Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables – I am absolutely obsessed with Naga furniture. His beds (often used as benches or coffee tables), chairs, stools, masks, musical instruments and more have gained popularity among the interior design community, especially over the past year. Naga furniture is usually made from a single piece of wood and usually has no nails, which is a sign to look for to verify the authenticity of the pieces. The genuine parts are incredibly strong but deceptively thin, and you’ll feel it in the weight of these parts. And if they are well maintained, they serve for a long time.

I’ve been going to Lall’s in Sunder Nagar for the past two years and have collected loads of items from them, from vases to Naga stools to planters (probably not originally intended to be pots). In fact, I got to know all of Naga’s furniture thanks to Lall. The gentleman you’ll find in the shop, Ramesh Goyal, pressured me to visit his godown at the back of Greater Noida. And I’m not happy that I finally took a trip.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

The three-story basement is a goldmine for everything from Naga, Himachala, and Tibetan furniture, decorative pieces and panels, endless shelves of stools, vases, old-school Naga tables (which make amazing coffee tables!), hand-painted panels. , musical instruments and much, much more. Lall’s is originally a wholesaler; so expect to find everything in bulk. The staff running the warehouse encourages you to explore and helps you pull pieces out of piles and piles of furniture.

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I ended up buying a few flower pots, iron vases and (what I embarrassingly call) ‘table stools’. If I had free space in the house, I’d grab a sanding chair and table in no time! They are very well priced compared to (and not to say that’s a fair comparison) but Philips Antiques. Prices go up depending on how much you buy, so I recommend going there with a long wish list.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

Their shop is also a good hour from Khan Market/Sunder Nagar on a bank holiday (I went to Dussehra so the roads were empty). Expect a long drive from where you are going!

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All in all, if you love furniture, interiors, decorations and want to buy Naga furniture, I recommend starting with Lall’s in Sundar Nagar Market and then head to their 3 story Greater Noida Warehouse. If you go to the latter please inform Mr. Ramesh Goyal by Whatsapping him on 9953893364 and tell him you have received a referral from. Hey, are we looking for a unique atmosphere for your home interiors? Go to the Hornbill Festival to see handicrafts from Nagaland. The Nagaland Festival is where the best of East Indian home décor is showcased.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

Naga Coffee Table

Everyone wants the decor of their home to be unique and set trends. But from time to time I have trouble decorating my house. You see, when it comes to decorating your sweet home, the ideas get outdated or too common. Also, using too many themes spoils the whole look. It’s like a trap situation: too little is not enough, and too much leaves no room for life and daily routine. Have you ever faced the decorating dilemma? I hope you don’t and never will, because I found a great hack, straight from the heart of Indian culture. Yes, it is Indian, and yet very new. You know, in a way, India is like a pot of secrets and mystical cultures, especially when it comes to crafts to decorate your home. Here’s my secret: I present a new decorative motif from the Far East.

Hornbill Festival is an annual festival held in Nagaland. Celebrated annually from December 1 to 10, it is known as the Festival of Festivals, as the ultimate celebration of crafts and culture in the eastern state. The Nagaland Festival focuses on promoting the culture and traditions of the Naga tribe. Most of the events during this festival take place at the foot of Mount Japfu. Music, dance, crafts, food and local culture are just some of the exciting things to do at Nagaland Festival.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

Nagaland is home to 16 tribes that bring diversity with their unique designs and handicrafts. Tribes like Mongoloids, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranians contribute to this attractive art form. Important Naga crafts are:

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Nagaland artists use natural colors to create fantastic paintings. The colors are made from a mix of tree sap and strong beer. Leaf ash is also an essential element for color preparation. The paintings are indeed a hallmark of the creative skills of the tribal artisans.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

The art of weaving bamboo and reed baskets is truly extraordinary. Every year during the Hornbill Festival, people come here to buy these traditional items. Bamboo and reed baskets are known for their utility and usefulness in the home. You can also find collectibles in the form of musical instruments and bamboo weapons. The handmade bamboo decor gives it a rich, earthy look. Bamboo accessories such as combs, belts and household items such as plates, cups and forks are also available.

You will discover that weaving is an integral part of Nagaland’s arts and crafts. The female population of the earth excelled in the production of shawls and fabrics that are world famous.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

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Delicate embroidery performed on clothing and decorative elements of the fabric is exquisite. Embroidery of the Angami Naga shawls is a must-have – this hand-made Nagaland product is gaining fame all over the world.

The unique wood carvings represent the artistic caliber of local Nagaland artists. Wooden figures of people, birds and animals are a specialty of Nagaland woodcarving. When it comes to Nagaland wood carvings, the Wanchos, Phom and Konyaks tribes offer the best craftsmanship.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

The variety of household items is a result of the artistic culture of East India. Make your home interiors more inviting by visiting the Hornbill Festival and choosing from a variety of home decor options.

Mabeo Coffee Table

The carved wooden tableware and candy cane mats give your table a luxurious look. The handmade beauty of clay vases made by potters can elegantly decorate side tables. You can also give your home a rustic feel with handmade ceramics.

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Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

Bring home famous Nagaland fabric paintings to beautify your home interiors. The spear used as a weapon by the inhabitants of Nagaland is an excellent decorative element. You can place this spear on the walls of your home. Alternatively, a dao knife made with a wooden handle and blade goes well with the kitchen wall decoration.

Carpets are best suited for nice floor coverings, door and window screens. Colorful rugs are useful as wall hangings, tray mats, table mats and provide a much needed fashion buzz. For a traditional vibe, you can opt for beautiful shawls and expertly handwoven garments.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

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Place beautiful cane and bamboo baskets in the kitchen. Otherwise, a table fruit basket can add a natural charm to your table. Window screens made of wicker help to regulate the temperature in the room and also add a beautiful charm to your room.

You must visit the Hornbill Festival for yourself and for the sake of your home. You see, the people of Nagaland hold an annual festival to showcase their culture and crafts in one place. And the handicrafts of Nagaland are wonderful items made from agricultural products, fields and forests.

Naga People Furniture: Decor Tables

Naga culture and traditions bring a delicate complexity and detail to their craftsmanship. Local art and architecture (knit shawls, morungs), youth dormitories, village gates tell a lot about the talent of the inhabitants of this state. The inhabitants of the village, thanks to their experience, provided themselves with ecological means of livelihood. Traditional skills are preserved and practiced by generations of ancestors, as well as by today’s youth. The local Naga lifestyle is reason enough to visit the Nagaland Festival, and the beautiful handmade items are an asset to your home decor. Can’t wait for the hornbill festival in Nagaland? I am!

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