cutters for tea sandwiches, or even cut out mustache-shaped cheese slices. For a fun light snack, dip pretzels in chocolate and sprinkle them – use sticks or, traditionally, nuts. Whatever food you choose to serve, you can tie it into the mustache theme by naming something associated with being a man or a little boy. Potato salad can be “couch potato salad”, spicy Thai salad can be “come here problem salad”, sandwich can be “manwich”, iced tea can be “Mr. Chai”. Also makes bow tie pasta salad and tortellini pasta. A good mustache is a party food.

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

Activities. Create 3 x 5 cards decorated with mustaches to write tips for expecting parents. Print out a poster size photo of mom or dad as a child and pin the mustache on the child. Have guests write words of encouragement starting with each letter used in the moustache. For example, M- Take time for yourself, Use friends and family as a resource, S-Sleep when the baby sleeps, T-Nap time is the best time, A-Ask for help when you need it, C-Call you. Mom, he’ll understand, H-be patient, E-enjoy the day.

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This is for the benefit of the party. Mustache chocolates are a hit. Alternatively, you can print out pictures of famous mustaches and stick them on magnets. These pig’s whisker jars are super cute too. Attaching the packaging to the package is for fans of this cute mustache!

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

The Boy And The Baker: I Mustache You A Question

Party decorations. has an easy-to-use design center that allows you to create a range of custom party decorations to match your party theme, such as traditional party banners or custom framed prints.

Choose from thousands of free templates for every occasion. We print professionally and deliver to your door and you can put a mustache on everything so check out our full range of little man baby shower decorations here. We all love a well-kept party, monocles and all!

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

With those in your vest pocket, let’s get down to this little guy party centerpiece for a baby shower. They’re surprisingly quick to pull off with a small and economical set of supplies.

Party Reveal: Mustache Baby Shower Bash

And who doesn’t want a little man mustache party for a baby shower theme or lil man 1st birthday?! Let’s love the little man!

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

I turned my craft supplies and trash can into a centerpiece for a kid’s baby shower or little one’s birthday party. But you can find similar things at a craft store or dollar store, I’m sure.

Just for your convenience, I’ve pulled some affiliate links for you to give you an idea of ​​what you need and what I mean.

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

Little Man Themed Baby Shower Ideas

DIY baby shower decoration ideas can be simple or complex. I tried not to go too over the top, but since the theme of this baby shower is naturally “over the top,” there it is.

But to get the basics down on decorating this little shower, here’s what you’ll need:

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

This should be all you need, unless you want to make baby gifts or baby shower invitations, that’s another story, but here are some tips and tricks to customize this centerpiece.

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I Heart Baking!: Circus Carnival Cake With Fondant Mustache Baby Topper

One of my favorite DIY party decorations, this hat centerpiece is a great way to mark tables, hand out shower games, or add to an overall theme. But these tricks will help you make the centers your own.

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

Put on your monocle and let’s get down to business: What are you going to do with these adorable baby shower centerpieces?! The answer is easy! You’ll use these centerpieces to set a sweet little candle tone for your entire baby shower.

Place a centerpiece on each table for a basic decoration, add a centerpiece to mark the table for gifts, a diaper cake, or use this centerpiece as a focal point for your cupcakes and food table.

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

Creative Mustache Baby Shower Ideas

If you absolutely want to make this easy DIY baby shower craft, but want a few more options before you break out the paint, take a second and pin the tutorial to your favorite baby shower ideas board on Pinterest. Find it again when you’re ready!

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Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

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Party In Box! Little Man Baby Shower Mustache Baby Shower Bow Tie Diaper Cake For Boys Little Man Lime And Blue Gifts For Baby Boy Centerpieces & Table Décor Kitchen Décor

The first thing I always do when planning a theme party is look for printables. They help me decide on colors and themes. I found these free Little Man Mustache printables designed by Printabel and offered for free by Catch My Party. Both sites have many free printing packages. You need to download them to your computer and send them to a printer (I recommend) or use your color printer.

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

And strips of torn fabric to make bow ties tied with kraft jute to imitate bow ties and ties.

– After printing the banner letters included in the printable kit, I attached them to a length of craft jute using a fabric roll.

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

How To Throw The Coolest Dadchelor Party

– After making the appliqués out of the fabric I needed ( here’s my tutorial ), I attached them to lengths of kraft jute with fabric ties and extra clothespins. Aren’t they adorable?! (Yes, I’m patting myself on the back)

And added to them the cute cupcakes that come in a printable kit. just me

Mustache Baby Shower Table Decorations

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